20 comments on “Mehwish de Castro 1.0

  1. Well, EverYone who meets the minimum criteria has the right to audition.
    So I hope this girl proves me wrong

  2. “Me wish” that the screening process finally take place and the 40 candidates be announced.

    Good luck Mehwish!

    • Kaloka! Kahit na Sabihin pang “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. Plagiarism at its finest!

      • Yeah nabasa ko. don ako medyo natawa sa not surprised. pero tapos na yan hayaan nyo na. after all. si mark pa rin ang nagwagi….

      • Nakow Geoff. Mark needs to file a lawsuit for stealing the designs. I think people need to learn their lesson. Designers had to pour their blood, sweat and tears to come up with original concept only to be copied without getting his fair share. These designers need to make money you know and unlike an invention, you cannot simply make a patent for your designs. This is so sad.

      • i think there is a reason why he cannot file a lawsuit regarding to that issue. parang something na hinde sakop ang issue na to file a lawsuit. mukang tinatawanan nalang ni mark yan. on his mind. masaya pa rin sya i think since ikinalat ni Peru ang design ng bow dress ni mark. kahit hinde sya ang gumawa hes still proud of himself. dahil nagustuhan nga ang design ng gown. So i think the best chance is ikalat nalang na parang virus ang bow dress na yan at ipaalam sa mundo na that gown is a copied from original bow dress designer.

    • honestly, Miss Peru gets the title of Numero Uno Cunt; wish bitch gets chlamydia and a case of the crabs on her honeymoon

    • How deceiptful!
      Well Im a firm believer in “What goes around, comes around!”
      It’s not going to be a very long marriage. 👎👎👎

  3. Why did her parents give her that name? 😢
    Anyway, give her a year or so to mature and tone her bod.
    She’s more suited to be a Ms Earth Philippines queen.

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