13 comments on “KF2017 | The Crossovers

  1. Rachel Peters is a beauty to behold. But she is the subject of a group of bashers. But Rachel, go and conquer!

  2. I really like Daisha despite her youth. She gives me the innocent vibe. Wag lang sya mag joanna eden. Rachel P looks good on some pics, i like her in fact to snatch one of the crowns. In some pics tho, Rachel looks mature, same with Staphany S. Ayun lang. K thanks, bye!

  3. Rachel is the camp’s best bet. She stands out without doing anything. Having said that, it might be the cause of her downfall too. You can feel that the other candidates want it more.

  4. If SMA, wants to maintain top 5 placement MUP, should still be in A&Q’s… look maxine, pano nila nakagawa maging fierce, nga lang medyo sublay sa Q&A… pero carrry na nasa top 6 pa din nmn.

    • Hindi na pwede i-maintain yung top 5 kasi wala ng top 5 ngayon. Top 6 at top 3 na lang.

  5. I’m upset that Lorraine is not joining this yr… unless she switched camps.
    Of the girls above … Peters and Stef are standouts. The rest look like fillers

  6. Rachel P is just as dry as before -.- Really disappointed. Girl, show some enthusiasm naman! Do you really want this?

    • yeah. mas gusto ko pa si liezel ramos kesa kay rachel. pwede ma venenzuela si rachel. but still daisha is my top 1 from this KF batch 2017. i like angelic this year. unlike last year masyado over confident and na over landi kapag rarampa hanggang sa stop point. masyado malikot but now mukang magpapakabait na sya. i expected that steff aberasturi will be part of this batch. but disappointed. i think KF itself, Stefanny stefannowitz is their top choice for MUP. but in my own opinion she will not get it. mas ok pa si aberasturi kaysa kay stefanny S. i have a feeling that she will get one of the minor titles and not the top prize. im also disappointerd for including daisha in this years batch. dapat after 2 years nila isabak si daisha. baka ma janicel sya. but lets see if she will perform very well this year. i still support her. and still she is my top choice from this camp this year.

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