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    • Wala masyado. I’ve been checking the IG page. I hope they actually use Kylie for good reasons!

    • i think a months b4 nya ipasa ang korona eh hectic na ang sked nya. Pero lately may participation naman sya sa singapore.

  1. I suppose it’s a good thing that they use a lot of Pinoy talent on this show (although I was not a fan of Georgina Wilson’s wooden hosting a few years back–I think Joey Mead would’ve been far more effective, capable of more genuine & spontaneous interaction with the models versus Georgina’s heavy reliance on the script).

    What will it take for a Pinay to win this competition, though. If it’s continually held in Singapore, am not sure a Pinay will ever win.

    • Of course they will use pinoy talent on this show because the show is “Philippines next top Model” and not Asias next top Model. But i would be more happy if they will always use Pinoy talent in terms of hosting at Asia’s next top model.

  2. Happy ako kay Ading Kylie…
    Gusto ko talaga yung Working Queen.
    Sana lahat ng beauty queen ay di tulog queen hihihi charette lang 🙂

  3. Kylie is a joy to follow on social media. She’s clearly taking advantage of her reign for herself and her organization. Multidimensional and sophisticated. Grounded in her roots but international appeal. She’s a great example of what a beauty queen should be in the year 2017.

    Kudos to her and her team for tapping into her potential.

  4. Speaking of modelling. Para maging “supermodel” kailangan ma-surpass Ang “print ad” “commercial” “ramp” at “spokesmodel”. E2 mga “next top model” eh specialization ng print ad at ramp modelling. Yung patimpalak na MS eh specialization ng “spokesmodel” which is spin-off nung “Star search: search for female spokesmodel”. Ang fielding ng rep sa MS galing SA binibini which is a beauty pageant kaya Hindi nagta-thrive Yung mga rep natin Kasi NGA more on modelling siya talaga. Performance ni Yvette SA competition na yon Napaka elegant and sophisticated which is pang beauty pageant talaga compared SA ginawa ni Aisha na napaka pageant patty and tacky (na more acceptable SA concept Nung pageant na yon). Point ko lang may “mismatch” between organizer and candidate SA pagpili ng rep. Ang rep sa MS dapat kinukuha SA Miss Bikini or Superbods given its concept.

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