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  1. Guys, check out this Video of Queen Cat and Nicole C. I love it! And I hope our aspiring queens would learn a lot from these two.

    *I just wana share… I was actually a witness of Clint kissing Queen Cat like at least 3 times and I think I was also there during their 1st… Everyone was busy and I was like always observant… I can’t remember if this was during the casting or taping of C2 green tea TVC or a Fashion show casting at a high-end Bar at BGC because I was there with them coincidentaly all those instances.. They were usually talking at a corner while everyone else was changing clothes and stuff and then they kiss in slow-mo regardless of all the chaos that surrounds them.. and I was like “Damn! Clint is not gay! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ “

  2. Pini-figure out ko sino kamukha Niya artista? Ngayon ko lang na realize na it’s Kate Fernandez Moynihan na kapatid ni Maritoni.

  3. Gurl, huwag na huwag kang papayag na babuyin ng iyong nasalihang kampo ang iyong mga ngipin ng mala-palakol na mga veneers. Trademark nila yan na ewan kung bakit sa dinamidami na ng pumupuna ay hindi pa rin nila marealize na pangit ang kinalalabasan sa halip na mapaganda ang mga kandidata. Pwede magveneers pero in moderation naman. Reminder na rin ito sa lahat ng mga kandidata total hindi naman Miss Teeth Universe sasalihan nyo kaya parang awa nyo na sa mga ngipin nyo.

  4. Nakakadala mag crown ng 19 years old. Baka mag ala-joanna Eden Ito SA international competition. Kung mag join siya this year, for experience lang muna.

  5. ayan! nag fa featured na si Norman ng KF! masyado atat ang mga nagsasabi ng bias si norman. sinabi naman nya b4 mag fefeature sya ng KF girls hinihintay nya lang ibigay sa kanya ng KF ang mga isasabak nila sa bbp.
    Okay. Back to this girl. Daisha. i like the name and her beauty. marami tong potential lalo na sa MU. kaya lang baka majanicel ito if isasabak agad. pero nakikita ko na kahit 19 pa lang sya if we will compare her to janicel. mas ok tong si daisha. mas mapontential compare kay janicel. Pero mas maganda talaga kung wag muna sya isabak. 2019 pwede na siguro. Pero kung mapunta sa kanya ang Globe at intercon this year. eh may laban naman. But for MU or MI i dont think so. Swerte nya kung runner up mapunta sa kanya.

  6. Love this girl but she should wait for another 3 – 4 years before she joins BBP. I see a lot of potential in her.

  7. Wow, she’s gorgeous — and tall! My only concern is her youth — only 19. What if, because of her inexperience, she ends up winning one of the minor crowns like Globe or Intercontinental? Which means she’ll be barred from joining Bb Pilipinas ever again. This girl has so much potential, I would not like to see her wasted in some minor pageant. I would really like to see her wearing the Philippines sash in Miss Universe, nothing less.

  8. Feild her now, for experience. Next year na yan putungan ng korona. Hihinog na yan at aariba sa international stage.

  9. She has resemblance of young ruffa Gutierrez, remember ruffa competed @ 18 in bb pilipinas 93, she was the early favorite but bagged the world crown.

  10. Still Laura for MUP 2017.No other crown fits her. It’s the universe or nothing for her

    • painumin mo muna ng maraming gatas si laura para magka laman, MU, is not about being bulah, its a total package, maputi lang si laura pero di head tunner…. body wise waleyyy… sorry fabian just saying.

      • @Liliana_Indo

        I believe the credentials of Laura alone could secure her any crown. She is planning to join MWPh which is the perfect crown for her. I doubt if she’d join BBP and waste her chance for one of the highest international crown. I think she’ll be sent to intercon or grand if she joins BBP this year.

  11. Pia Wurtzbach won MU 2015 at age 27 after 3 attempts in BbP. Janicel Lubina lost in MI 2015 at age 19 (20?) after 3 major attempts at Ms Scuba Int’l, MWP and BbP. Both their plates are full experience wise, but Pia’s mental and emotional maturity that comes with age gave her the much needed edge. There’s no denying, maganda ang batang ito; mukhang may potensyal. Pero huwag nating kalimutan na iba ang hinog sa puno kumpara sa hinog sa pilit. Sana marunong tayong matuto sa mga nangyari sa nakalipas. Ika nga, let’s save the best for last.

    • Tama din. But our queen Pia looks old now after she relinquished the crown. I hope to see her in the Mrs Universe pageant after she settled with Marlon S.

  12. Its a yes! She could be our future Miss Universe or Miss International.. pero practice muna sa University Pageant.. Yoga muna to grow even taller… Finish her studies 1st and foremost.. When she’s ready, then she could actualy win.

    I agree, No to Janicel Lubina 2.0 and Joana Eden 2.0.. Let this girl maximuze her full potentials.

    • Joana is too immature and she doesn’t understand the Pinoy’s passion for pageants.

      Janicel had perfected the physical side of the equation … having won both EG and Ss . But I do not know how far she was gonna go in terms of interpersonal skills. If she had gotten exposed to politics and show biz prior to competing internatonally, she could have possibly gained enough confidence at the Q and A. But where would that opportunity come from – she is a promdi with no connections.?
      And , honestly, Janicel does not give me that ‘intelligent’ vibe .
      So even if we waited 6 more yrs , Im not sure the outcome would be any different.

      Janicel , prove me wrong . Join MWP and BP again

      • @Fabian

        She could still join Miss World Philippines again which is technicaly a higher crown than BBP-international.


        I agree with finishing her studies 1st and foremost.

      • c2f. i have a feeling janice will join again sa MWP this year. isasabak daw ulit ng KF. if ever nga. sana wag muna sumali si laura sa mwp. i dont want her to waste in MW this year if she wins mwp. alam mo na indonesia will host. so i think its time to give the mwp crown to Janicel or anyone from KF. para save si laura pero yun lang eh kapag may plan pa ulit sya sumali sa mwp d next year if ever she joins this year at nag runner up lang sya sa mwp. Pero kung one time nalang sya sasali sa mwp at kung this year yon then i want her to win MWP this year. sayang din kase if hinde natin ma i represent si laura internationally.

  13. Walang too early too early na yan. Kung fate nya talaga magkarona then goray lang. Kung di man palarin eh di join ulit. Labanan kung labanan, pukpukan kung pukpukan. No excuse

  14. Aminin nyo mga sisters, kung walang Janicel wala tayong Miss World at Miss Universe. Janicel is the ultimate bridesmaid. 1st RU, runner up ni Megan at ni Pia #AllTeaNoShade

    • nyeh! kung baga lucky charm? kung walang janicel e d sa iba ang international at ist runner up na nakuha ni janicel. kahit wala si Janicel. Si Meagan at Pia pa rin ang panalo.
      But i have a feeling that janicel will join MWP.
      If she wins MWP….
      This year Indonesia will host MW2017
      She was Meagan Youngs ist runner up last 2013
      Meagan Young Won Miss World 2013 in Indonesia.

      So, will the ist runner up of Meagan Young in MWP will win MWP2017 and wins MW in indonesia where meagan young won Miss world?

      What if i say, If No Meagan Young. No Janicel Lubina?

  15. Gorgeous. She would easily stand out in Miss Universe if she can present herself with confidence & charm. Not sure she can reach her full potential in her present camp, though. Just sayin’

    • I agree… She is in the wrong camp! She needs to move to ACES.. She would definitely become a semi-finalist like Imelda Schweighart but look what happened when she became Miss Phil Earth.
      KF lang ang paatras/paurong ang style.

      • yeah, I concur Johnny. Gagastos din lang naman siya..pareho din yon…kung mamimili ka dun ka na sa Corporate Image na grupo. Aces @ Queen is the best. The transformation of the past BPU can speak highly of their expertise. MJ was my bet, pero may hinahanap pa ko sa aura niya during her time, parang hindi namaximize yung ganda niya. Walang boom factor during the finals like I’ve seen with Janine, Ariella, Pia, Venus, Shamcey, Maxine and Kylie when they competed. May kulang sa KF. Pero kung sa tingin niya eh mas madali pakisamahan ang mga nasa KF ( I don’t know them all but they look more approachable and humble, opinion lang yan.), then I understand.

      • Have you forgotten Bianca Guidotti and Yvethe Santiago? I think it doesn’t matter which beauty camp you belong to. It’ s a matter of timing, judging and of course fate.

      • Johnny , I agree that A&Q is good .
        But I also wonder if this is in part due to the candidates themselves . There’s not enough KF girls who have gone to MU in the last 7 yrs to make the conclusion in favor of one camp over another .
        We know MJ did not transform at all post -BP coronation . But what if it was BEa or Jamie Herrell or Kris Janson in the MU pageant? We know How greatly improved they were prior to their international pageants.

        So , let’s see what happens when Lorraine K carries the torch for the Philippines at the MU pageant hihihi

      • I’m happy that Bea was sent to Miss International than Miss U. Pia was destined to win that crown.
        This Daisha girl has a lot of potentials.


        According to rumors, its former actress Gigi Dela Riva Bautista, the sister-in-law of senator Bong Revilla who brought her to Rodgil kaya wala na tayong palag. It’s up to Daisha kung marealize nya na mas ok sa ibang camp quesa sa camp na ito na salang agad ura-urada. She’s intended by her camp not to win a crown this year obviously since she’d be competing with her own camp sisters, Michele Marquez Dee and Loraine Kendrickson.

      • @Miss Tissa

        I agree, it’s all about timing and this year is not the right timing.

      • miss tisa may point ka naman. But this is not the right time for daisha to join bbp. she has a lot of potentials. MU is the best for her but i think give her 2 or 3 years to become more competitive. i have a feeling na minor title lang ang mapunta sa kanya if she joins this year and we know its a waste of time for someone like her na pang MU calibre tapos ilalagay sa minor pageant. swerte nya kung ma runner ups sya. pero how if hinde at mabigyan sya ng minor title. syempre masya din. pero sayang. dahil many of us here eh nakikita natin ang potential nya sa MU even i am na kahit aces ang fav camp ko. and since mukhang pasabog ang KF now ang dami nila isasabak na matatataas na siguradong magiging official candidate ng bbp2017. andyan si steffany, daiana mackey, angelique and iba pa. so ok lang na wag muna isale si daisha. pero gusto talaga nila. so Good Luck.

      • Ano yan, is that the way A & Q sulot the candidates of another camp? Destroy and lure strategy.

  16. Too early for this young lady. She should finish her studies first while training. She can go back after 4 or 5 years. I like her beauty and height.

    No to Janicel Lubina 2.0 and Joana Eden 2.0.


    • Susulutin? Sounds panghuhusga, hindi opinion. Wala ka talagang kupas. Nasa dugo’ t balat na talaga ang iyong pagiging nega at kapangitang asal.

  18. Looks pretty and SOPHISTICATED.
    I hope I have the same impression when I see her walk and talk.
    Pics can be deceiving especially in this day and age when everything is photoshopped.

  19. She is Daisha not Lisa. Yes she’s got the goods. At 5’9″ she already is statuesque. Maybe she needs to gain more life experience and polishing but def has potential for the World or the Universe rather.

  20. I hope KF learned from Janicel s ( issue) being fielded so early.

    Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚

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