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  1. Congrats #BbPilipinas candidates kept it & stay beauty all times!!..#65thMissUniversePH #Filipino

  2. Bet ko ang face ni Katarina Rodriguez pero marami siyang pictures na hindi okay ang posture na, whether standing up or sitting down. I hope she fixes it. Sayang ang fezlak.

    • I think Katarina is beauty of face is overhyped. Thers are a lot of prettier faces among the 40. but as you say pictures sometime don´t so jsutice considering the pictures were taken when the girls were tired after the screening. but some girls were allowed to change pictures, Katarina among them. so if this is her best shot, not too

  3. MU: Calingo or Elima
    MI: Dindi Pajares
    MIC: Huelar
    MS: Peters
    MGI: Calingo or Ortega
    MG: Rodriguez
    7th title : Sirene

    All in all, we want representatives who can speak well in addition to looking good, too.

    • Elima seems to be a favorite, but it would be good to know her communication skills. Have to hear her speak yet. She is not exactly the prettiest but I consider her overall more prepared in her poses than Mariel or Katarina, for instance. Mariel’s advantage is her height, though her facial features are not exactly that outstanding. Saw her speaking on tv, and well, not that impressive either. Just impresssions for now. Can anyone goive inside info about Katarina’s communication skills?

  4. Mariel is looking more beautiful but I think she’s also wider than the last time she joined. Perhaps if she lost some weight and toned her body. I think MUO was trying to send a message with Siera in the Top 9 and Ashley Graham as a co-host, but if we’re gunning for a crown, a fit body is a must.

    • I don’t mean to be mean, but Mariel kind of has a not so nice looking face. That’s just my opinion. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but there is a thin line between looking fierce, and just looking rude all the time.

      • I kind of understand what you mean. I think it’s more of a case of lack of confidence. She looks awkward when she smiles and her fierce look falls flat or goes beyond fierce. I think this is definitely something she should work on as well. I consider her a diamond in the rough, but the question is, can she be polished in time? We’ll have to see! 🙂

      • Agree, Mariel’s face is not the type that you would look at and say, ang ganda talaga.

  5. MU-mariel de leon
    MI-Maine elima (ala-puerto rico 2014 ang peg, baka mag b2b tayo)
    MIcon-sirene sutton
    MS-jehza huelar
    MGI-kat rodriguez
    MG-dindi pajares
    New title-rachel peters (baka masungkit nya agad yang title na yan for the phil and since bagong franchise yan ng BBPOrg, baka swerte ang dala nya)

  6. What a great bunch! I am still a fan of Arienne Calingo. Honestly guys, if BBP is putting more focus on Q&A, she is already set. Plus, she has a pure Filipina beauty. I think she could do well for MGI (where speech is a major part, and this girl speaks with conviction) or even MU (especially with the changes that the pageant system is making). You may say that she is too short, but height isn’t everything – Olivia Culpo was MU the year many felt Janine Tugonon should have gotten the crown, and Culpo is only 5’4″ I think. She has it!

    • 5’7 si culpo….masyadong maliit ang 5’4. wala atang nanalo ng ganyan ang height. baka sa little miss phils pwede. chos!

    • But Olivia Culpo was a goddess in her time. Her face made up for her height. I agree that we should send someone who has the edge when it comes to Q&A BUT her facial and physical beauty should be universally appealing first for her to make the cut. Di pwedeng ganda lang or utak lang. It should be a balance of universal beauty and brains. Ayun lang. K bye! 🙂😀

    • Yeah read somewhere Calingo is smart.The problem I see with her is her height. she really looks shorter than the rest. if she competes in an international event she might be dwarfed by taller candidates. don´t think she can wear 10 inch shoes. parang drag queen na sya niyan.

  7. 1. Universe – Maria Angelica de Leon / Sirene Sutton
    2. International – Charmaine Elima
    3. Supra – Angelique de Leon
    4. Globe – Rachel Peters
    5. Intercontinental – Dindi Pajares
    6. Grand – Katarina Rodriguez
    7. United Continents – Chanel Olive Thomas

  8. None from JDV camp? Also, was Stef really disqualified because of her age? Because if that’s the case, BBP just humiliated her. They should’ve just declined her application from the onset if she was overage rather than have her go through the entire screening process. Perhaps they used her to garner more attention to the screening.

    • i agree…if she really failed the age requirement, dapat initial screening palang ligwak na sya hindi yung pinaabot pa sya ng final screening. sira ulo rin itong bpci

  9. natawa ako sa mga comments sa fb page na weak batch daw! jusme. mga bashers talaga oh!!!
    hinde na nadala sa pang babash kay Pia noon. pinakain na nga sila ng alikabok. ngunit eto nagugutom na naman sila 😅. mahaba pa naman ang preparation.
    Okay! These girls are my top 8
    Maria Gail Tobes
    Jehza huelar
    Sirene Sutton
    Dindi Pajares
    Charmaine Elima
    Mariel De Leon
    Angelique De Leon
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Rachel Peters is the silent killer pero i really dont feel her. Yung height nya lang ang napapansin ko. as i said b4 baka ma mariam habach to. maka top 16 man sya pero waley sa top 8.
    Base on being a Filipina In terms of beauty and with parts of all qualities of being a miss universe. I think Maria Gail Tobes is the best Choice for MU.
    Filipina Beauty (Check)
    Brain (Check)
    Comm skills)/Q&A (Check)
    Height (Check)
    Body (Check)
    MI is Jehza or even MU. ma style lang ng tama na pang MUishh.
    Supra is Dindi talaga
    MGI Katarina

    • Naku mamash, pareho list naten! Except for Huelar, wala sya list ko pero pwede na rin.

  10. Mariel has a very beautiful face pero mas malapad pa ata siya ni Pia last 2016. Yung isa din jan si Gabriela parang short basta mrami sa batch nato ang mga chubby at mdyo pandak but in fairness marami rami naman ang magaganda at may iilan lang ang may “body to for” ang peg sana matatalino ang mga ito. Hayyyyy!

    • Nag comment ako before sa isang post dito na ang sexy ni Mariel. It was a video from Mario Dumaual. mukha siyang sexy don.. or not? anggulo lang? but if ever she wins, I know she’ll dedicate her time and efforts to get the physique that the international pageant requires. sana lang mag improve pa siya bago mag finals night. i mean her physique.

      • @Mr Manila, very true! isa si mariel sa mga bets ko this year, kung mag tone down ito kahit kuti lang din may ibubuga ito sa Q n A tiyak MUP crown na itey kasi proven naman sa case ni Pia na super sexy bigla after ng coronation. Si Katarina mdyo di rin gaano ka sexy ang body may body issues din sya na dapat e correct hheh

    • Rachel Peters looks too old in the picture. I would like to see more pictures of her. Chanel Olive is just tall, she is not pretty at all (to me). or maybe she is very unphotogenic. Talking of photogenic, saw a sashfactor picture of Gabriela, very beautiful face, heard got good communication skills too, and like Calingo is multilingual. Height? Must be around 5’7. Saw picture of Pia with them at Aces, about as tall as Pia it seems. As to Callingo sayang talaga coz of height. and that problem is hard to solve. body, yes, height, no.

      • Gusto kong sabihin. Body, yes, can be improved, height cannot.

  11. I dont know… Charmaine Elima just may be the one to beat for MUP.
    Her frontrunner experience in 2013 and four years of maturation process may give her the edge.
    Confidence plus experience will play a big role in her quest for the MUP crown.
    We’ll see.

    • I’ve watched their mock pageant’s q&a. the girl can speak. what more if ma train siya if she wins MUP.

      • Exactly Mr. Manila..
        Add to the fact that there will no pressure to end the MU drought, the heavy burden of a b2b crown and no distraction of being the host delegate.

        The MUP 2017 will have more to focus on just purely being an excellent rep. Charmaine would know how to work it, that is for sure!

      • Saluda and besides, if MU will be held in the US, pak! Mabenta ang ganda ni Maine don! She’s my bet nung 2013, para siyang barbie doll. ke ganda ganda. and mas nag bloom siya this year. her body can be transformed. I just hope na if she wins, she’ll get the MUP title. walang lower rank. and if she’s still young, she can be 1RU then join again. at least she’ll have the exposure and training.

  12. Naku ha Anlalapad ng iba at may nakikita akong mga puson. Pwede! Ipakita nyo nmn na drserving kayo na official cand kesa sa mga niligwak. Sana mawala mga taba taba na yan pagdating ng coronation night. Tse!

  13. A very weak batch.
    The only candidate that I think will have a shot in Miss Universe is Mariel De leon.
    Her face screams Universe.
    Kahit may pag square root of 9 ang feslak nya, di makakailang maganda ang merlat na itey.
    Sya yung tipong iintayin mo ang transformation come Miss Universe to the point na maging Transformer na sya.
    I’m sure betsina rin sya ng mahaderang blogger, dahil yearly naman e Aces and Queens delegates ang pinapaboran nya.

    Mariel for the Win!
    Robin Padilla is in support!

  14. Strong batch this year ha! good luck ladies, too early to pick my faves talaga! May mga minamatyagan na ako, but for sure, mag iiba or madadagdagan pag nag start na ang activities.

    but seriously, the photos are underwhelming ( hindi yung kay Tito Norms ha!) yung nasa official FB page. I mean.. anyare? they need to do a official, decent photoshoot soon. my gad. kegaganda ng mga binibini pero hindi nabigyan ng justice sa photo.

  15. Rachel Peters is the silent killer….great body, mesmerizing presence, and awesome catwalk. i hope the judges dont deny her a crown.

  16. Sorry to say mga clappers Itong Mga ito. I’ll just wait fo Catriona next year.

  17. Kaloka ano ba talaga basis nila sa pagpili ligwak yung 3 from JDV samantalang matatangkad at magaganda sila compare sa iba.

  18. Charmaine Elima seems to be the strongest ; I am worried about Mariel de Leon’s body but facial beauty is strong ; Lacap and Nava and Peters are better than half or more of the entrants; Malpaya , Huelar, Pajares and A de Leon are quite good too.

  19. Daming magaganda sa batch na to. Buti na lang di muna sumali sina Daisha, Patch Magtanong, Laura Lehmann, Michele Dee, Angel Alita etc… kundi lalong sasakit ulo ng mga judges. Hihihi

    So far these are my choices for the
    Top 15:
    Charmaine Elima
    Rachel Peters
    Dindi Pajares
    Angelique de Leon
    Sirene Sutton
    Nelda Ibe
    Mariel de Leon (diet pa more)
    Jehza Huelar
    Arienne Calingo
    Ruffa Nava
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Chanel Olive Thomas
    Patricia Asturias
    Vanessa Saliva
    Larah Grace Lacap

  20. I don’t get it why would they allow Stepanhy Stefanowitz to screen and eventually get ignored for the top40 spot. I saw her in motion and definitely she’s waaay better than some girls who made it in the top40—-anyare?? If it’s age related, they should have just told her outright that she’s already overage. She may not be the prettiest, but her total package supersedes some of those chosen girls. On the other hand, i was a fan iof DINDI last year but her 60s hairstyle is making her outdated. Mariel girl, your face alone can guarantee a crown pero lose those baby fats girl! Sayang ang ganda, nyeta! You have the face already! Get your act together and give the netizens the body they want and deserve! My top6: Sirene Sutton, Maine Elima,Rachel Peters,Dindi Pajares, Arriene Calingo and Mariel De Leon. Si Jehza Huelar parang di nman nag version 2.0 anuba! Prove me wrong baby Jehza. Transform and don’t settle for a runner up! Labaaaan! By the way, hopia ako kila Cynthia Thomalia, Patch Magtanong, Diana Mackey at Daisha Jimenez! Oh sya, abangers na tayo sa BBP para sa susunod na sisigaw ng Felipeeeens!!! Ayun lang! K thanks, bye!!!

    • Simply agree. why let her enter top 55 then disqualify her because of age. should have been from the start.

    • For sure uunahan na ng KF ang Aces na kunin si sirene dahil ligwak ang 2 fronttunners nila. i also like sirene. sana aces ang kumuha sa kanya at sa aces sya mag join.
      Sabi ko na eh stefanny will not get the MU crown. her age is qualified sa MU only. dapat sa lahat ng titles. if she get the minor one at hinde qualified ang age nya so magpapalitan ng title pero unfair yung ganyan. deep inside hinde papayag ang isa sa palitan ng title. Nakakainis lang ang bbp why hinde pa sya niligwak sa unang screening???? she submitted her requirements days ago b4 the screening so dapat day na yon nag research na ng maigi ang bbp. hinde yung kung kailan screening tsaka sila kikilos. But blame it really to KF. Bakit hinde pa last year pinasali? susme. yung batang bata ang age ang aga isabak. pero kapag over age tsaka isasali. basta ma potential isasabak agad d muna inisip ang age requirement. masyado yata over confident ang KF na makukuha ni stefanny ang MUP kaya isinale this year since alam nila na age qualified pa sya sa MU pero hinde yata alam ang age qualified sa bbp. nakakasad for her. its really KF to blame.

  21. Feeling ko lang, ibibigay kay Mariel de Leon ang MUP. Kasi ang katawan ni Mariel ang gustong-gusto ni SMA at John Cuay i-make over, na-tsa-challenge sila sa mga ganyan. Although bet ko for MUP is Sirene or Rachel.

    For now,
    MUP- Mariel/Sirene/Rachel
    International- Katarina/Mariel
    Globe- Charmaine
    Supra- Dindi/Sirene/Angelique
    Intercontinental- Angelique/Jehza
    Grand- Dindi

  22. Basing alone on the photos provided by Tito Norms, I am looking at Ruffa Nava and Nelda Ibe in the KF’s league. They look stunning. In AnQ, Charmaine, Olive and Mariel are consistently beautiful. And the girl in black sitting beside Mariel, and Gail Tobes as well, are eye-catching.

    Sirene Sutton is more beautiful now. I don’t care if there is something remedied on her face. Katarina Rodriguez is not consistent. She chooses an angle.

    Well, our respective bets may change based on the turn of events. Magkakabugan pa ang mga ‘yan as pageant proceeds.

  23. Base sa mga photos .
    Peters or Sutton for MUP
    Ewan hirap mag judge ngayong kaaga hehe
    Anyway my top lists
    Peters -MU/MI
    Angelique -MU/Grand
    Dindi- Intercon/MI/Grand
    Huelar/Mariel/Katarina/Elima -(bahala na si batman hahaha)
    Anong nangyati bkit di nakapasok si Mia and Stephany?
    Ypos nakapasok ung ibang mga chubis.. and wlang ganda hahahaha sorry pangit ako.. sinasabi ko lng din nakikita ko hahaha

    Ok sana si Charmaine, pero sa halos lahat ng photos nya, nag mumukha cyang, Isabel Lopez eh. Kaya sorry.

    • OO nga no, now that you say. kamukha nya si Isabel, earthy beauty. and boobs show, pero a bit more classy. yun na nga, she needs a bit more of elegance.

  24. My fearless forecast – Sirene Sutton for MUP. Why? Hindi na kelangan ng mahabang debate, mag-defend ng thesis sa chancellor’s office at madugong oral argument sa supreme court kung bakit sya maganda.

    Darkhorses for MUP – Mariel De Leon and Charmaine Elima. Wala akong problema kung si Mariel ang maging MUP, sigurado akong papapayatin pa yan ni Madam SMA bago isoga sa MU.

    The deal breaker: Question & Answer. At sana wala nang maging Maxine Medina 2.0 (i am referring to the girl’s prowess to surpass the q & a with flying colors and precision).

    At sana wag magkaroon ng mga ipinagpipilitang candidates na nganganga lang pala pagdating sa pagkuda.

    • Djusko ko naman si Maxine pa din ang kinukumpara. Nag top 6 na nga eh. Basta beauty first the brains.

  25. I’m looking out for Maria Gail Tobes and Angelica De Leon for Universe (back stories: veterinarian and the challenges of being judged as a ‘curvy’ girl); Elizabeth Clenci or Jehza Huelar for International; Maine Elima, Sirene Sutton, Rachel Peters, Arienne Calingo for the rest of the minor crowns and as runners-up……

    Wanted to be surprised by: Angelique De Leon

    Wondering: BPCI made a big deal over choosing girls with more wits and yet Mia Howell- an Ivy Leaguer- didn’t even make the cut..

    • Baduy na yang curvy girl back story na yan… Sobrang gasgas na after what Miss Canada did. Ibang story naman.

      • Ay naku @4M- panahon ngayon ng mga LBTQ, fatsies, gender-fluid ad infinitum (nauseam)..their momentum to become mainstream is just starting and in Angelica’s case, she’s a genuine curvy girl (from birth)…members of the Strauss family will tell anyone who asks that Angelica was an 8.5 pound baby

  26. Elima for MUP. Katarina for MI. Runner-up lang muna si Mariel, at reserve for next year, para ma-tone ang body.

  27. Let us hope that;

    1) all the ladies were measured precisely without heals,

    2) if there are “any” ladies who have explicit past photos showing breasts and bare buns, speak now or forever hold your peace, and

    3) make sure Maria Camille “Manalo” stays away from Bianca, Katherine and Nichole’s uncanny talent to gain access to photos and videos relating to #2.


    Good luck to the BbP top 40, class of 2017!

  28. Based on the group photos, I think the KF beauties are far more beautiful than those of A&Q with the exception of Elima. Sa group pic ng KF wala kang itatapon lahat magaganda. For now I like Elima, Peters, Gail, yung matangkad na naka black 2nd from right at yung nasa gitna na naka orange sa KF. Si Jehza at Chanel din. Pero kung ang MU ay gaganapin now, Elima and Peters are the most ready.

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