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  1. Hindi ko ma-gets yung look ni Chanel Olive Thomas. Tagilid tayo if ever she wins a crown. Katarina is meh. Mariel sort of surprised me, pero she looks too uptight. Sirene has the face and the height (and the appeal) in pictures, pero so was Valerie Weignmann when people were hyping her to join MWP. I don’t mind being proven wrong of course pero kasi yun ang vibes ko sa kanya eh.

  2. I go for sutton and peters for miss universe, wala ng iba. Who cares sa mga ibang girls, they can have the rest of the titles .

  3. Why let someone win based on potentials?
    It’s unfair to those who have made the effort to get ready for the competition
    Kung mataba, dapat wala at mababa.
    The thing with Pia and Kylie is that they are really gorgeous ..kahit nakapambahay Lang . Look at their video package from Primer 2014. And both of them are very feminine and very driven.

    Can u say the same with Mariel? Again look at Primer 2014 ! Please do not tell me it was 2 yrs ago.

  4. Mariel de Leon for the win! Remember beauty of face comes first and foremost. She has a very gorgeous face – unique in a way. She doesn’t look any of our past winners. Second the brains – she has good diction and I think she is not afraid to open her mouth and express herself when asked. The body? As anyone who follows this blog knows. Aces and Queens is a master in transformation. I still stand by my position: ang utak di pwedeng dagdagan pero ang taba puedeng bawasan. #DeLions #DeLeonroars

    • I agree! Quotable quote…

      “Ang utak mahirap dagdagan ngunit ang taba madaling bawasan!”

      I love it! Hahaha

      Isama natin yan sa:

      “Daig ng matalino ang maganda”…

      “Ang ganda pwedeng dagdagan pero ang utak, hangang doon nalang”

      “Ang mataba napapapayat… pero ang tanga walang remedio”

      “ligwak ang magaganda sa babaing talino ang pinuhunan”


    • Kung maka-sure and baklang to , feeling expert . Maglako ka na lang ng tinapa Kung di ka busy sa boys sa kanto
      Tse hihihi

    • Number 3 is my top choice for MUP. But it can change. and im loving every words you said. mukang kapag si mariel, elima or katarina ang manalong MUP eh mukang wala kang masyadong makakaaway d2 dahil ang mga mababait d2 kahit sino ang manalo sa MUP eh support support pa rin. unlike you may pagkabitter. hihi. Basta ba mapa wow kami sa katawan ni mariel come finals night she can be my MUP or Elima, basta ba she will perform and speak come finals na nagsasabing I am one of the Brightest star in the universe!!! Magaling naman ang aces sa catwalk/pasarela training. pero they only have 2 months b4 the coronation. so dapat b4 the pageant. Mariels body will make us to say wow!!! and elimas tounge will slay audiences and judges, pleasing them to give the MUP crown kahit sino man sa dalawa.

    • Oo nga. Mukhang in-advance ni Cocoy ang Lenten season. Sabi nga nila, kalerkette henson. Haha!

  6. I largely agree with you Norman. I would say though that Dindi has not convinced me as a contender let alone a front runner. She has her charms but her type of look is polarising to put it mildly. In certain angles she looks cross eyed or kirat.

    The typica oriental look is not generally considered attractive/beautiful outside of oriental countries. In fact it is quite the opposite. There is a reason why all the oriental candidates have larger eyes and narrower/3d face than Maxene let alone Dindi. This is after Max looks was heavily restyled to look Filipino. Oriental candidates usually undergo extensive facial/body reconstructive surgery and heavy makeup to remove/minimise oriental/mongoloid looks.

    • Oh you are fucked! Anong klaseng observation ito “oriental candidates USUALLY undergo extensive facial/body reconstructive surgery…”? Eh kamusta sa Venezuela, bakla? Huwag magmagaling please lang. Nakapunta ako ng atleast 59 countries and orientals are appreciated and infact, quite the opposite sa pinagdakdak mo! Orientals is NOT mongoloid! Kairita mga nagmamagaling!

  7. I believe our rep for miss u must always have an interpreter sa q&a para mas madali nating makuha ang crown kahit pa ok ka mag English. Work on com skills? Saka na yon kapag nakuha na natin ang crown.madali na yon. Let’s be honest dami na nating chance makuha ang miss u crown pero pilit parin nilang mag English so ano ang kinalabasan, ang walang humpay na SAYANG NANDOON. Let’s be honest now. This is not the time para magpasikat. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Sirene Sutton for the win(mup). Who cares about the rest of the girls. For me sirene is my mup.

  9. And now, we have the official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2017.
    We have seen the ladies and these are the ones who caught my eye. In no particular order:

    1. Sirene Sutton ( European looks, slim figure, sultry eyes )
    2. Dindi Pajares ( she reminds me of Miss Vietnam Universe 2015, and I like it )
    3. Charmaine Elima ( morena beauty, distinctively fierce looks )
    4. Mariel De Leon ( is she the Philippine version of Sierra Bearchell? But that face, stunning!!! )
    5. Rachel Peters ( tall glamazon with the sexy hair )
    6. Ruffa Nava ( she has a certain je ne se quoi, that special something you can’t explain )
    7. Jehza Huelar ( youthful, fresh & vibrant )
    8. Angelique De Leon ( exotic, dusky beauty with loads of sex appeal )
    9. Katarina Rodriguez ( mestiza features with Lolita- like qualities, a sex kitten )
    10. Gail Tobes ( she exudes a queenly vibe )

    I just hope none of these 10 ladies get disqualified or something, crossing my fingers.

  10. Improvements on BPCI this year:

    1. Faster processing. Kasehodang gutom na Silang lahat. Tinapos Ang screening ng 96 applicants.

    2. Great venue. Gone are the days na siksikan Sila sa stage. They even have a holding area with AC para Hindi malusaw Ang mga make up. They started on that venue last year.

    3. More meticulous selection.

    The not so good…

    1. Di PA nakontento SA anim na korona, magdadagdag PA ng ISA. Ginagawa Nang springboard for publicity ng mga international organizers Ang Pinas. Ang technique NILA, papanalunin o ipa-finalist Ang Pinay rep tapos i-o-offer Kay SMA yung franchise.

    2. Be objective with qualification. Kung ano age limit, huwag na paasahin pa Ang kandidata for something that will not prosper.

    3. Maximize the timeframe. Nag-deadline ng 25 Feb. For sure, yung 27 Feb is confirmation of qualification na lang. Yung natanggal SA 96 applicants is OK pero yung na-filter PA ulit sa 55 applicants raises the question of what went wrong?

    So, next year dapat Wala na yung mga ganung flaws.

    • So confirmed na ba that the newest crown is Miss United Continents??? I can think of at least 10 girls who would fit this title lol…pero yun nga, sayang…what if it was a girl who could do a more successful bid for a higher crown in the next two years? If she gets saddled with a minor crown, she can’t do an upgrade can she?

      But I think though that BPCI somewhat knows this and that they most likely make deliberations to allocate the crowns smartly – Pia W for one could have had any of the lesser crowns in her first two attempts, but she didn’t get any. Just imagine if she did!

      • Is it confirmed? Saw a post on IG wherein Kylie commented “5 crowns ha?” (pertaining to the aces delegates and she corrected it “6* hehe” that was after the announcement of the official candidates.

      • Possibly! Hindi naman ata chamba yun runner-up repeaters (Janine, Mj & Pia) na naging MUP later. So sana nga pinagicipan talaga.

  11. dami pintasera sa mga front runners tse!!! Kay tobes nalang kayo para kalma lang kayo. Hinde sikat pero magpapasikat yan sa finals. She is a good choice for MUP. shes once a beauty queen already. subukan nyo lang pati si tobes eh pintasan nyo. papakainin ko kayo sangkatutak na Basil leaves at cocoynut!!!

    • Geoff, sobra ka naman . Basil leaves mabango di ba ? Tapos Cocoy nut luxury dito sa Amin yan . Is it a comliment or what? Hihihi

    • Tobes has one of the most beautiful faces based on the pics above . But I don’t know anything abt her yet . I have to see more pics and videos. Right now , my vote goes to Peters and Dindi for now

  12. mga peeps too early pa, ang dami pa na nilang activities…kuda nang kuda mga chaka naman

  13. Norman true ba na may bagong title ang BPCI yong United Continents as per FB ng Miss United Continents the Owner from Ecuador had visited the Philippines last Miss Universe 2016 kasi National Director sya ng MU sa Ecuador she was accompanied by Jonh dele Vega the Philippine director with BPCI staff.

  14. Mariel’s face is super classyyy. mukhang mamahalin! I have this gutfeel that if ever maganda performance niya, she’ll be sent to Miss International. Remember, Bianca Guidotti? she gave a superb or MU worthy performance but was sent to Tokyo kasi we needed a strong candidate for a back-to-back win di ba? Her face is like a doll. mamahalin, classy, elegante.

    naisip ko lang naman.

    • sana lang nga kung mapunta si mariel sa MI hindi sya malasin at maging clapper tulad ni bianca guidotti

  15. Ang lakas Ng stage presence ni Dindi!
    I was not a fan before , now I am .
    To those who try to suppress other opinions with their scare tactics, let me tell u beauty is in the eyes of those who see it .everyone is their own expert here.
    I am absolutely against Mariel for MUP. She has no personality, she is not feminine enough, her beauty is questionable, and who says she is smart and articulate? Where is the proof to that?
    Now , Dindi may not talk like she’s a Poveda graduate but she surely can express herself well.
    I do not know most of the candidates so my choices may change as thr contest evolvespecially.

      • Why not state your opinion about the girls instead of resorting to Namecallihg? I’m not the one parading in swimsuit to be judged on stage here
        Cocoy Baboy

      • “I’ll claim what’s rightfully mine” — I like her accent, I like the fluidity and spontaneity of the answer. I’m sure she will deliver!

      • Gemma, ala-Pia nga ang pasabog. Medyo Hindi ka nga lang kasing confident At pulido dating

    • sobrang lakas talaga!!! shes maybe not beautiful but she has IT factors that will make her beautiful, shine, strong and standout. i am really liking dindi 2.0. Pero sa supra ko sya gusto and Maria Gail Tobes is still my number 1 choice for MUP.
      Agree on mariel, baka sa MI sya ipadala. which is pwedeng pwede din. her face is so angelic. But if MIO loves having a b2b then Jehza is a good choice to send in MI this year. But we can send Mariel too. either Mariel of Jehza for MI.

  16. sirene sutton or calingo universe and international.
    Peters intercontenental
    Didndi globe
    Supra elima
    Grand mariel
    The other de leon and jehzra bibgyan din ng crown.

  17. I really like Sirene or Maine for MUP. Sirene just need to try different hairstyles and do away with the bloody red lipstick. Nagmmukha sya clown especially that she’s so white. Mag pa tan sya ng slight. She is tall and gorgeous. Work on your com skills,beh. Maine Elima’s dusky beauty is already well received by foreigners based on comments on diff beauty blogsites. She has to work on her comm skills too, yun tipong confident sa kudaan para uwian na.
    Mariel, ganda mo beh! Isabay mo katawan mo sa beauty mo. Sayang. Gym twice a day and diet. Isabay mo beh si Katarina. Halos pantay lang kayo sa ganda pero iwas buffet muna at gym araw araw. For sure may masusungkit kayo na crown.
    Dindi, your hairstyle aged you dear. I want the Dindi 2016 version. Rachel Peters is sexy and smart. Na ddistract lang ako sa veneers. Kung kudaan lang, si #GoCalingo is the girl to beat. I’m not just convinced with her beauty. Perhaps improve her styling and she could be the dark horse this year. Jehza anuna? Lumaban ka. For sure magbabago pa choices natin as the BbP progress. Abanger tayo mga pre. Yun lang! K thanks, bye!

  18. As of this moment, Sirene is super captivating. MUP peg si ateng. Followed by Mariel De Leon, jusko lord you have the FACE, the BRAINS, pero please mag diet ka iha. I like Elima but she is like Dominican Republic 2013 in her version 2.0 and 1st runner nung 2009. That’s the reason why I am kinda iffy choosing her as my MU 2017. As of this moment, its Sirene vs Mariel vs my under dog Nelda IBE the Pilot girl. She is growing in me.

  19. In spite of all the BASHERS of Dindi Pajares, she just want to say that DINDI STILL LOVES THEM! SPREAD THE LOVE AND GOODVIBVES! Always remember DindiLovesU! 🙂 #DindiLovesU #DindiLovers

  20. The photo of Dindi above says a lot about how make up changes depending on the situation. The right make up needs to be planned. She obviously didn’t put into account the flash of the camera. Her face and underarm look white. You would think that for pageant-experienced and make-up trained people, the girls know the dos and don’ts of putting make up on. I guess not.

    Girls, in case your trainers did not teach you this: Do not wear makeup with high SPF if you’re going to an event with bright lights, such as a photoshoot. They’re the culprit for why your face looks fine on normal light/daylight, then suddenly turn 10x shades lighter when hit by lights.

  21. There’s a reason these ladies are getting hyped. It’s a certain je ne sais quoi.

    That being said, I don’t agree that everyone in this group has the goods to be successful abroad. I just hope the powers that be go beyond the factors that may work for a successful pageant finish in the Philippines.

    What impresses in the Philippines won’t work necessarily work in the hallways of MUO in Manhattan, on the stage in Tokyo or Bangkok, or to the cosmopolitan eyes of Europe. We’re sending the ladies here to compete. Hopefully the final placements cater to these markets and just not the local palengke.

    • LOL. Tingnan mo ang mga IG nila.

      Merong isang frontrunner na merong photos na parange scandalous for Lola SMA.

  22. Rachel Peters’ and Chanel Olive Thomas’ features are kinda harsh. Hoping for a softer look for MUP.

  23. Dindi has no chance internationally. She looks like miss china or miss Chinatown. Face wise Maine Mariel kat are the girls to beat. Dindi is pretty in a very basic way. BAKIT BA PINAGPIPILITAN? Just look at the face!

    • Some bashers in other sites even describe Dindi as may pagka down-syndrome yung features. Not my words, but I think it’s harsh.

    • maxene looks like miss china miss korea miss japan blah blah we have sent several oriental looking girls before and they did very well the filipina look today is more than a clone of gloria diaz or desiree verdadero, that mindset is sooo passe. Dindi stands out on stage, her exuberance is infectious not a fan of her communication skills but shes a warrior on stage and that what counts most!

    • China has been placing a lot . So looking like a Miss China is not bad at all

  24. Have no idea who Sirene is but she is registering incredibly well in her photos. She looks like a Pia/Valerie Weigmann hybrid. If she’s a smart cookie then I think she’ll be the one to beat.

  25. My 9 faves in random order (also taking into consideration communication skills:

    Gail Tobes
    Gabriela Ortega
    Sirene Sutton
    Charmaine Elima
    Angelique De Leon
    Maria Angelica De Leon
    Rachel Peters
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Chanel Olive Thomas

    The following would have been included but I’m still ‘iffy’ on their verbal communication skills:

    Mae Liezl Ramos
    DIndi Pajares
    Jehza Huelar

  26. I find it funny that some people here do not give a girl a chance due to the flaws they see now. Well, this why they train before the competition- to smoothen the rough edges and bring out the best in them. What I will be basing my opinions as we progress would be facial beauty, confidence in handling interviews and overall “aura” as they present themselves. Right I can only judge by facial beauty and aura so I would give it to Sirene, Maine and Angelique. These girls can compete now if it’s just based on looks.

    • To be fair, I think screening shows a lot about a girl’s potential. True, there can be trainings and work done after winning… but honestly there are enough girls who showed up internationally ready for as many crowns as they will probably hand out in April. To me, that says a lot. I mean, some of these girls are repeaters who should know (and deliver) better.

      In further fairness, Pia did not show up anywhere near her best at her final screening (or even during her coronation). But Pia is one in a universal million.

      Yes, us Filipino fans have gotten to expect higher standards. Call us spoiled, entitled. Blame our queens for getting us to this point:)

  27. My bets in proper order:
    Charmaine Elima
    Angelique De Leon
    Jamaica Ambal
    Mariel De Leon
    Ruffa Nava
    Rachel Peters
    Jehza Huelar
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Chanel Olive Thomas
    #Dindi is over rated baka maging clapper na naman sya this year

    • Proper order ? Is it ascending or descending ?

      Please be clear with wht u say Jeremi aka FurnitureS carrying your own chairs !

    • Hoy! wait ka pagdating ng finals baka mabasag kang Furnitures ka sa lakas ng hampas ng pag rampa ni dindi!!

      • Hiyang hiya naman ako sayo Geoff dahil napakagaling mo sa grammar hahahaha balikan mo kaya mga post mo baklang pangit hahahah

    • Ay nandyan na naman mga TANGA kong stalkers na puro pageant issues lang ang alam

  28. (Sigh), if only popularity determines winners then yes, these girls will run away with the titles..but thank God that the BPCI has that job (inspite of what some would say against its system, it has endured) because arm-chair judging is the least reliable one of all.

    Nobody knows these girls better than the mentors who guide them and the organisation who chooses them.

    Showbiz connection aside, I hope Mariel this time around is wiser and more vocal than she was when she first joined. The girl speaking in the above video is so sheltered that it’s a stark contrast from the Pia W who impressed everyone with her maturity and depth- we’re not asking for a Pia clone, but simply looking for a girl who has total ownership of herself and her opinions. And that is something you can only get with age. In the same context, I hope Charmaine Elima comes to us with the same transformation because c’mon- a different look (or nose lol) and styling can only bring you so far.

    And for girls who have modelling backgrounds, honestly, it’s never a guarantee for success. MU for one is littered with models with gorgeous pre-arrival photo-shoots only to arrive on Day One looking listless and unable to bring the promise of those photos to actual life; Katarina for one struggles with finding good, consistent poses. Have yet to see how Sirene Sutton moves and talks.

    And some, will always remain sort of half-baked- Chanel Thomas has a strange face (with a passing resemblance to Kevin Bacon); Rachel Peters facial proportions never quite convinces you 100%.

    I love Angelique De Leon, really I do, but i’m ambivalent with the ‘nude’ make-up style she currently sports.

    • And one more thing @Fabian; Rachel Peter sort of hunches when she walks

    • Dindi has no chance internationally. She looks like miss china or miss Chinatown. Face wise Maine Mariel kat are the girls to beat. Dindi is pretty in a very basic way. BAKIT BA PINAGPIPILITAN? Just look at the face!

      • In spite of all the BASHERS of Dindi Pajares, she just want to say the DINDI STILL LOVES THEM! SPREAD THE LOVE AND GOODVIBVES! Always remember DindiLovesU! 🙂 #DindiLovesU #DindiLovers


      • Pareho kayoNg bastos ,wala kayoNg pinag-araĺan
        Give your opinion of the girls . Why label someone wrong? Everyone is right here because that’s the way their eyes see the Girls.



    • @Fabbie I also dont agree about Mariel overrated mup chances. Her waistline looks size 30 plus. and if she really really wanted to win she should worked out all those fats. ang daming oras still malapad pa din sya even malapad than mothers w 3 children

      • Yes I agree Jackie.

        Plus is that even her hair or just an extension wig ?
        I remember her video package from 2014 BP primer-she was childish and a little on the masculine side.
        She has not had any transformation since..so I do not know why and how it changed from ‘no one likes her To everyone likes her

      • @Fabbie..She cant even change her hairstyle bec of the weight.Para sa akin ang tunay na maganda pwede magpusod. I really dont know why there is a cult following of the pudgy look these days. Wag magrason yun iba na malapad talaga sya. Top and bottom heavy. Ang malapad pwede pumayat kung titigil kumain ng carbo. I dont want to be cruel but its unfair to all these ladies who works out and are equally beautiful then di na appreciate. Di ko talaga makita yun nakikita nila .

        Agree w Andrew w Chanel having Kevin bacon aura but try to see her fb she looks more like Jessie Mendiola bagayan lang talaga ng make up.
        For Chanel kailangan bitbitin yun favorite make up artist nya. she looks way better w out make up
        If Rachel stoops madali solusyunan yun at least she have the killer body..Mahaba ang biyas w latina vibe

  29. If only Mariel de Leon would work those curves out , there is still plenty of time. Nelda Ibe has the height and I think I like her and Olive better than Sirene Sutton. I agree all in all with this list of FAVs.

    • I’m basing my opinion base on what the expert has concurred. Dayanarra specifically mentioned “not robotic with an attitude”. The above was the interview of Kris Aquino with Mariel. I can’t see connection in her with the way she answer questions. She’s uptight. There’s no question about her physical beauty. Si Andrea Tovar na vibrant Ang personality sumablay, paano pa kaya Kung ganito. Kung lagay man siya SA MI, lalong di patok SA mga Hapon. Ang nagpapanalo Kay Kylie is not her physical beauty. The moment na tumapak siya SA Japan, she’s very proactive SA mga activities. Kasehodang spa attendant o estudyante, walang masamang tinapay sa kanya. Ganun din si Maxine.

      This was in 2013. Hopefully,nag evolve na siya but as the saying goes “Habits are hard to break”. Our personality is innate. Mariel’s personality is the so called “Perfect Melancholy-Powerful Choleric” combination which is mahirap i-unwind. Sana NGA ma-convince si SMA na bigay sa kanya Yung Mup crown for “fan” satisfaction.

  30. Sirene is THE ONE to beat imo. She ticks all the boxes, gorgeous face, tall at 5’9″. And she’s already gathered quite the followers and believers too, even more than 1-2 of the supposed ‘popular ones’. I wonder where you based their popularity from, Tito Norms.

    • I agree. I don’t see much clamor for Katarina Rodriguez to be honest. I think Dindi, Sirene, Jehza and even Ruffa Nava are getting more supporters than she is.

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