17 comments on “Chantal Roi Serafica 1.0

  1. Which one is which ?
    The mid pic gives me a good vibe.
    The other ones say ‘ good bye to beauty pageants ‘ . Sorry to quash your dream . Go to med or law school ‘ Hihihi

    • Fabian, 5’9 kaya body transformation lang kailangan kung smart sya hihihi.
      In Beauty pageant, di mo naman kailangan yung miriam defensor basta may karisma, tama yung sinasabi, may height and may face value naman sya kahit papano hihihi.
      Green light for this girl.

  2. Nasan na kaya si “how you deliver yourself towards others” na sinabing sure ng back to back win

  3. She’s young and full of potential. Height really is an advantage in pageants. The tallest candidates don’t always win, but it helps them to get noticed. Good luck to this young lady!

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