37 comments on “KF2017 | The First-Timers

  1. OK since my girl Cynthia is not joining this year, I am now rooting for my girl daisha jimenez. Someone young, fresh, tall, versitile, and course smart. Go girl, get the universe crown.

  2. My prediction:

    Universe: Patricia Magtanong
    International: Mariel De Leon
    Intercontinental: Stephany Stefanowitz
    Supranational: Charmaine Elima
    Grand: Teresita Ssen Marquez
    Globe: Dindi Pajares
    1st RUp: Arienne Calingo
    2nd Rup: Daisha Jimenez
    Zarah Bianca Saldua
    Kenneth Santiago
    Mia Howell
    Jehza Huelar
    Rachel Peters
    Serene Sutton
    Chanel Olive Thomas

  3. Sobrang dami ng diosa that no one can say that this lady is sure to win Bb Pilipinas-Universe and Bb International. This is a harvest year.

  4. Daisha omg she’s definitely going to give A&Q a run for their money if FK handles her well. What happened to Dindi parang naging 10 years older ang vaks. I miss the Dindi last year.

  5. Daisha Jimenez is the obvious stand out. I hope her age won’t be much of an issue. Tall and beautiful! I have to hear her speak tho. Joanna Eden in her time, she was gorgeous and has a good command of English. However, somewhere along the pageant, she lost track. Could it be her age? Everyone matures differently especially woth our backgrounds. Daisha is really facially appealing. In a sea of beauty, she wil stand out. Yun lang. K thanks, bye!

  6. yes..daisha jimenez is it..she has the liza soberano vibes, the pageant version..if she cant be fierced, she has to settle with being second getting the MI crown.

    • Daisha looks like nicole anderson, yung anak ni jean saburit..

      ….. si maria angelique de leon (a&q) yung hawig ni liza Soberano

  7. Has anyone here heard about the issue between Jonas Gaffud and Madam Stella after MIss Universe? Where is Laila the insider? We might be witnessing major wins from KF this year.

  8. Sa batch na ito manggagaling ang mag uuwi ng karamihan sa crown… Pero wala ang mup

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