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      • I understand. When u were a student commuting along Taft Ave , u did not get to reach P. Faura or P Gil . Hanggang UN ka Lang hihihi


  2. KF – Kagandahang Feeling (lang)
    A&Q – Aliping Queen (ni Mama Jonas)
    JDV – Jusko Dugyot dela Vega (tama na ang panglilimos sa mga politiko sa Bulacan)

  3. Well here’s to KF. To a successful 2017 pageant year. Aces & Queens has been the dominant beauty camp in recent years, but good healthy competetion always pushes the other towards excellence.

    Good luck!

  4. The thing about KF is that they have a tendency to go overboard when styling their delegates. Eden’s styling was tasteful & modern, apart from the unnatural-looking veneers, but Lastimosa looked like fruitcake on so many occasions while competing at Miss Universe (apart from the disastrous national costume & evening gown, which were beyond KF’s control). Her hair was big (in a very dated 80s way), her eyelashes were gigantic & heavy with mascara, her veneers were huge–so her beauty was lost underneath all the extra (& there was so much piled on) trimmings. Perhaps they can consult with some stylists who are more tuned to what’s current so as to present their delegates in a more fashion-forward way. But perhaps my point about Lastimosa’s over-the-top styling is moot since Janicel was perfection at Bb Pilipinas & Eden’s wardrobe at Supra was tasteful & stylish as well.

    • It did turn out well for Lara Bea Janson and Herrel in terms of transformation . So could this also be dependent on the girl herself?

    • I think Maggie Wilson handled Joanna. May iba ring handler si Janicel (yung mentor niya talaga before she joined kF), so baka depende rin sa handler.

  5. Dati akong Hard Core Dilawan and i witnessed and lived for a few days with dilawan NPA’s sleeping within the compound of a Catholic Church as part of my immersion to see and feel the life of the poor/grass root level na kacharotan hihihi.
    Proud pa ako noon and my parents were disgusted/angry before but life has to move on kasi Proud ako ngayon bilang supporter sa nag-iisang Totoong Pesidente na gustong maiangat ang buhay ng mga Pilipinong Hampaslupa hihihi.
    ***Naview ko lang at natawa ako at naawa sa isang matanda hihihi.
    Natawa din ako sa Pekeng Pilipina na may Pekeng Mukha at tawagin na lang natin na Miss Al Jazeera pero bet ko syang sumali sa Bb. Pilipinas 2017 kasi pang MGI or Globe ang peg nya hihihi.
    Gusto ko sanang iresearch yung susunod nyang gagawing katawatawa pero di ako interested hihihi.
    Enjoy and have fun dear readers hihihi Charette lang ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bong700, I really hope PDU30 will realize those economic miracles u mentioned …as a sort of buffer to the thousands killed under his direction or inspiration .
      I cannot believe some people are strongly supporting this lawlessness.

      • Fabian, yellow media ang napanood mo. May proof ba sila na EJK yang 7,000 na sinasabi nila…Hellerr na lang ang sagot ko sa kanila hihihi Charette lang Fabie ๐Ÿ™‚
        Nasusuka na ako sa systema sa mainsteam media ..charette lang ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Bong – wake up! I hope you realized that real change has not come in this government. I have loved President Duterte in his unconventional desire to implement change, but it seems he has got the wrong way! Let me list matters that have made me change my heart in this administration:

      1. Appointing lesser-qualified individuals to government offices just because they supported Duterte in his candidacy and trolled on social media. They are the likes of Aiza Seguerra, Liza Dinio and dad Martin Dinio, Arnel Ignacio, Jimmy Bondoc, Cesar Montano, Mocha Uson, etc. My gasoline station!!! Kung troll din ako ni Duterte, baka Ambassadress of Beauty and Madness na rin ako. Kaloka. Ikaw Bong, baka may posisyon ka na rin sa government ng ka-charettean?

      2. Finally laiding Marcos to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and Magnanakaw. Duterte pushed it and, with much pressure on their pens, the honorable justices of the Supreme Court, otherwise known as the Lords of Faura, granted it despite the fact that a law clearly disallows it. One of the exceptions in allowing burial of the country’s president is if he was/is “dishonorably removed from service”. Is it not Marcos was dishonorably removed from office through EDSA revolt?

      3. Extrajudicial killings left and right. I mean I hate drug pushers and users as well. But, can we just jail them in a heavily and much-stricter detention facility while a case is being heard against them?

      4. Freeing Gloria. Heavens forbid but even innocent ones know how Gloria and friends have enjoyed the government and its money. Although it was the justices who acquitted her, Duterte was candid that he would free Gloria. Heto ang nakakadismaya. Duterte’s trolls are making us believe that Gloria is innocent at kinarma daw si Senator De Lima sa pagpapakulong sa kanya.

      5. Freeing Napoles. Through SolGen Calida, his manifestation to free Napoles is heavenly insane! Nakakapag-init ng ulo! Again, seryoso ba talaga ang gobyerno to punish plunderers?


      • I share the same sentiments over this administration. Mabuti na lang at napahalakhak ako sa Ambassadress of Beauty and Madness! Na miss ko tuloy ang Fra Lippo Lippi.

      • @Ana Winter, Agree with your sentiments and observations. Good point indeed.
        Buti kapa ginagamit ang utak, ND tulad ng iba jan “blind followers”. Sana madami pa na tulad mo.
        Lets support the president for its good governance but not to be blinded by wrong doings, oppose if necessary.

      • Thanks RAM and Cino for being with me.

        Sec. Aguirre asked the audience in the recently held rally in Luneta: “Sino ang gusto niyong sunod na ikuloooooong?!”

        PEOPLE: Trillanes, trillanes, trillanes!!!

        O ha, parang si Poncio Pilato lang. Ganyan ba talaga ngayon? Sigurado ako, magpapa-fabricate na naman sila ng charges niyan. Pero exciting yan, pag pinush nila to charge Trillanes, kudeta ang susunod na mangyayari.

    • Bong I don’t know that you are one of those deluded supporters of a deluded president because him winning majority of Filipinos’ votes is just a microcosm of how low the country has gone. To tell u the truth, there are many other issues that have to be resolved other than drugs/addict/pushers (allegedly). It is alarming that this maleducated prezzy of yours has yet to lay down clear economic policies for my beloved country. So please stop the blindness and fanaticsm and wake up to the truth tyat your Duterte is no different from the past ones except for the delusion, arrogance and killings.


      • I really believe the Aquinos have been the least corrupt politicians ever
        You can tell by the way Cory lived her life .. and the way Noynoy does his. no amt of explaining from C2f will make me see it otherwise

      • @Cocoy, ano’ng 12 years of Aquino administration? Sa ano’ng timeline ka nabuhay? Six years lang ang term ng presidente natin. Kung ang tinutukoy mo ay ang term ng mag-ina, you should state that differently. They reigned in their different administrationS. Marcos ruled more than six years because he declared Martial Law. Gloria has served more than six years because of the rule of succession. Umayos ka nga at huwag kang tonto?!

        @Fabbie, I would rather think that Noynoy Aquino administration had stability and respect for the rule of law. Noynoy tried to live by example to his subordinates by not stealing a single centavo from the government. He might have flaws as a leader, but it is still awesome to think that he silently got back to his simple abode in Time Street after his term. Hindi natin nabalitaan na yumaman siya at nagkaroon ng ari-arian sa kung saan-saan. ‘Yung issue ng SAF 44 na isinisisi kay Noynoy is just full of drama and overkill kase walang maipukol na isyu sa kanya. Maaaring lapse of foresight yung Mamasapano operations, pero let us all think na soldiers’ job is clothe with life sacrifices para sa bayan. Let us all remember that the SAF 44 heroes have died in exchange of the life of dangerous Marwan.

      • Fabian, ano ba naman yang least corrupt na yan hihihi.
        Dyan ko nga nalaman yung Normal lang sa COA ang 10% at hindi lang 10% yan kungdi 30-50 percent and worst ay ghost delivery pa huhuhuhu yung pera na binayad ko sa Tax at proud pa ako noon magbayad sabay pakita yung pera(parang G Tongi bitch ako noon eh) pambayad sa counter ng BIR office sabay halakhak ng malakas pero nakamute ang bunganga, jawsKuh hihihi

      • @Fabian

        Luh, hindi na nga ako nagcocomment dahil busy ako.. Binangit mo pa talaga ako?!… Natawa ako sa least corrupt sila Noynoy at Cory…LOL Basta ang alam ko.. President Du30 is the 3rd cousin once removed of Gregoria De Jesus, the widow of Andres Bonifacio. That’s why at a young age, he already knew the reason behind the assasination of Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna by Emilio Aguinaldo’s men where in the Cojuangcos are the “Lucky” beneficiary up to this day. Same reason why Noynoy has close ties with secretary Abaya, the great-grandson of Emilio Aguinaldo. Pero kayo bahala… wala na ako magagawa kung magkaka-ibang history ang alam nating lahat… Matagal-tagal pa tayong magkakausap-usap sa Blog na ito so hintay lang tayo because the TRUTH shall prevail. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Heto Bong…

      1. Bakit kailangang magdaos ang mga pro-Duterte ng rally sa Luneta? To check kung nabawasan ang mga supporters ni President Duterte? My G! Duterte is already President. His supporters should have not staged such a non-essential rally. They should not be of concern of their circle; instead, they should worry about the whole Filipino people. That rally posed divisiveness of Filipinos! Hindi nakakatulong ‘yun.

      2. I saw on my FB feed that Lani Mercado and Jolo Revilla trooped to Luneta and joined the rallyists. Will the Duterte clans embrace the mother-and-son tandem and also believe that Sen. Bong Revilla is innocent of Plunder charges against him? Papalayain na rin ba si Bong Revilla after this? Hindi kaila sa atin ang motibo ng mag-ina. They joined the rally because of their ulterior motive of freeing Bong, and not of their intent to support Duterte’s policy. Magaling sumayaw ang mga ito. Hindi ba they backed up Grace Poe last election because they thought that the latter might run away with the Presidency or give Digong a run of his money?

      Nakakaloka na talaga. Haaaays!

    • Seriously? Anong klaseng comment to?

      Tatanga-tanga rin to si Bong700 paminsan-minsan eh..

      • Mabuti na yung tatanga-tanga minsan EP pero isang Magiting na Bayani bwihihihi Charotcharota lng to the nth power ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I remember how they made Joanna Eden ugly when she competed for Supra. Her choppers were already perfect before they DOWNGRADED them. God I hate those large, unnatural, unflattering veneers.

  7. What the hell is going on with our government lately? Politics is getting worse! The administration was able to imprison Senator Leila De Lima based on the testimonies of convicted drug lords in a complaint filed with a Muntinlupa RTC? I know that the one who maneuvered it basically knew that it is a wrong venue, but still chose to proceed in it to conveniently get an arrest warrant so that De Lima will be silenced and stopped from doing tirades against President Duterte. I also know that when the case against De Lima rolls in court, the testimonies of the convicted hardened criminals will not be admissible in evidence because the convicted witnesses are disqualified to testify in court! What makes it mind-boggling is that former President Gloria Arroyo was acquitted from her Plunder charges, the lady President-now-congresswoman who has clearly amassed wealth from our government coffers in her nine-year reign, but Sen. De Lima who has not had any clear criminal acts is being put to jail! I know that Sec. Aguirre sought this saga para matabunan ang issue ng korupsyon sa ahensya n’ya. Ano na ang nangyari sa isyu ng bribery sa Immigration? Baka naman kase involved si Aguirre sa bribery. Hindi kaya? Hello Sombero. Seryoso ba talaga ang administrasyon to fight against corruption?

    Tumaas ang pamasahe sa jeep, ang bayad sa kuryente (soon sa tubig), pero bumaba ang value ng piso sa dolyar. Nasaan na ang pangakong babaan ang compensation income tax? Have we heard expatriated overstaying Filipinos from KSA? Hindi natin iniinda ito kase inililihis nila ang issue because most of the blinded Filipinos have become fanatics of the government. I supported President Duterte in his war against drugs, but its implementation was clearly ill-fitting! We shall not end mistakes by remedying it through committing more mistakes!

    Hindi ako dilawan. Wala akong pake sa mga political parties. May pake ako sa bansa natin. Mahal ko ang Pilipinas. Pero nakaka-stress ang mga ganap lately! Buti na lang may Norman’s Blog! At least nababalanse ang pagkainis at dismaya ko sa bayan ni Juan.

    Anyway, is Patricia Magtanong on her way to the pageant trail? I saw Nad Bronce’s post on his FB account of his photo with Patch. Mukhang madaming magaganda ngayon. For me, angat pa rin si Charmaine Elima. At si Mariel De Leon is beautiful talaga. Sana lang nag-effort syang magpapayat.

    • I love how you suddenly and effortlessly segue into a pageant topic @Ana..wholeheartedly and sadly agree with the situation..feel helpless watching from the outside, like what does one do when one is completely rooted in another country?

    • Now I love you for that Ms Ana Winter. Politics and governance in the country are an all time-low. Depressing. Injustices and sufferings via dismissal of cases and building of new ones founded on umeritorious or absence of pieces of evidences -are the seal of the new leadership. Vindictiveness and being berated for political philosophies arethe staple of this seeeming Nazi rule.

      And like you, am drawn to this blog because the lightness of its being. Pageants and beautiful Filipinos – they make us abscond from the rigors of harsh life.

      I am happy Bb Pilipinas is here again. I started to take interest in the year Mj Lastimosa won. We watched the pageant and was lured with the rousing Araneta Coliseum, the vuvezelas in noise, and the happiness of the crowd. The Pia-Janicel thrilla amazed me in the year that followed. Last year, I was near the group of Dindi Pajares and the young Cebuanos supporting Maria Gigante – all displaying a sense of magical support. The ladies may not have won, but witnessing their determined commitment and sense of pride – was seeing pure joy.

      Binibining Pilipinas is my pageant to reckon. I am excited to see the ladies. And based on what I have seen so far – this is one of the most competitive batches with former queens, mannequins, celebrities and impressive newbies are in competition.

      Mabuhay Bb Pilipinas!

    • Filipinos, ‘wag mag-bulagbulagan sa mga nangyayari sa ating bayan! Du30 is a psycopath killer!!!

    • Ana, this is a different situation though. It’s not like she will be condemned for life like other convicted Criminals.
      This is political in nature and if she is proven innocent ( and I believe she will), things will only get better for her politically and otherwise.
      So please do not feel like it’s the end of the world for her.
      But just agree, there is no justification for this dtug-related genocide.

    • Poor Philippines. I’m disappointed disgusted with the politics. I’m not supporting both parties. Both have their own evil. Kelan pa magiging maganda ang Pilipinas. Etong mga politico na ito Lang yumayaman dahil sa corruption. Mabuti nalang merong Binibining Pilipinas at least may masayang event. The only advantage for me is yung dollar malaki ang palitan .

    • Andrew, Gloria, Fabbie, and Ivan – group hug! My hiatus in this blog has brought me to the daily round of political vindictiveness and vendettas lording on our TV. While I feel really stressed following in the saga, I get a dose of illuminating truth about justice, freedom, liberty, and fairness. I hope Tito Norms would understand me using his space here to write about my feelings regarding our political situation now. And, it is noteworthy that in this blog I could find people with highly-sensible wisdom and care about our government, people who could not only talk and write about pageantry. Tito Norms should be elated that his blog is being visited by A-list netizens.

  8. Norman, I know it doesn’t take a genius to guess who in thathe blurred Pic is . U just have to be familiar with those girls.
    But what^s the guessing game all abt? Just spill the beans! It’s irritating , Hihihi!

    Is that Maria Higante?


      • Cocoy!!! Gaga ka talaga! Valid naman reason kung blurred ang pic ng mga isasabak ng aces sa bbp. from the mock event alam na ni norman kung sino ang isasabk ng aces but he just need to follow the rules given by Aces. Now sa KF naman. baka hinde ibinigay ng KF ang Full details or clear photos ng mga isasabak nila sa bbp. hinde binigay kay norman at puro teaser ang ibinigay ng Kf for a reason maybe that KF want to surprise us and maybe same sa reason ng aces. kaya kahit si norman hinde binigyan ng full details. kaya hinde nya ma confirm into 100% kung sino sino ang isasabak ng KF. wag ka masyado manghusga. baka ikaw masampal kong shokoy ka!!!!

    • Thank you guys.
      I guess part of me wants Gigante back . I like her drive and persistence , she sounds good and I think she is pretty. Her dad is a looker so she must have the genes for THAT.
      Maybe she is my MGI Philippines .

      • Last year, may wrong entry about details ni Giant SA Binibini FB page. Nagkataon na naka-tag sa pic yung parents niya who happen to be residing abroad. It’s OK to correct the wrong info pero magdagdag PA ng Kung ano ano yabang eh irrelevant naman SA candidacy Nung anak NILA eh annoying! Just saying! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      • I’m not privy to that information , Gemma.
        What ever it was that Gigante or her family said last yr … I hope she makes up for it by winning a crown …i.e. if she decides to join again .

  9. Bakit anlalaki na naman ng mga ngipin. Sa totoo lang maraming magaganda sa KF kaso lahat pinapalakihan ang mga ngipin. Nasa kontrata ba yun na pag naging KF sila dapat may veneers?

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