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  1. Rachel is pretty i must admit. In fact, i like her to get one of those crowns. However, there’s one pic i saw on ig where her veneers is too big she can barely close her mouth. Yun lang. K thanks, bye!!

  2. Stephanie s is pretty but she looks old and she needs to lose weight
    Still another contender for MUP

  3. Not gonna lie those veneers need some trimming. Or better yet since mayaman naman si boyfie, completely remove them and replace with more natural looking ones

  4. bibigyan na daw ng malaking porsyento ang Q&A sa bbp2017. kung sakaling ganyan nga. parang wala din. dahil sa result ng top 6/titlist ay hinde score ang pumipili kung sino ilalagay sa bawat title. si sma yata ang pumipili. But il hope na ang manalo sa bbp universe title ay hinde lang magaling sa Q&A. hopefully total package sya.

  5. That looks will not scream other MU candidates if she wins bbp universe. dry ang looks nya d2. if ganyan ang looks nya sa finals then im sure she will get a title but the lower one or nothing. parang kinokopya nila si solenn huesaff (if tama spelling ko) pero sablay din. Pero ma transform man sya i think she will be have same fate with MJ in MU if she wins bbp universe. sa lower title pwede pa manalo. But lete see. I see the bbp universe crown to Mariel, Charmaine, Dindi, Katarina and other ist timer i forgot their names. but one of then will get the top crown bbp universe.

    • i will choose sirene over her. mas competitive kaysa kay rachel. il hope wag lang sa 100% Filipina looks mag base ang judge. its doesnt matter if sh has foreign blood as long as she is also Filipina in blood, in mind and in her heart. makuha lang ang tamang timpla for this girl. boom!!!!!

    • The problem with Mariel kasi ay di natin makita yung gaano pa ba ang igaganda ng bata kasi nga ay natatakpan ng fats ang mukha pati braso. She is classy, smart and beautiful, no question about that, artista ang ninuno at angkan niya, sana may magpayo kay Mariel na this is her second attempt, hindi biro ang gastos at panahon, paglaanan niyang mag gym–get the sevice of John Cuay. Malaki ang potential. Wag sanang mapunta sa Top 15 lang uli.

  6. Pageant ready!
    Lets go Rachel!

    Side note:
    Should the Philippines “ever” be in a position to win “b2b” MU titles again, that the country not host the pageant to defend the crown, again.

    In retrospect, the pressure was too much of a burden to carry and undoubtly an uneeded distraction for our rep to compete with a clear mind.

    Just wanted to air out. Thank yoh. 😊

  7. I like her, she’s a potential MU crown contender! Alongside Diana Mackey, Gazini Ganados and Sirene Sutton. Oh em, this BbP edition is a blood bath! I also love Dindi ( hope she’s improved on the comm dept), Maine Elima and Mariel de Leon. Mariel has a universally gorgeous face but needs to trim down ala Pia! Laban mga binibini!!! Yun lang! K bye!

  8. Definitely an MU contender.
    I hope she does not get Intercon or Supra because it will be a waste

  9. She might agaw my crown that I want for this year noh? – Laurah Lehman
    #Charot lang, syempre may Kolehiyala accent si Laurah magsalita #NoTeaNoShade

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