22 comments on “Your Binibini 4: Jessica Ramirez 

  1. Hi – this is my first time to comment but i’ve been reading your articles ever since. I like her for Miss Intercontinental as she is dusky and she exudes youthfulness. She reminds me of our 1st rup in Miss Intercontinental sans the exposure and experience. Given the chance to train further and hone her skills, she can very well represent morena Filipina beauties internationally. And our local team can do that.
    Almost all of my 2017 Bb faves are assigned to even numbers – except 15, 31 and 39.

  2. She is an Interior designer Jeremi .

    Ask her if we put “S” to the word furniture 🙂

    Just saying !

    • I thought this girl was beautiful until I saw this close up shot
      Yes, I agree. She needs a little tweaking on the nose hihi

    • Of course, but Gail needs to act fast on my requests from her first. I don’t want to delay the succeeding ones just because of the sequence of numbers. 😉

      • oo nabasa ko pero nauna ang comment ko kesa kay norman. magtatanong ba ako kung may nabasa na akong sagot? pakitignan ang time katabi nung date sa name ko. even sa comment ni 4m mas nauna pa nga comment ko. ganda ng name mo sa blog na to. Observing You. obeserve observe muna bago mag comment ha.

  3. Norms, would it be possible if you include the height of the candidates in your individual blogs? Thanks.

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