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  1. Wala talaga akong nakikitang international awra ang Arriene!

    Ganyan ba ang mukha ng magrerepresent ng MUO?

    Huwag kalimutan ang hinahanap ngaun sa MUO ay total package hindi basta brainy lang.

    It’s is beauty pageant after all.

    Ganda, Talino, IT factor, all in one….hindi ung brains lang!!!!!!

    Sa dami ng magaganda ngaun sa BbP, I doubt kung maka top 15 yan.

    Sabi ni Madam ayaw niya ang ex-MWP except Queen Cat MUP2018!!!!

  2. Okay matalino siya, but let’s remember that this is still a a BEAUTY PAGEANT. Hindi naman ito debate or declamation contest. Doon na lang niya iwagayway ang kanyang credentials.

    • Fyi, hindi lahat ng nananalo sa beauty pageant ay ang pinakamaganda!
      Ang ganda ng isang tao ay nasa tumitingin. At hindi lahat ng ganda ay nasa panlabas na anyo lamang.
      Aanhin mo ang ganda kung wala naman utak?

      • Wala naman akong sinabing ang pinakamaganda ang nananalo. Pakibasa ulit. Wala din akong sinabing dapat maganda lang at walang utak. DAPAT TOTAL PACKAGE. Sa daming magaganda ngayon, at matalino din naman sila, they deserve the crowns more. Siguro noong mga panahon ng dark ages ng BBP siya lumaban, makakakorona si Arienne. But now, marami nang magaganda na sumasali ng BBP. Gumaganda every year and set ng winners natin.

  3. Arienne is beautiful in her own right. Like I said before, she looks like a candidate for Puteri Indonesia pageant, she exudes an exotic Indo-Malayan vibe with her looks.
    Just because some people don’t like her does not mean she won’t win a crown based on her own merits & abilities & not through sheer popularity alone.
    Remember, her greatest weapon is her intellect. Once she cracked the top 15 & reached the Q & A round, she is a genuine threat to all the ladies who want to clinch the top prize, the MUP crown.
    She isn’t exactly helpless. Once she delivers an earth-shaking answer in her Q & A & do the unthinkable & win MUP, it will be a firestorm in the pageant blog forums.
    My point? Never underestimate anyone, its everybody’s game in this year’s edition.
    And my advise to the front runners? Don’t get complacent, work your ass & do your homework.
    And watch out for this girl.

    • The problem maybe is she won’t pass the top 15. Sowee, she may be brainy pero book-intellect. Naalala ko si Miss Kenya sa Miss U: she was intelligent but when asked a real issue on Trump, she choked and she died metaphorically. And please, while being smart is now accorded premium, the beauty of face and body are primordial. Ariane for all her worth is just too less of Bb Pilipinas. And tell her about humility, that may change people about her.

    • Well I think she’s already ahead of Miss Kenya based on physical beauty.

      • That’s kinda questionable
        Kenya is tall and has a beautiful face

      • Kenya competed in Miss U. Ms Calingao may just snag a Binibini number.

  4. Hmmm andaming threatend kay Arienne…

    Dahil dyan I’m here to support you… hehehe

    Go Arienne! Go win that crown!

    Ma like ka nga sa IG… 😀

  5. sya kanya mas ma chachalenge ang Aces in terms of make up and styling. makuha lang nila ang mga nakatago kay arriene. sila na talaga!!! Aces & Queens the best camp in the phil.

  6. Wait up..just read the article…
    1st princess at MWP 2016 AND a graduate of Georgetown?

    She has the looks, smarts and the pageant experience to most defonitely be
    a contender for MUP. Any other crown may be a let down…


  7. I suggest she turns her self into an exotic blonde Asian which is a great contrast to her credentials… it would be polarizing at 1st but that would surely create a buzz & possibly break stereotypes.

    • She is not even exotic. Shes not dusky but rustic. I can see her winning in the time of Maricar Balagtas, Carla Balingit or Teresa Licaros. But now, thats too stretched. Sowee, ipagpilitan bang Bb siya. Hmp.

  8. aapaw ang pagka proud ko sa Aces if ma transform nila si arriene into more beauty queen material. into more competitive physicaly. in terms of beauty and queenly aura. her credentials are so in!!!!! may brain na sya and i feel her heart. aabangan ko transformation nya and i will expect their bigtime transformation for arriene b4 competing in bbp2017.

  9. Ana Teresa Licaros 2.0 minus the height. She’ll be in the Top 15 for sure. Pag umabot sya sa Q & A dapat ng kabahan sina Charmaine, Marielle, Dindi, and Katarina.

    • I hope she’s not as overly confident as Licaros.
      We want someone who is smart assertive and articulate.. but with grace humor and humility.

      Licaros was very irritating during her time.

  10. The more I look at her pics the more I like her …. that pic in swimsuit is great

  11. She’s guapa, have the height and brain but she doesnt posses the “WOW FACTOR” / Charisma of Being a Miss Universe!…

  12. Wala bang make-up – free pic si Colongoso ? Para mahusgahan .
    Baka Wynwyn 2.0 sya e ok naman din
    Kaya Lang Wynwyn has great stage presence at magaling sumayaw

  13. I didn’t know dementia was prevalent in the Philippines.
    Just 4 yrs ago , everyone was surprised by Janine’s transformation into a winning candidate. Konting gluta Lang , tapos body toning –the problem was solved.

    So I don’t have any problem with Calingo winning Grand or MUP … if she comes out with a pleasing and very feminine presentation .. and she’s articulate and driven.

    The pr0blem – KF is not good with transformation . If she ends up looking like she was during MWP , there is no reason for her to win anything at all. … she should be Gigante 2.0

    • Lucky for Arienn then cause she’s in Aces and Queens not KF! 😀 LOL

  14. I do wish she’s a few inches taller but who cares.. Filipinas are known to be petite and yet we are admired by other races for a lot of other reasons. She looks exoticaly beautiful that could represent the Filipinos very well…

    She could be our next Miss Grand… or if she’s lucky enough, she could be our next Miss Universe!

    • Are u a maid or a pokpok ? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when Americans see a petite Pinay … especially when they are in the arms of a giant man.
      Pinay beauty is an acquired taste. It’s not considered a universal beauty , not like Latin or European beauty . It’s Life.. hopefully things are changing as more people in the world are getting more exposed to different culture

      • Great point!

        Well, it’s time to break that stereotype!

        Which adds more to the many reasons why Ariene should win a crown! 😀

    • Admired by other races? Pinoy pride! Where I am it isnt really true. Sadly.

      • @Aj

        I was talking about physical traits… but with regards to your context.. I do know for a fact that most Filipinos are admired by other races for our resilience and hospitality… Not to mention hard-working..

  15. Arianne is academically superior but sowee she is not Binibining Pilipinas winner-material. Hindi pang crown. But I think she is worthy to be First Runner-Up din in bbp.

  16. I am a great respecter of divergent opinions no matter how repulsive they are expressed. I am not affected at all. In the free market of ideas after all, the medium is the message.

    My favorable assessment of Arriene is not because of her academic credentials but how these energized her subsequent community and interpersonal endeavours, in the process transforming her to be a confidently beautiful person. I am sure, there are many others in this year’s batch who are similarly situated. (I just maybe don’t know them yet as I have come to know Arriene’s background during her MWP bid).

    There is no debate that this is a beauty contest. Yes, it truly is. But we have to admit that today’s concept of beauty is no longer limited to the physical, but to cerebral and spiritual. And physical beauty is no longer the Western archetype. To define beauty in terms of being as tall as the towering Latinas, and as pointed-nosed and fair-skinned as the Europeans, is to live in a time capsule circa 1920s when vestiges of colonial mentality were still pervasive.

    I am seeing the evolution of MU pageantry business into the more holistic beauty concept. In its annual search for a spokesperson, the post-Trump beauty derby’s final focus is on the confidence to converse about socio-political-economic-cultural issues. Let’s not forget that MU has partnered with some international NGOs, and like others in the global pageantry business, are sponsoring humanitarian projects worldwide. I believe that the winnability factor now with MU is one’s ability to carry out intelligent conversations about current events, readiness to literally “get [her] feet wet” in some grassroots projects, and willingness to connect to the hordes of fans in the real world and in the cyberspace. I hope BP Charities will zero in to that differential advantage in the choice for our representative this year.

  17. Wow ha. Meron bang nag-uutos na mag-downvote dito ng mga comments saying good things about Arienne? At mag-upvote ng mga comments na hateful kay Arienne? By bulk ang pag-upvote and downvote eh. In a matter of 20 minutes talagang may 20+ upvotes na ‘yung latest bad comment. Sige lang, magandang gawain yan. Kakarmahin kung sinumang kandidata na sinusuportahan ninyo. 😏

  18. Ay nag aaway away na pala kayo dito. Makikisawsaw nga ako. Hindi ko sya gaano ka bet pero manghihinayang ako sa talino nya. Hindi sya pangit kaloka kayo – hindi lang talaga sya yung naiisip K ng drop dead gorgeous beauty pageant girl but then again di ko p sya nakikita ng personal.

    Nicole Cordoves back in the day was as polarizing. She wasn’t a classic beauty either pero drawn ako sa kanya. In fact sya favorite ko na Bb. Hindi ko ma feel yun kay Arienne pero gets ko naman yung sindak factor ng credentials nya.

    Marami naman crowns at stake and she looks fresher this time around. Pageants are becoming more and more politically correct so baka meron naman talaga place talaga sa kanya. Hinahanap ko ubod ng ganda at sexy pero may utak na hindi booksmart lang.

  19. Some people here kung mk comment gigil na gigil. Lol! Chill lang guys, baka ma cardiac arrest kayo ma miss niyo BbP coronation. Can we not just give comments and try to limit some scathing remarks? This is supposed to be fun. Make love not war! Ayaw ni Nawat niyang away away! Spread the love. Criticize but try to be positive about it. Ayun lang! K thanks, bye! 😀😇

  20. By the way MU is transforming its brand essence into a more holistic concept of beauty, I believe Arienne fits very well into the mould of a spokesperson for “confidently beautiful” advocacy. If the format of the last two MU pageants is to be the yardstick, MUO is looking for someone who is conversant on socio-political-economic-cultural issues, not simply a beautiful face and body, a towering height and an amazing catwalk. There are many others in this year’s batch who are shoo-ins for the holistic beauty category, but her credentials appear to be several notches higher. If there are others in this batch who are similarly credentialed, I wish them well too.

    • Ariene, ikaw ba yan? 😂 Beauty pageant po ito at hindi labanan para sa pagiging senador. Hindi main priority and credential-credential na pinagsasabe mo diyan. Si Miss France ba ang pinaka ma-“credential” sa batch niya? Di ba hindi? Again, beauty pageant parin ito at sa final night, ang maganda parin ang nananalo. Kailangan muna makapasa sa swimsuit at evening gown bago mag qanda ate! Kung di ka makapasa don, wala parin. Tinutukoy mo ata yung mga filler girls na dinagdag sa top 12 for their story, pero ang tanong pinanalo ba? Kaloka ka maka-credential ka diyan. Mahangin masyado kaya di ka magustuhan. Ano pa ang sobrang talino kung wala naman beauty inside and out. Masyado kang nagbabad sa ilusyon mo diyan. And again, beauty pageant po ito. Period.

    • Ka-highblood ka lang paktita ka haha! 😂 Maliitin ba naman yung mga other candidates porket di naka-graduate sa magarang school o galing sa mayamang pamilya. Yan kaya hate na hate kang Ariane ka ng mga tao, yabang mo kasing pandak ka. Wish them well mo mukha mo. Ateng entertainment industry po ang beauty pageant at hindi search for the next brainiest girl na panlaban sa oral debate. Kinulang kasi si girl kaya wala ka nang magagawa. Kulang sa height, kulang sa ganda, kulang sa humbleness. Ano bang desirable trait na meron ang Ariane na yan? May napoleon complex yang Ariane na yan pansinin niyo. Yung heels niya singkapal ng makeup niya, lol. Well, sorry girl, kinulang talaga eh. Magpakabait ka at baka i-consider namin support sa Miss Global o kaya United continents. Charaught!

      • Wow? Galit na galit kay Arienne? May kasalanan ba siya sa’yo? Official candidates do not even have the time to compose long comments such as these so bakit mo inaassume na si Arienne ang nag-comment sa taas? The commenter made good points naman. So kung makikipag-argue ka, ‘wag kang barubal. Make good points also. Hindi ‘yung manlalait ka just to prove a point.

        And again, going back to the fact na parang galit na galit ka kay Arienne. Bakit? Threatened ka ba at ang kandidata mo sa kanya? Aminin niyo na kasing may chance siya na masungkit ang Miss Universe Philippines crown. CHANCE. O hindi ko sinabing sure ha? Kasi lahat naman may equal chance of winning that crown.

        Tandaan mo, sinabi ni Pia noon sa TWBA, “DAIG NG MATALINO ANG MAGANDA.” Paano yan, kapag ganda-ganda mo sa stage but when you’re given the mic to answer the question, you stutter. Bye crown! Ang beauty pwede i-enhance overnight pero ang TALINO, HINDI.

        Don’t worry, Arienne is leaving no stone unturned as she prepares for Binibining Pilipinas. SHE WILL ALL PROVE YOU WRONG.

      • Wow? Galit? Baka ikaw? Defensive masyado. Charaught! Nakakatuwa lang talaga na i-point out ang obvious: “Nagkulang” 😂🤣😂🤣


        I can not wait for her to “SHE WILL ALL PROVE YOU WRONG”… sa Miss Glowbal! Pasok sa banga si Arianne “Georgetown” Calinggow sa Miss Glowbal with her Stop the war ✋, make fake advocacy(before the pageant) paandar. Ano nga ba ang tunay na reason kung bakit gusto niya sumikat sa pageant? Yan ang tanungin sa sarili. Alamin, abangan. Charaught! Labyu beh! 😘


      • Jeremi Aka FurnitureS carrying your own ChairS – kesa naman sa u puro ganda walang talino … beat that im getting bored with u !

      • @Anawindang

        I just want to inform you that Scorg has been a long-time commenter here even before you girls even thought about joinning pageants and I think he’s a dude… Point is he’s not Arienne. LOL 😀

        In fairness, ang daming affected masyado ng credentials ni Arienne… nag labasan bigla ang mga utak talangka.. hahaha 😀

        Go Arienne! The best revenge is success! 😀

      • Si Jeremi ang lakas ng loob mamintas pero paulit-ulit naman siyang di ma-qualify sa Binibini 🙄

  21. Magaling din naman to sa rampahan plus sa interview so no doubt sure in na to sa top 15/16. i think she can ace the interview and Q&A. But i am sure MSA will not give her the MUP crown. minor lang siguro ibibigay nya but arriene deserves to win a crown. syempre mas gusto nya yung may magandang Face pa rin at personality. Yung kahit hinde matalino o d masyado kabog sa Q&A basta marunong sumagot. carry na! syempre performance wise pa din and may training pa naman sa lahat ng bagay na kailangan. yun bang may magandang pananaw o opinion sa anumang itanong mo sa kanya fluent man o hinde basta masarap pakinggan ang mga lumalabas sa bibig nya. and i think its enough credentials to crown someone like this or kung may mag ala pia much better Crown that girl ala Pia Wurtzbach kung meron man. But so far, number 3 Maria Gail Tobes talaga ang bet ko kahit gusto ko din si mariel or elima i have a feeling that Gail is the best and have a great chance for MU. Maganda na and she has that very Queenly Aura. Everything can be trained the face, the body, the walk and how to talk. mapapaganda pa yan ng bongga, mapapansin mo sa hitsura pa lang that shes good in talking, shes interesting. That she has so many good words, things in her mind. matured enough ang dating nya hinde pabebe and hinde pa cute. But if hinde sya magustuhan ni SMA. sige don tayo sa favorite nya and im sure Its Mariel De Leon. mukang pantasya naman ni SMA si Boyet hihi. pwede din naman she has the beauty and the brain and im sure alam ni jonas ang gagawin nya sa katawan ni Mariel if she wins MUP. pero sana naman habang malayo pa ang pageant eh maisipan nyang magdiet ng todo and mag aksaya ng more time sa gym. Gayahin si Pia halos mag iiyak na sa sakit na nararamdaman kaka gym. use her as inspiration mariel!!! Meron ka na lahat. hinde man totally lahat pero enough and can be trained, so invest in your body my dear! yan lang need mo and its easy as long as you have the determination to win the top prize. Dapat national pageant pa lang iparamdam mo na samin kaya i push ang pag g gym!!!

      • hoy furnitures!!! i mean the make up! diba na eexperiment and train ang face using a make up!!! san mo ba nilalagay ang make up? sa furnitures?

      • Hoy ka rin! Bago mo ako ijudge balikan mo mag posts mo na punumpuno ng grammatical errors at kalat kalat ang idea.

      • And oh one thing more hwag kang magsalita sa isang bagay na wala kang alam because definitely wala kang alam sa evolution of the English language through the centuries. Baklang pangit na to

      • talino mo naman!!! perpekto si furnitures! paganahin mo nalang ang utak mo kung ano ang nais talagang iparating ng mga nababasa mo.

      • Actually di ko talaga binabasa mga posts mo kasi alam ko mali mali ang grammar at magulo ang sequencing.

      • have to agree with jeremi on this one. Kalat kalat nga ang ideas. Nakakasakit ng bangs. 😂✌🏼

      • kalat kalat ba? well not my problem kung ano man reaction nyo after reading my comments. masakit sa bangs? well talagang sasakit yan kung masyado kayong mayabang. s

    • @Geoff yes Tobias is pretty also. Amanda Page.
      about Mariel kahit fan din ako ng dad nya di ko alam ano ang solution ng walang leeg. si Pia nagawan ng paraan ni John Cuay kasi swan like neck si Pia at maganda talaga kahit anong hair do at anggulo. 2013 to 2017 apat na taon di ba dapat sumali sya now handa sya .

  22. True ba na inampon na ng KF si Sirene Sutton at ng A&Q si Camille Manalo?

      • why no??? having a camp is a plus. nasa kanya pa rin ang key to win the crown and that is determination. as long as may determination sya and alam nya ang gagawin nya kahit galawin ng aces ang mukha o buhok nya eh mananalo sya kung para sa kanya talaga. Hinde naman gagawing clown ni mama j si sutton. alam nila gagawin nila syempe they want more crown. so more crown more work work work for aces. so anung gagawin nila para more workkkkkk. e d aayusin nila ang trabaho nila. on our past queens ok naman ang ginawa nila sa pagmumukha ng mga reyna natin. yung kay Jen last year ok naman kaya nga nakapasok sa top 15. lahat naman ng binibini ng aces eh nag place sa international competition. except bianca G since hinde talaga pwede b2b that time. kung meron pa man. over all aces and Queens success sila.

      • pero sad ako if ever KF ang kumuha kay sutton. kung totoo yan so tama ako. d imposible dahil ligwak si Stef and Mia. if hinde lang naligwak yang dalawang yan hinde nila pag aaksayahan ng panahon si sutton. But il hope sa aces sya sumali.

      • Kahit na anong camp PA? Ayoko? Bet ko si Sirene for MS. At yung parehong camp na Yan di makuha Ang timpla ng MS. Nadaig PA Tayo nung tatlong kapitbahay natin last year sa MS na mga Wala namang training camp.

        OK lang kung Hindi MS ang makukuha ni Sirene pero Wala na rin naman SA mga kandidata ang may extensive modelling experience bukod pa Kay Ruffa at Katarina.

        San ka nakakita ng beauty pageant na may 2 segment Ang swimsuit at may sports wear PA at may evening gown PA? At SA format ng Binibini na “one size fits all” eh di piliin mo na yung may leverage SA modelling na angkop sa format ng MS.

        Panoorin mo yung pinag gagawa ni Aisha Nung 2014. Palagay mo ba papasa yung mga ganung style SA prelim ng MU? May Mali ba sa ginawa ni Yvette dun sa competition? Wala. It’s just that Hindi yun Yung ini expect NILA.

        Si Mutya walang training camp pero nanalo. So ano Yung ginawa niyang Tama na ginawa Rin ni Aisha na hinahanap nung competition na yon? Busilak na kalooban daw as one commenter puts here. Eh by default yun naman talaga ang dapat pag may sash Kang nakasukbit SA balikat mo.

  23. First of all thos is a beauty pageant . Therefore , she has to be physically beautiful to start. Maski naman sa totoong buhay we get attracted to a person physically first Not immediately because of their wit, credentials, and charm. These follow as days pass. So kelangan looks department and packaging pa lang kabogera na. Arienne is like tisha silang or liza berroya. Not the pretty type but brains kung brains.

  24. A very ordinary looking lady with tons of make-up on na aattend ng kasal
    Sorry that’s all bye!


  26. Di PA Rin nagbago Ang line up ko. Bet ko siyafor MGI. Nagtapos SA paaralan na pinag aralan ni Bill Clinton, Gloria Arroyo at Bradley Cooper. Nagtrabaho SA embahada And assume ko dual citizenship si girl na favorite koronahan ni bakla.

    Pag pinagsuot na’to ng 6inches stilleto at kumuda Ewan ko lang kUng did manlamon to ng mga blonde hair blue eyes. Pwede rin siyang alternate for MU.

    Tatlong korona lang hihilingin ko Kay SMA:

    MUP – Dindi (alt: Tobes / Calingo)
    MS – Sirene (alt: Ruffa)
    MGI – Calingo (alt: Elima / Mariel)

    • I don’t mind the delivery. The message has so much power! Grabe. Pang Miss Universe stage ang ganyang sagot.

    • Why did Pia agree to be a judge in this pageant? She is Miss Universe for God’s sake! Is that the kind of engagement she’s doing now?

      • Ano naman kung mag-judge sya ng provincial pageants from time to time? At least nakikitang accessible parin sya sa mga kapwa Pinoys nya…And looks like she enjoyed her stay sa La Union.

        Prior to Pia, may mga big names na din na pumupunta sa previous editions ng Mutia ti La Union.

        Isipin mo na lang na tumutulong sya maghanap ng bagong women na pwedeng maging queens ng Pilipinas…Imbes na kwestyunin pa…

      • mukhang bonnga kc ang budget…ang host boy abunda at aiai delas alas kaya masasabing can afford magbayad ng talent fee ang organizer. And one more thing, FORMER miss universe na si pia hindi current kaya di na libre lahat sa kanya. Kelangan nya kumita, kelangan nya mabuhay hindi puro prestige nalang kc di naibabayad sa mga bills ang prestige ateng!!! as long as kaya tapatan tf nya at matinong event nman bkit sya aarte pa?

      • I have to agree with you. Parang bumaba value niya. Yun lang, k bye 😀

      • Furnitures na to!!! anung gusto mo kesyo nasa taas na si Pia hinde mo na papayagang makisalamuha o magparticipate sa nasa baba. bumaba value nya? kaloka magisip mga toh!!! mga tao din ang kasama dyan hinde mga hayop. Anu ba ginawa ni pia dyan? rumampa ng nakahubad? nag jujudge ng pornstar wannabe? enebeyen!!! kaloka kayo!! d baling mali sa grammar kaysa naman sa mga pag uugaling ito! jusko!

      • You have to realize that she is being managed by Jonas (locally) and Esther Swann (IMG). So Jonas is the one who decides what projects or events she partakes in. Obviously Jonas wants to keep Pia busy while waiting for her future assignments.

      • Furnitures Define Miss Universe….. kaloka ka talaga. Pia is Miss Universe… so you mean mang iisnob sya ng mga ganyang event if ever may nag alok sa kanya to be a guest or a judge. nakalimutan mo ba sinabi nya? She is confidently beautiful with a heart”. Yan ang definition ng Miss Universe… iba ang definition ng Miss Universe mo furnitures. ugalin mo parang kang naging mayaman at naging matapobre na agad. tsk.

      • Actually, the candidates were trained by A&Q – just like the previous edition/s.

      • Na shock lang talaga ako di ko inexpect na pagplay ko ng video si Pia yung nagtatanong that I had to replay the video to make sure na hindi ako namamalikmata hahahaha. Dios Mio at sya nga

      • Actually, medyo nadisappoint ang organizers dahil ang laki ng hininging TF ng handler ni Pia. Akala nila hindi ganung kataas ang bayd dahil Pinay naman (kahit MU pa sya.) Makakabili ka ng condo sa metro manila sa presyo ng TF na binayad sa ate mo.

  27. Being the 1st princess of catriona at MWP, asan pala si lemonon? I hope she will be fielded at BBP sooner and doing her assignments esp in the comm skills dept. I also hoped that when cat gray will be fielded sooner, sana tuloy-tuloy ang arangkada nya haggang masungkit nya ang Miss Universe Crown. As for calingo, mala-Nicole C level sya, makuda, matalino, kung sa MGI man sya mapupunta, I hoped na magustuhan sya ni nawat.

    • *the 1st princess of catriona at MWP, asan pala ang kapwa princess nya na si lemonon?

    • @Mae Lemonon is also pretty and around 5’6. The nerves just got into her. I think sa mwp may plus one inch ang height pag sumali.

      • question: bakit kelangan mag add ng 1 inch pag sumali? parang naglolokohan lang tayo nyan kung ganun…di ko magets logic

      • @hara avia ask natin sa taga kuha ng height ng mwp. Lemonon at Arienne sa mwp 5’7. since bb 2 sya it means 5’5 sya since Huelar at number 10 is 5’5 1/2 . Angelique De Leon is 5’6 number 12. pa pyramid ang height w Bb. Pilipinas . stating facts lang ho

  28. Si Elima ang bet ko pero kung papiliin ako sa natitirang 39, di ako magdadalawang isip na piliin si Arienne. Try natin ang matalino na sinasabing kulang sa ibang aspeto. Na try na natin ang matangkad, maganda, sexy, na sablay sa Q & A. Kalma mga Bheks, support na lang!

    Kabog na Miss Gay Quiapo 2017 Evening Gown Presentation

  29. MGI suits her. I think she will impress Nawat on her stop the war speech.

  30. Super excited for her. Siya quite pretty and very smart! She seems to do well under pressure and has definitely transformed since I watched her in MWP. Siya mukhang beautiful at FRESH and NEW! Imagine the more transformation she will make for Bb. Pilipinas! I definitely see her getting a crown – matalino at malakas!

  31. I don’t get why many are bashing her, what has she ever done to you personally?
    I think that our country would be very lucky to have Arienne represent us internationally. Especially now kasi MU is changing the image of their winners – they don’t want just looks, they want a girl with depth. I think Arienne has it all and could win any crown, even Miss Universe. She is very beautiful, very poised, no scandals, and put together. She really wowed me in MWP and the fact that Aces and Queens chose her to be in their camp is an accomplishment in itself. You go, Arienne!

  32. Kung papalarin siyang manalo sa patimpalak saan kaya siya sa babagay sa kanyang talino, ganda at kina-iinggitan na tangkad na 5’6″. Para sa akin nababagay po siya Miss Universe.

    • Pati ba tatay candidate din? Sowee pero pang Miss Global si Arianne. Si Gloria Arroyo nag Georgetown U din, pero binusabos ang Pilipinas.

  33. kung q&a lang ang basehan pasok siya sa miss u! smart, witty at may pagka-spontaneous siyang sumagot and in fairness nag-improved ang looks niya. sa ngayon pang miss supra, intercon, grand o globe o united continents muna siya. 🙂

  34. Didn’t watch the MWP pageant so when I saw a photo of the top 5 girls with her as 1st princess, I surmised that the only way she got that high a placement was probably because of the Q&A. And Fabian is right- she is indeed so well put-together, quietly confident, very precise in her poses- but we know it’s not enough. In an age where japanese-black beauty queens, natural afros, excess pounds and neurosurgeons moonlighting as beauty queens have become acceptable in pageantry, you need to bring something more exciting to the table.

    It’s either that or fall back to the most reliable asset of all- be spectacularly, unquestionably beautiful- which Arienne is not.

  35. Yes, I agree with the comments above. We need a girl who’s a COMPLETE PACKAGE! Intelligence is not the monopoly of those who have had the opportunity to study abroad or take graduate studies. We need a smart/thinking girl. Remember Sushmita was only 18 when she won. I doubt if she had finished college at that time, yet she spoke well and produced one of the most memorable answers in beauty pageant history. Pia is also another example.

    Bottomline: You need to be stunning before you get people to listen to you.

    Just my two cents.

  36. I don’t get why people here are saying that she’s “kulang” in the face department. I really don’t see how kinulang si Arienne dito. The girl is very beautiful. Palibhasa kasi puro mestisa lang ang gusto ng mga Pilipino eh. Kapag morena, automatically, kinulang na sa beauty. Pero kapag may veneers kahit morena, gandang-ganda kayo. Hahahaha.

    • Ara Miriam and Shamcey are Pure pinay . I do not hear anyone complaining abt their beauty .
      Pls do not make this as a racial issue.
      Kinulang Lang Talaga

      • @Fabian this girl has the brains and a good body but true kinulang sa facial beauty and height 5’5.MGI will suits her,same as M De Leon maganda matangkad ngunit overweight at walang leeg. Both are “tinimbang ngunit kulang”.
        Dindi, Sutton, Peters,Elima, A De Leon, C Thomas (w proper make up) for me are more crown worthy
        Huelar though not so tall made up w her long limbs so she can win MI easily( delicate features)

  37. Magaling siya! ngunit kinulang sa height and kunting ganda! chos! mukhang 5’4 lang to sa personal!

  38. Kahit Geoge town graduate siya, may kulang na wow factor sa mga thought niya… I mean dapat ala nina ricci alagao and ana licaros o kay wynwyn about diplomacy thing, siya sumagot para ma justify ang kanyang sinasabing katalinuhan… Ang ganda niya pwedeng ma remedyohan ng bonggang bongga eh… Yun lang.

    • Paano mo nasabi na kulang sa wow factor? Have you seen her talk? Have you talked to her in person? If you haven’t, then hindi yata tamang sabihin mo ‘yan.

    • Um, Nina and Licaros did not do very well in MU. MUP has to be better than those.

  39. Not a fan of her beauty but A&Q probably saw something in her. And she was a runner up in Miss World Philippines. Basta my faves to win are Gail T., Angelique DL, Angelica DL, Sirene Sutton, and Gabriela O.

  40. Yes, she has the intelligence, but we need a complete package girl.
    Someone who has the height , the beauty and who happens to be smart.
    This is a beauty pageant, facial beauty is the initial basis.
    I’m not saying that she’s not beautiful, but she lacks that ”x factor”, walang awrang Miss Universe.

  41. Back then , India was making the semi final round even though the rep was not very pretty .
    This girl is lacking in the height and face depts. But she is very well put -together. She’s smart and articulate and looks very driven . She’s got a nice body too ( hello Mariel!)

    I will be nervous if she represents our country internationally but I’m ok with it . Miss Grand for me!

    • And possibly MU, too . I have to see her progress throughout the competition . If she can find the right style and gown for her , i think she has a chance

      • Why not? If Olivia Culpo was successful kahit 5’5″ lang, pwede rin si Calingo.
        Yun nga lang maganda talaga si Culpo.

    • 5’5″ siguro kasi binibini 2 sya.
      Parang yung 5’6″ ay nasa binibini 10 na.

      • She’s 5’7 since binibini applies the minus 2 sa height 5’5 ang labas nya!

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