8 comments on “Jennyline Carla Malpaya 2.0(B)

  1. I think the MUP 2017 will be a beauty that will rise from the pack and shock the pageant world.
    JennyLine is that kind of beauty.
    Why not. There is nothing to prove anymore. No b2b pressure, no host delegate pressure, no 40+ year droight pressure… the MUP 2017 .

    Unfortinately and in my opinion, the title of BbP International 2017 will be in the hot seat again. B2B titles at this prestigious pageant has never happened…yet!

    I lke JennyLine 👍👍

  2. I originally thought ‘nope’ in my mind when I saw this post. Remembered her from last time but she didn’t really make an impression- until I clicked on the video.

    Such a charming and beautiful girl! It’s a shame that we do tend to automatically judge based on first impressions. I hope this time around, some improvement with styling and presentation will make everyone take a second look because there’s more to this girl than just a pretty face..

  3. The only way a ‘provincial beauty’ can win an intl title is if she has the personality of Mutya is open and bubbly and genuinely sweet and humble.
    Nothing wrong with girls raised Promdi. But without a certain personality to make up for lack of sophistication and unless they are extraordinarily gorgeous , their chances even At national levels are slim.

    • not true! sinabi na ni mark herras na hinde pa daw ready si wyn wyn at may mga bagay pa syang gustong maabot at yun din ang gusto ni mark na matupad kung ano pa yung mga gusto ni wyn.

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