30 comments on “Kristine Joyce Montes 1.0

  1. stop fooling yourselves guys…she is not a national material to represent us in beauty pageants..there shouldn’t be 2nd thoughts that are rep is beautiful…she is suited for something else…

  2. Yan ang beautyqueen. She grows on you, the more you stare at her, the more she becomes beautiful. Go and join. And sorry, exotic beauty is still in vogue. And she uses a gorgeous name.

  3. She’s got a nice body proportion. Pic 1 looks too raw for pageantry . 2nd and 3rd pics are ok
    We need it girls

  4. Di ko alam kung maganda sya. Siguro with proper make up and styling magiging ala Venus Raj
    That’s all bye

    • hahahaha..ayun, natagpuan na lang sa labas ng Araneta lol….i don’t know, but for me, the exotic Filipina beauty queen template is passe…if that’s the only thing you’re bringing to the table it’s not enough- dapat, facially beautiful ka, fluent, witty…and with winners who are bi-racial, di na talaga hinahanap yung ‘exotic’

  5. gusto ko cya…I remember Janelle Bautista who said was “very ordinary” but breezed through the finals night and won BP-Universe, although her answer to the Q&A round made the very BIG difference. So I hope she’s smart too though.

  6. may aura to. kaya lang too much exotic. enough na sa sobrang exotic beauty. sa make up lang siguro. but im sure may ibubuga to once makuha ang tamang formula for her.

  7. ang tagal ng mga pics ng mga girls. hayssss. sana may pics sila kahit nakatalikod sila basta nasa registration venue. sobra ang pa suspense ha. make sure lang na pagharap nila eh walang kapintas pintas sa mga girls at masasabi mo talagang OMG koronahan na silang lahat. Hail the Queen!!!

  8. Exotic pero maba-bash ng todo kung hindi i-makeover ng maayos. Pang- model ang vibe. Where us Yvethe now?

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