12 comments on “Pauline Abigael Ebora 1.0(B)

  1. When will be the time again na magkakaroon tayo ng candidate na walang doubt na mananalo tayo. Yung tipong Hindi ka mag aalangan na mag invest para manhood at mag travel ng malayo. Hayssssss

  2. There could be only 2 reasons why she went to Lyceum . IT was a convenient location for her or that^s where her grades in HS took her . We will find out very soon hihihi

  3. Pauline Ebora in headshot. Pasado itong babae na to. matimpla lang ang tamang formula for her. Pak! Mala cordoves physically. how about com and Q&A dept? we will see. 25 years old na pala ito. hmmm. anu bang birthday nya? mas ok sana kung 1 more year pa bago sya sumali. para mas achieve pa kung ano man ang kulang for her. but iif she will join and pumasa then i will support her.

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