21 comments on “KF2017 | The Repeaters

  1. i like KF they let us fans appreciate their girls before they get into the final screenings….more power!!

  2. Those shoes are so unattractive.
    Pageants should ban the wearing of those tacky platforms.
    Nakakabawas ng ganda at grace ng babae.

  3. Liezl Ramos and maybe, Angelique de Leon …(looks like de Leon is still problematic with her weight)

  4. I truly hope KF improves on its showing in this year’s BbP contest. If I recall, only Nicole Manalo was its only rep to enjoy the winner’s circle. Even then, her journey to her BbP Globe title came with controversy and suspicion.

    Lets cut the drama and focus on fielding the best possible candidates to international competrtions. Perhaps, focus also in fielding MWP candidates also.

  5. Angelique De Leon and Mia Howell. Angelique needs to work on the teeth and Mia on her weight. Liezl is ok but I have serious doubts o her comm. skills.

  6. Mia Howell^s demon is her weight . She can’t seem to shake it. The only international pageant she’s suited for is MU. .. but she’s facing lot of competitionstuff there. She looks too old for MI and Supra Intercontinental or Globe are too trivial for her credentials. MGI ? Well, she really has to lose weight first

    • I agree! Based on credentials.. she’s a winner… but she really needs to work on her shape.. sHe needs to work on her core and shape up her butt.

    • Sayang kasi she’s the more tisay version of Kylie…Work on your weight pa Ms. Howell!

    • @Fabbie, Mia has this swimmers athletic body type. As much as I love her during her ms world philippines stint . If she is fr Aces, John quay can definitely make her look statusque just like what he did w Pia if she wins a crown. Sana pag international pageant magtulungan both camps

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