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  1. Candidly speaking BPCI is one of the most disorganized organizations. Made up of old and insecure personalities. Don’t be surprised next week that there will be candidates will be disqualified again.

    • Please yung I bang nakasali napaka pangit nalagyan Lang ng colorete sa mukha naging candidate na. Utang na loob Kung pangit ka pangit ka. Kung gumanda ka Lang dahil sa make up please wag ka nang maglandi at sumali.

      • @ivan — I probably won’t go that far, lol. I’m sure the girls look different in person and have other qualities that got them in as official candidates. But I do agree with your first comment that the BPCI is very disorganized.

    • Ivan — I agree. Even the BPCI’s enforcement of their so-called “height requirement” — supposedly 5’6″ — is a mess, especially since it is apparent that there are still candidates who got in who are shorter than 5’6″.

    • Agree with you ivan. I don’t know why they are giving false hopes to potential candidates.
      This has been recurring already. As if they have not learned from their past lapses. I wonder how many dreams will be shattered moving forward because of being disorganized.

  2. Is Stephany was not qualified to begin with based on her age (27) in the first place, how did she make it past the first cut? — from the original 96 applicants to the next level of 55 aspirants who were deemed QUALIFIED to be grilled in Q&A? The final top 40 were made only as a result of the Q&A screening.

    The screening committee had days and days to review each of the original 96 applicants’ documentation stating their age! It was no big secret that Stephany was 27 when the screening panel decided to include her on their list of the top 55 secondary qualifiers!

    Stephany stated herself that she consulted with the BPCI initially to make sure it was still okay for her to join and she was given the green light because she was still eligible to compete for at least one of the titles (Miss Universe’s new age limit is now 28). Whether Stephany could or would have won this title is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that she is eligible.

    This sudden turn-about concerning the issue of Stephany’s age, once again, puts a spotlight on the sloppiness and recklessness in which the BPCI handles candidates’ applications — and it always ends to the detriment of the candidate. Remember, they almost derailed Venus Raj back in 2010 — fortunately she was able to fight back. Remember Sandra Seifert? Kim Ross? The list goes by on.

    Yes, rules are rules. But the BPCI has the prerogative to modify and change their own rules at will! It’s just that they seem to lack the will, the insight, flexibility and the common sense to apply these changes as to meet the changing standards of our times.

    • *IF Stephany was not qualified to begin with based on her age (27)… *

    • Ayun naman pala nag consult si ate Stefany sa BCPI. Pero ano ba talaga ang totoo? Age o she didn’t make it to the top 40?

  3. i still see it primarily as bpci’s fault..any one who does not possess any of the requirement relating to age, height, and citizenship should not have moved on to the top 55 list..un lang naman ang hinaing ni stefani, afterall walang masama sa kanyang desisyon na makipag sapalaran in view of the new age limit of MU, and inasmuch as this is the first batch to which the new rule could have been favorably applied.

  4. I don’t wanna use the term pero VERY PINOY.
    Late n nagsubmit ng thesis or project s SCHOOL… tinanggap ng Prof pero nung ndi nasama s BEST THESIS or BEST PROJECT… umangal.

    2012 cya sumali sa ME… pangalawa n nga ata nya… Carlene only waited for 4 years… sana inagahan nya ang pagsali s Bb. Pilipinas.

    And I doubt if this is a case of dahil galing cya s ibang National pageant… Venus was just a runner up on that pageant… Ariela was even a clapper…

    Madaling sabibin pero in this case… MOVE ON NA LANG.

  5. She just didnt make it. That’s it. She’s just that ME-only type of beauty,

  6. I don’t understand the rage for her exclusion tbh. In the first place, top 55 wasn’t a guaranteed lock-in for everyone who was on that list. Top 40 nga eh. Nakapasa sya sa first screening, pero that doesn’t mean na 100% sure na her joining would have more pros than cons once the pageant officially starts.

    People need to stop acting like she was Kim Ross’d this year. Isang malaking hindi kasi unlike her Kim was an official candidate. Stefany should’ve joined two years earlier, tapos.

  7. BPCI has always lapses here. The moment she submitted her application, she should have been told that she could no longer join. I just felt sorry for her for the time and effort she made in order to become an official candidate. She has the potential, knowing her credentials and the pageant experiences she had. I believe, BPCI should give her this one lasting chance.

  8. To my mind, youre still one of the best candidates who auditioned, Ms Stefanowitz. Good luck to you!

  9. Again, uulitin ko lang ang comment ko before.. (but nasa proper thread/post)

    Madam, you are joining Bb. Pilipinas, kung saan maraming titles at stake. NOT MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES pageant.

    Andun na tayo na MU has the age limit of 28, so eligible ka pa.. IF MUP ang mapapanalunan mo. are you sure na MUP ang makukuha mo? Because you are using the MU requirement sa hinaing mo. Please be reminded that there are 5 other crowns na pwede mo mapanalunan kasi nga di ba, you prepared for this. There’s International, Intercontinental, Supranational, grand International and Miss Globe. Now, the conflict is.. the age requirement of the mentioned pageants are 26 lang. Let’s say hindi ka manalo na MUP, makuha mo is BB International… oh.. ano na? nganga? hindi ka mapapadala sa pageant kasi you are over age. mas malaking issue, kasi siyempre sasabihin mo, bakit un ang napanalunan mo, eh alam naman nilang 28 ka na? sayang ang napanalunan mo kung hindi ka mapapadala sa international pageant.. mas malaking problema yun di ba? At oo, unfair sayo kung hindi ka mapapadala internationally. wala ka namang choice e. mas unfair sa iba kung makikipag switch ka ng crown.. lalo na MUP ito.

    With all due respect po, bakit po kasi ngayon niyo lang naisip sumali? I mean you have to take into consideration na hindi lang po MUP ang title sa BBP, i know you are aiming for the MUP title but you have to consider the what ifs. what if hindi mup makuha ko? what if runner up? sana po mas maaga ka sumali.

    Pero you really have a point sa pag tanggap ng BPCI ng application mo. sana sa umpisa pa lang, nireject na nila application mo. sana umpisa pa lang, sinabihan ka na na hindi ka na qualified kasi nga may conflict sa age mo. hindi ka na sana pinabalik sa screening lalo na naging part ng top 55. if they are that strict sa height, sana icheck nila lahat ang details para isahan na.

    To KF, sana po, hindi nio na siya pinush kasi alam naman po natin ang age requirement. sana from your end po, napigilan na ang ganitong issue at mahurt si Steph. She has the potential to be one of the BBP Queens, sana po dati pa lang pinasali nio na siya.

    Lahat may point, lahat may mali. charge to experience. sana next time, mas mahigpit sa checking pa lang ng forms and all.

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with repping the Philippines multiple times .Its a free country and anyone should be allowed to pursue her dream. Stef’s mistake is trying to join BP past the required age and making a big deal abt it .
    People below are right. Top 55 is still part of the screening process. There’s nothing wrong abt catching something during the second round of elimination.
    Again no to Mariel for MUP!
    Yes to Dindi Peters or someone else for MUP

  11. lumipas na ang panahon, di din naman kasi cya naramdaman as MEP or ng-ME-Air achuchu pa cya. This is Binibining pilipinas… THE Binibining Pilipinas… Khit anong title makuha mo bsta d kp binibini, pwede. Pero once Bb title holder kn, d kn pwede s iba. Shld I explain it more? Sabi nga nila… “Once a binibini, always a binibini.”

  12. Has nothing to do with age.
    Has nothing to do with “cross-over.”
    Has nothing to do with camp affiliation.

    What made her think she’s gonna be the 2017 MUP winner?
    She’s already proven herself, winning Miss Earth Philippines, years ago.
    Winning Miss Earth Philippines is not a guarantee that she’ll win another title
    and this time, in Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

    Different judges. Different tastes. Different expectations.
    This is too much ado about nothing.

    Move on. Next chapter please.

    • The issue is BPCI accepted her and even included her in the Top 55. It is basic that they checked everything first, save for those not apparent in the application form, before letting her in. Admit at least that BPCI is not faultless here.

      • CatrionaFan, and the rest who insist that Stefany should not have been accepted in the top 55 in the first place:

        Ano po ba ang hindi maintindihan that the Top 55 is NOT the official list of candidates? The trimming of the 55 to 40 is still an elimination process to ensure that everyone in the final 40 is eligible. Think of it this way, kung hindi nangyari yung Top 55 to 40 trimming ng ibang araw, edi hindi niyo iisiping “pinaasa” ng BPCI si Stefany. Kung same day nangyari yung trimming, mas makikita niyong sa elimination of applicants siya natanggal.

        Ke 96 to 85 to 40, or 96 to 75 to 40, ke 96 to 45 to 40, kahit ano pang trimming from 96 to 40, KUNG SINO MAN ANG TINANGGAL BEFORE THE 40 ay hindi official candidate. Sila ay tinanggal because they are found to be ineligible. Sa elimination process of applicants siya natanggal mga dear, hindi sa official 40 tas saka palang tinanggal. BPCI did their job in ensuring everyone in the 40 met the apparent requirements. Tapos.

      • Y Chang , it makes sense
        Let’s blame it on Stef . She had so many opportunities to join . Why now when she’s not eligible anymore?

      • Y.Chang – fyi, hindi ibig sabihin na lahat ng natanggal from 55 ay hindi eligible. Kailangan lang talaga ng bpci ng 40 candidates lang. Most probably lahat ng 55 na yan ay eligible naman but they have to trim down to 40.

      • Yes, I know that. Thanks for catching. Saw it only after submitting. I incorrectly used “sila” instead of “siya.” But yeah, you guys get the point. Not eligible (and/or did not meet the standards to be in the Top 40).


  13. It just dawned on me that MU, MI, Supra, Intercont., MGI and MG vary in age limitations.

    Because of her age and MU’s age limit to 28 (upon crowning 27) Was she joining BbP 2017 solely for the MUP title?

    She was taking a gamble, that was for sure.

    Sorry, Stephany…
    It was not meant to be.

  14. In fairness naman SA mga nag-cross over from MEP to BbP, di naman Sila nagkaproblema ng ganito (Venus Raj, Ara Arida, Patricia Tumulak, Carlene Aguilar) so I still believe that due process has been done.

    SA IG ni Steph napanood Niya ng live yung MU so assuming lang ako na motivated siya to see Kristal Silva preforming well from her cross over.

    Another assumption would be her camp push her to join to equalize the crown distribution SA pagkakapanalo ni Kylie na forte ng KF.

    Nevertheless, blessing in disguise PA rin Kasi in international level Wala pa rin naman naging successful na crossover but a finalist only:

    ME to MI: Jessica Barboza / Poonika Kulsuntornot
    MU to ME: Yanina Gonzalez
    MW to ME: Katarzina Borowicz

    Nagiging trending na rin na yung mga rep natin eh may pagka tigulang na rin kaya dapat yung age limit ng BbP would be adjusted to 20-25 range na lang for leverage.

    Kaya Imelda Hitler, Kung gusto mo mag-take two SA Binibini may time ka PA Hanggang 2020 para mag ISIP.

  15. Age lang ba ang dahilan accdg to BbPilipinas.
    Baka naman ang gusto ng MUO ay 28 yo ka sa whole duration of reign mo as Miss U pero kasi maging 29 si Stef by Oct. 2018 which is waley na at tama naman sya dahil sa pag assess pa lang sa biodata nya ay dapat di na sya tinanggap or unprofessional lang ang BbPilipinas kagaya noon na late na ang tanggalan sa height na dapat sa unang sukatan pa lang ng height ay tsinugi na at hinintay pang parampahin tapos sasabihin na kulang ka sa height hihihihi di ba kaloka ang utak ng ibang screening comittee hihihi sarap talagang bugbugin ang di ginagawang maayos ang trabaho hihihi 🙂 charette lang.

  16. Sa totoo lang Bb. Stefanowitz pagbigyan naman natin yung iba na makaranas at manalo sa patimpalak. Ano pa ang gusto mong patunayan, Ikaw ay nanalo sa Miss Philippines Earth 2012 at naging Miss Earth 2012. Mahirap naman kung lahat ay iyung aakuhin. Kung gusto ninyo puwede kayongng sumali sa Miss Global Philippines, maliwanag pa sa sikat ang araw ang kanilang hinihingi dapat 18-28 ang edad. Kung may anak puwede pa rin sumali.

  17. “So if I got in the top 40 I knew I could really stand out.”

    This got my jaw dropped and locked. This only means that this girl over-confidently built her belief that she could get in the roll albeit her age. Did she ever wonder, should she get in the top 40, how she would stand out beside Charmaine Elima, Mariel De Leon, Chanel Thomas, etc.? She may be beautiful, but she is a no superbeauty.

    I am guessing that Stephany had already closed any thought of joining other beauty pageants after her Miss Earth-Philippines stint, until Miss Universe Organization increased the age limit to 28. Somebody must have pushed her to try BbP, so she could compete in Miss Universe, hence her Miss Universe-age-limit claim.

    Thus, I agree with other commenters here that, if she indeed planned to join BbP, she should have tried two or three years earlier.

    • Ana, I hate false humility.
      She knows she’s got it so it’s ok for her to say she would have stood out if made it in to the top 40

      And I believe her – she’s pretty , in good shape, and has good comm skills . She’s got everything needed to win .. except timing .

  18. We could all speculate on what went wrong during the screening process, throw a conspiracy here and there. Take it as a learning experience. Maybe her destiny is not to be Miss Universe. After all she will always be an earth warrior. Use it as your guide Steph. Best of luck!

  19. One of my bets for MUP
    The people below have a pt
    Why didn’t she join earlier when she was clearly age-qualified ?

    • Good question, Fabian.
      Since she was MPE and ME royalty in 2o12, a shot at a BbP/MUP title would have been likely in 2013, 14, 15, 16.

  20. It’s really unfortunate because she was one of the clear stand outs during the mock pageant. Her stance, walk and confidence are simply amazing and above all she can talk.

  21. She’s not up to the caliber of MU anyway. Her beauty is plain by internationally standards. To Filipinos she is pretty : she’s light skinned, half Asian, smooth but her features are not fresh looking. She looks 35 not 27 years old.

  22. when saw her in abscbn coverage that Stephany is one of the stand out during the qualifiying round, i had high hope that this girl will be one of the ladies to beat. So sad she was disqualify i hope bininibi should also take in consideration that Miss Globe qualifying age is 28. and MU is 28 hindi ko pa rin magets why binibini cannot adjust? oh well wish them well

  23. If MU’s age limit is 28 and BbP is 26 (at the time of crowning) why did not anyone inform or confirmation to her that BbP’s rules take precedent? On the otherhand, how did she advance into the top 55 if her age was indeed the factor?

    Again, BbP needs to get their screening act together for goodness sake. Must there be occurances like this every year? At least it did not happen should Stephany advanced into the top 40.

    Oh well, best of everything for this beautiful young lady!

  24. Miss Universe Philippines should really be a stand alone pageant like Miss USA. This will allow broader participation and cross-overs from other national title holders (Globe, Intercontinental, International, etc.), and age-related issues like Stephany’s case can be avoided once and for all since there will only be one set of standards to follow.

  25. i believe na nag-assume both parties concerned…

    on stephany/kf’s part, kahit klaro ang nakapublish na rules ng BPCI that maximum allowed age is 26, they assumed that Stephany can and should still join because miss universe take candidates older than 26 anyway.

    on bpci’s part, they assumed that all those who submitted their paper applications have already read and abide by their very basic rules such as age and height requirement na hindi naman mahirap basahin at intindihin. then came the screening last february 27 to double check if candidates followed their criteria to the letter. i wasn’t there nor part of the selction committee but feeling ko priority nila sa first cut ng 55 ganda at height – kaya pasok sa banga si stephany but at this point they still assumed na lahat naman ng nag apply sumunod sa announced basic age requirement…until may nakapansin na sa paper application, and that’s when she got the boot.

    for me all is fair since she got eliminated during the elimination phase ng screening. masaklap kung naisama sa announcement ng final list of 40, nakasama na sa pictorial at web interviews bago makitaan ng paglabag – kim ross comes to mind. yung first 55, procedural yan dahil meron at meron pa ring 15 na maliligwak after further scrutiny, she should know that it was just a matter if time bago masilip yung hindi nila pagsunod sa age requirement ng bpci.

  26. I feel for her because she really did look amazing at screenings. Her best. It’s clear she was hungry. BPCI’s “organized” screening strikes again! Or maybe the screening committee liked her so much they couldn’t strike her out during the first round??

    Pero…. she should have known the age limit. It’s not like she just arrived from the province with no national pageant experience. And as many have already noted, she’s not just competing for MUP.

    I can see both sides here, but I will say I admire her for taking a risk and following her heart. It’s not easy putting yourself out there in pageantland. She did look gooood doing so too!

  27. The bottomline is that si steph na ME-air 2012, nag cross over sa BBP, pero hindi nag screen nung 2014, 2015 at 2016, naghanda, nagtrain, nagpasa ng application, dumaan sa screening, nag top 55 pero di nakapasok sa official 40 candidates dahil sumemplang sa edad na required ng BBPOrg at hindi ng MUOrg at kumuda sa social media (may point nga naman si ateng). Matanong ko lang po, aside sa age-related issue ni steph, may ibang factors pa kaya kung bakit di sya nakapasok sa top40?

  28. I got Steph’s points.. but I wonder why did not she join a bit earlier? Talagang after 5yrs ng Ms Earth stint nya? Sana 2014 or 2015 nung sure na qualified cya sa edad… anyhow, back in 1998 and 1999 both Tisha Silang & Janelle Bautista were stripped of the Bb Pilipinas-Universe title bcoz of citizenship issue when infact, the citizenship, the height and the age of the candidate can be determined OUTRIGHT at the doorstep of Bbp office. Stella, nanadya ka ba para lang may drama?

  29. veejay oo nga may screening process at natural lang sa screening process na level by level yun…sa initial screening, basic requirements ang chinecheck para ma filter agad ang di qualified. Sa final screening may interview na kc personality test na yun. Weeding out system yan…Kaya nga PROCESS kc deductive process yan hindi yung labo labo na proseso na alam mo

  30. Dapat palitan na rin ng BPCI ang age limit from 26 gawin ng 27 years old. Dahil ang Miss U nagpalit na ng age limit to 28 years old.
    Mahirap kasi sa BPCI andaming titles, dapat hiwalay na contest na lang ang MUP.

  31. Lahat sila naga-assume at pinapangarap mapanalunan ang Bb. Pilipinas Universe kaya di siya assuming.

  32. may point naman kasi ang pagmamarakulyo ng lola stef mo, bakit pinaabot pa sya ng final screening…pero kc nmn di pa sya sumali noon na qualified pa sya…sayang tuloy

  33. Assuming siya masyado na she will get the Miss U Phils crown. Alam naman niyang 26 years old ang age limit ng BBP. Di ba siya nagbabasa ng qualifications? Sisihin pa niya yung tumanggap ng application niya. Sa dami-dami nang nagsusubmit ng application forms, malaki ang tendency na ma-overlook talaga ang bilangan ng edad. Pero nakapaskil naman kung saan-saan ang age requirements. Napaka-entitled ng mentality ng babaitang ito.

    I still can’t get over the fact how she looked during the Miss Earth pageant. Nanalo ka na ng korona, tapos you go to the international competition unprepared, wearing the Philippine sash? Now you want to represent the Philippines again? Gusto mo ikaw lagi? You’ve had your chance. Bigay mo naman yung chance sa iba who respects the job enough to prepare for it.

    • tanga kA rin pala eh. may screening committee ang BPCI. Bakit nila tinanggap si Stef in theforst place?

      • No, she was not accepted as official candidate. Kaya nga po siya tinangal among the applicants. Ibig pong sabihin, she was eliminated because of the process. Hindi pa po siya accepted na basta basta na kick out. Actually, walang issue kung tinanggap niya ng buong puso.

    • panung na over looked? eh 96 lang ang nagpasa…kung magsalita ka eh parang libo libo ang nagpasa para magkandaugaga bpci sa pag check ng mga applications…

      • Ang violent naman ng reaction. Hindi ba posible yung scenario na to: yung frontliners na nagreceive ng application na-excite na nag apply si stephany, alam nila na til 28 yo sa miss u, so they let her in at yung next level na lang mag decide kung pwede o hinde. They never know baka walang may caliber ni stephany na mag apply so she could possibly win MUP nga. It could have been hard to immediately deny someone with her looks. Tapos pagdating sa next level after seeing all the applicants tsaka nila nakita na madaming may potential sa MUP, na hindi shoo in si stephany dun, tsaka naging crystal clear na magiging problema lang talaga pag isinali pa sya sa official candidates at nanalo ng other crowns na hindi naman na qualified si steph due to age.

    • Alam ng mga insiders ang totoo! Bago isinabak ilang beses nagtanong sila Tito Rodgil sa BPCI, walang naging issue, malinaw na MUP lang habol! Ilang screening din dinaaanan – anoyare after top55? Sino nakialam? Sino dumating? Tanong nyo yung abogada nung kampo karne puta, at ano ginawa ng mga alaga nila at pinagsasabi. Gets nyo na? Hehehe

    • So pag si Catriona na, ganito din yung eksena:
      “Nanalo ka na ng korona, tapos you go to the international competition unprepared, wearing the Philippine sash? Now you want to represent the Philippines again? Gusto mo ikaw lagi? You’ve had your chance. Bigay mo naman yung chance sa iba who respects the job enough to prepare for it.”

      Bigyan rin naman ng chance yung may pangarap. Di natatapos sa isang bagay ang pangarap na maging beauty queen. Naalala ko tuloy si MJ at yung BbP World (forgot her name) when they joined the Miss Asean – ayan, si MJ la pa title nun pero si ateng BbpWorld, nagrepresent na ng Pinas. Lol. Ultra minor pageant pa ang Miss Asean na yun ah.
      Sana talaga hindi nalang siya pinaasa. Ilan ba kasi ang nasa screening committee at di nila madetermined ang eligibility sa simulang-simula palang. I feel for Steph kasi pinaasa siya but at the same time, sobrang valid din ang puntos ng iba na bakit hindi siya sumali ng mas maaga?

      • Edited:
        So pag si Catriona na, ganito din yung eksena:
        “Gusto mo ikaw lagi? You’ve had your chance. Bigay mo naman yung chance sa iba who respects the job enough to prepare for it.”

        Bigyan rin naman ng chance yung may pangarap. Di natatapos sa isang bagay ang pangarap na maging beauty queen. Naalala ko tuloy si MJ at yung BbP World (forgot her name) when they joined the Miss Asean – ayan, si MJ la pa title nun pero si ateng BbpWorld, nagrepresent na ng Pinas. Lol. Ultra minor pageant pa ang Miss Asean na yun ah.
        Sana talaga hindi nalang siya pinaasa. Ilan ba kasi ang nasa screening committee at di nila madetermined ang eligibility sa simulang-simula palang. I feel for Steph kasi pinaasa siya but at the same time, sobrang valid din ang puntos ng iba na bakit hindi siya sumali ng mas maaga?

  34. I really felt bad when she did not make the cut. She was one of the ladies who really prepared and is top 40 worthy. Some ladies who have joined before is still not body ready until now!!! I won’t mention names and you know who she is.

    • Stephany was not body ready when she competed abroad. Mariel’s story is another thing. National pageant pa naman. She can lose all the pounds like Pia when she competes abroad and wears the Philippine sash.

      • Di ba pwedeng magpapayat muna bago sumali sa bbp? Bakit hintayin pa makoronahan bago magpapayat? Ano ba ginagawa ng mga beauty camp?
        Pia is different, mas slim sya kaysa kay Mariel during her BbP 2015.

      • Wag ikumpara yung 2, lubog na lubog ang itsura ng bababuyin na si Mariel! Mahiya nga! At ilang taon na di pa rinnpumapayat?!!! Wala kasing disiplina, maldita pa.

      • @Sophia dear …Pia even in her heaviest look has a swanlike neck. maganda pa din kahit naka up do.
        di na kailangan mag fringe at mag certain angle para takpan ang di ka aya aya. Pia is a feminine beauty

  35. She’s articulate and sexy. If she really wanted to join so bad, she shouldve joined 2014-16 editions. But that’s water under the bridge. Move on na tayo. On the other hand, she could be Jinkee Pacquiao’s long lost sister. Ayun lang. K bye! 😉

  36. Bakit ngaun lang kasi sya nag decide sumali sa BbP?

    Sana noong eligible pa ang age niya (2014, 2015, 2016).

    Sorry na lang talaga ke ateng, strict ang BbP sa age qualification.

    Ang pakawari ko jan, nagbaka sakali sila kasama ang kanyang KF camp.

    Sorry, mahigpit ang BbP screening committee.

    • kung mahigpit bakit pinaabot pa sya ng top 55 at final screening cge nga? ang totoong mahigpit eh yung ipapasa mo palang application mo iniiscrutinize na ang important details like age and height para ligwak agad kung sablay

      • Ang usapan dumaan sa “screening procedure” si Steph.

        Meaning, hindi usapan “kung dapat umpisa pa lang na-out na……. She need to pass “all” the screening procedures and sad to say, because of her age she didn’t make the cut.

        She didn’t make the whole screening complete! LIGWAK!


      • Top 55 is still part of the elimination process. Whether she was eliminated after top 45 kung ang OFFICIAL candidates ay 40 lang, wala pa ring issue.

    • bak mag disqualified this week baka maksali cya s bbp 2017 or mag compte cya s bbp 2017 or magofficial candidates cya sn mkapsok cya s top 40 this week and hopefuly may magback out or magdisqualified this week

  37. Paepal lang tong babae na to. She knew very well that 26 is the age limit why still join when she knew in the first place that she is not qualified. Her KF camp is also aware of that. And I bet even if she joined when she was younger she will not still win the Miss Universe Phil. crown. Assuming much. Gusto lang nia magpapansin and she is successful naman in doing so.

    • pano mo nlamang she knew very well? kaya nga nagpasa ng application kc pagkakaalam nya qualified pa sya. At pano mo nlaman na pag nakasali sya di sya mananalo? assuming much ka nga bakla…ayyy di pala much…most assuming ka

      • hala nandito si hara para makipag-away. Ano ba pinaglalaban mo ateng? Lol.

  38. How sure was she that she’s going to get Miss Universe? Parang ang yabang tuloy ng dating niya dahil nag-post pa siya ng ganyan.

    • Because that’s the only crown she is eligible!! Every crown has an age limit!! They changed Miss Universe age limit to 28!!!

      • It won’t be fair to all the other girls. If she makes it to the Top 6, tapos Miss U crown lang pala siya available, ano yun, magpapalitan ng titles to give way to her? Because was irresponsible enough to wait until she is 27-28 before joining?

      • Irresponsible talaga? What if she didnt really intend to join in the previous editions?

    • It is called confidence. And who in their right mind wants to join Bb Pilipinas just to win a minor crown or make it to semifinals? Once you screen, you aim for the top prize.

  39. The BPCI website clearly stipulates that you have to be 17-26 years old during the pageant. That is crystal clear. Have they not read the guidelines? I have nothing against this lady, this is only my 2 cents worth…

    • Binasa, nagtanong, nagtanong uli, pinayagan magpass nagtanong uli nagpascreen pinaygan siya lahat ng BPCI – kaso malakas arrive may malakas nankumontra may abogadang higad pa, may mga dating alaga na kumuda, na-MJ pa nga… ayun ligwak.

      • That she was given assurances by “lawyers” of BPCI, that her application was initially accepted are irrelevant. As a lawyer myself, my initial reaction would be to initially accept it and refer the matter to the BPCI management. Stephanie was insisting that she should be allowed to compete given MU’s change of rules, of course, BPCI had to deliberate whether they will change the rule to reflect MUO’s new rules. That BPCI eventually decided to stick to its age limit of 26 is well within its prerogatives as an organization. In short, tinanggap yung application niya dahil may kuda siya, pero BPCI decided not to extend the age limit. Yun lang.

  40. Same case with Pia right pang MUP na lang lalaban kung saan pwede ang age nya kasi may mga crowns na hindi na siya pwede mag compete internationally that time. Kasi after that night may delibaration naman may runner up and option after i award. Its about responsibility over the crown. Baka title and crown lang iniisip wala na ang kawang gawa? Si nigeria crossover un kung napaghandaan lang ang labs kong si pres. Trump. Panalo un.

  41. Good that she took the high road and gracefully accepted BPCI’s decision.

  42. Sinagad naman Kasi Niya yung limit. Nanalo siya Nung 2012 SA ME as 1st RU. Assuming na out of contract na siya by 2014,dapat sumali na siya Nung 2015 or even 2016. Ba’t ngayon Lang Niya naisipan? May hope PA rin siya Kung one of the candidate will be disqualified or back out, baka siya na next in line. Yun NGA lang filler na ang labas.

  43. But she’s competing in BP, therefore, it is BPCI’s rules that matter. If she’s overage in BPCI’s rules, what does it matter that MU’s rules allow her to compete?

    • exactly! your comment hits the issue right on the spot. ganun lang kasimple – if you are applying to become a binibini, you make sure you check and meet their requirements before you even submit an application. if they say they want their candidates to be no older than 26, then 26 it is.

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