15 comments on “Scary Socyn Guinto 1.0

  1. Poor girl. Ano ba naman yang mga magulang niya. Hindi nag-iisip.

    Actually, she can apply for a name change. It’s justifiable and allowed.

  2. She should pull a Dyosa (MJ) and go by SS. Pretty features to me, but oh so young. I don’t think many 18 year olds are ready for the rigors of international competition in this day and age.

  3. Poor girl! With that name, she better stay within PI or Asia. She better get a name change before competing overseas. It’s like when you meet a white girl and her first name is Bakulaw and you know what it means.

  4. Lovely.
    Her name is a little unique in an odd sense.
    Is it pronounced like scar = scary or scare = scarey?

  5. Sir Norman, may update po ba who filed candidacies as Binibini? Dindi, Elima, Mariel, Pajares girl, Huelar, Stefanowitz, Magtanong are sure as I saw a pic. Who are the others? Excited.

  6. Para namang di pinag isipan ng magulang yung pangalan. Basta lang makiuso dahil kasikatan ng Spice Girls nung mid hangang late 90s. Hindi na alam ng mga kabataan ngayon si Scary Spice, pero ang pangalan nya na Scary ay dadalhin nya habambuhay.

    • How dare you to sue your parents because of the name they have given to you? You dont even have the name. Atleast she is proud. Ikaw ano name mo na ayaw mo ibandera? Her name pronounced as: Ska-ry…..

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