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  1. Mas maganda si Nicole C ngayon. Hindi ko ma-pinpoint ang change. She looked like a tranny nung BBP 2016, with the big hair, make-up and fake tan. If she looked like this nung BBP days niya, she might have snatched the BBP Universe crown.

  2. Wow, I if could just sit with them all day… looking at them and conversing with them… having tea in a classy hotel… this just makes a day quite delightful ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Pia, Janine, Megan, Catriona, Kylie and Nichole all had two things in common. Distinct Filipina-crowned beauties and solid communicators.

    Future BbP and MWP titlists now have mentors.

  4. they say beauty catches the attention but personality captures the heart…Catriona definitely captured both my attention and heart. She has such a lovely personality and I cannot wait for her to be our next Miss Universe Philippines.

    • Unfortunately tho she only managed to capture the hearts of Filipino fans not the international fans’ or the MW judges’. So yeah keep on dreaming and carrying your own chairs

      • Beauty catches the attention but personality catches the heart, you don’ t have either of the two. Bitterness and hideosity, you both have them anyway.

      • Idiotic Jeremi …another stupid remark ! There is no such idiom “carrying your own chairs” …- “It s blowing your own trumpet ”

        Hindi porket sa tagalog ay ” nagbubuhat ng sariling banko ” will be automatically translated as what you just did . Bwahahhaah another KATANGAHAN!

        “Jeremi- Carrying you own chairs ; FurnitureS “

  5. Two (2) of my favorite beauty queens in a tete-a-tete is a wish/dream come true ! Love how these 2 girls wore their hair down talking about everything under ther sun ! So happy to know Cat is considering joining BBP in the future (in my forever wish list ya know ) Thanks for sharing this video, Sir Norman – made my day indeed ! Cat and Nicole – beauty and brains personified, each with her own advocacy to be proud of ! Keep it up, girls ! Love ya both ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Catriona should definitely end her pageant experience on a high note. Something tells me she’s too confident and too beautfiful NOT to threaten SMA and crew. That’s just the reality of Philippine pageantry and politics.

    I’ve always thought Nicole was on the OA side but there is no denying she knows how to step in the spotlight. She’s grown on me as a host since you can tell that she really enjoys her title and wants to make the most of it, unlike some of her sisters who just want to pasyal-pasyal (which is fine, except you are wearing the BbP sash and that is something some girls would love to do and take advantage of…)

  7. Given the chance, in my opinion, I strongly believe that both these beauty queens (MWP and BbP MGI) would have nailed the MU top 3 q&a… almost sure of it! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

  8. 2 of my favorite Queens, Cat and Nicole C. along with Megan, Pia, Mutya & Janicel…
    Sama ko pa si Ja Flores, Ruffa Guttierez, Janine Tugonon, Melanie Marquez, Kylie Versoza, Mafae Yunon, Desiree Verdadero… And My future faves Daisha Jimenez, Laura Lehman, Patch Magtanong and Liza Soberano.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oo galing galing nga kaya nga ligwak sa MW kasi ganda ganda at ang galing galing gaya ng sinabi mo

      • Eto (Jeremi, yes I used “eto” because you’re neither a he nor a she) ang example ng mga taong dapat isama sa Oplan Tokhang ni D30. Mga taong nangaalipusta ng kapwa Pinoy – Pakisama na po siya para mabawasan po ang mga utak talangka sa Pinas!

      • Kehoe actually ang susunod daw na target ni psychopath Duterte ay mag baklang pangit gaya mo kaya ihanda mo na ang sarili

      • I haven’t encountered yet a person who is as hideous as this one. Seriously, if you are a normal person based on social deviance and norms, you won’ t allow yourself being hated or belittled because of your character. So, because you are abnormal, you love it that way. You never give yourself a chance to change your paradigm or perspective and eventually grow as a better person. Or possibly, you are sick and love all these shits after all.

  9. Watched all of it. What an easy, breezy (hehe), fun interview with some deep and philosophical thoughts. Both Nicole and Catriona are good conversationalist, the type you would like to have an interview with or even a chat with. I’m just perplexed that some people accused Catriona of being rehearsed when she answered the final question of Miss World. I think that she thought of her answer very well and just because she didn’t stutter didn’t mean it was rehearsed. She is a voracious reader and her train of though is very linear – an opening, middle and ending. In short di sya kalat. I am very relieved that she is very open to joining Bb Pilipinas and hopefully her lucky stars smile on her (and MSA won’t block her wish to join) and represent us in Miss Universe. She is worthy representative and can make a big difference in MUO when she is crowned. #dontlethergetawayagain PS she and Clint are perfect couple #kakainggit

    • Tomo. Kaysa dun sa mga tameme queens dyan. hirap magsalita or disorganized yun thoughts leche!

    • She was accused of being rehearsed not because she didn’t stutter,but because she gave an identical answer at both Miss World and Miss Philippines World and that’s where she went wrong because she gave herself away as being rehearsed because of it.

  10. Coincidence ba?

    Venezuela vs Colombia & Puerto Rico (esp. when Latinas annihilate easily any international pageant)
    Philippines vs Thailand & Indonesia

    Bakit ganern?

  11. I love these two girls. They are both MU crown worthy as far as communication is concern. Catriona Gray is Miss Universe Philippines 2018 or 2019!!!

  12. Hindi naman nagkakahuli yung 2
    Nicole could have easily justified a b2b at MU in the Philippines…. if she was the rep.
    It was not meant to be

      • Matuto ka ngang magbasa . Ang Layo naman ng Sagot . I didn’t say she would win for sure. I said it would be justifiable if she did win .
        Tse, hihihi!

      • Lol MUP nga di nya nakuha eh… to tell u the truth mukha syang typical chinese girl na pasosya na naka-upo lang sa starbucks kala nya sosyal na sya. Mukha lang syang matakaw ng siomai hahahahah. Yung isa naman di sya natural pilit pa ring ginagaya si Megan sa pnanalita, gestures etc.

      • Eh actually hindi nga mukhang chinese si Nicole May maikontra ka lang jeremi.

        You seem to have a cynical mind kasi kahit mga taong umuupo sa starbucks iniisipan mo pa ng negative purpose. Actually parang may tama ka sa utak ateh. Of course you wouldn’t admit it pero some self-introspection can help you. If it doesn’t work then it’s time for you to see a psychiatrist bago mo tuluyang mabaliw.

    • I think Philippines could have a better placement if Nicole was our representative. A top 12 to top 6 could be easier as the host country. But the question and answer is Nicole’s specialty.
      This is just my opinion.

      • Miss tissa o ayan na naman sa shoulda woulda coulda
        Di ba isa ka sa mga ngsabi na back2back tayo sa MU

      • Of course not! I never said a b2b for Maxine.
        Kung babasahin mo ang mga comments ko about Maxine, I said once that the highest placement for her could be top 6!

        Kontrabida ka talaga!

      • Jeremi, inom gamot para utak tumino konti. Ang bobo at babaw ng comments. Sobra pa sa mga trolls. Trolling. Trolling on the river.

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