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  1. Pasok naman talaga dapat yan last year. Ewan ko ba kung bakit may mga nakapasok sa semis na chaka. Mukhang ginapang ang resulta eh. Nakakawalang gana tuloy suportahan ang pageant na halatang halata ang LUTUAN.

  2. si angelique maganda naman talaga. maganda din katawan and i think she is good enough in comm skills /Q&A dept. kaya lang sa make up and styling yon ang nagpapatalo sa kanya. masyado mabigat ang make up eh. and kapag rarampa sya may halong over kalandian. mga hinde naman dapat gawin on stage kapag rarampa. dapat well mannered. also her smile destruct her chance. so matimpla lang ng tama ang formula for her ay sure na na makakasungkit sya ng anumang korona even MUP if she will play her card carefully and satisfactorily. look at those 2 pictures below. ang ganda ganda nya. ibang iba sa hitsura nya nung time ng bbp pageant. kailangan sweet but full of enough confidence. hinde yung basta basta nalang syang mamakeupan at gagawing latina peg. this is her last chance sa bbp. sana namn makuha ng KF ang tamang formula for her at maka sungkit na ito ng anumang korona.

  3. I love Angelique! Make up and styling ang dapat maimprove.

    Also, what happened to Ednornance Agustin? What is she up to these days? She was one of my faves in 2014.

  4. If Angelique wants to win , she needs to fix her smile . She also has to make a statement when on stage. She cannot just strut and sway her hips to devil’s abandon

  5. Angelique pls join again, Better to try than to regret. I can see MJ aura . same voluptous body and street smart candidness.

    • Jackie , I agree with Andrew E on her English . Medyo affected ang dating but still better than MJ’s

  6. Another sentimental favourite with so many fans; and I get it. She has that ‘it’ quality- a marked sultriness that is offset by a bubbly personality and great speaking skills. Everything else can obviously be improved- the styling (like softer lip shades to tame that beautiful wild mouth!), the body and maybe, dialling down some of her affectations when answering questions.

    She reminds me of another sentimental favourite- MJ Lastimosa- who actually got the chance to compete, fulfilling more of her legion of fans desire to see her do so, rather than her own (I think, MJ wasn’t really expecting the MU crown).

    But Angelique needs more than a styling change to get a crown. For one, I strongly believe that camps make a difference in how the crowns are allocated. Would a change to KF up her chances? We hope so.

    And being 26 effectively removes her eligibility to one of the crowns if I’m not mistaken- so can she theoretically be deserving of let’s say, the MU crown? Based on her personality alone, I would say yes…so best of luck!

    • AndrewE, If something can be done with her smile , maybe🍚She has a chance . Her jaw is atretic. It looks like her bottom side teeth have been extracted . Parang may ‘pustiso’ sya pag nagsalita

      • Hindi ba mareremedyuhan ng make-up @Fabian?? Lol..I looked at that video she did for Norman last year and her mouth looked fine. May mga affectations lang siya but if you took those away, she has a beautiful speaking face…(how do you embed vids here??)

  7. I think deserving siya makapasok sa Top 15 last year, nagkataon lang na si Pia ang nanalo sa MU nong 2015 kaya puro taga Aces and Queens ang ipinasok ng BPCI sa Top 15 para sureball na under A&Q ulit manalo. Imagine pati sina Riana Pangandian, Roshiella Tobias & Kimberlee Penchon nakalusot sa Top 15 kahit ang pangit ng styling at catwalk nila. Nakakagulat! Sinayang nila sina Angela Fernando, Maria Gigante and Angelique De Leon

  8. no doubt with her looks. she is a bevy. Yun nga lang everytime finals night comes…lagi bigla nag-w-wane off cya. Can’t actually explain or pinpoint what it is, pero lagi na-oovershadow cya ng iba. Sana ma-correct kung anuman dapat i-improve pa.

  9. many of us was rooting for her last year to win at least any one of lower titles. last year she was my MGI or intercon. but i was really disappointed in her perfornance. i hate kase yung pag rumarampa ka at pag dating sa stop point kung saan mag pose ka after rumampa ay kung ano ano pang mga pinaggagawa. mga hinde naman kailangan gawin. nagmumukhang over malandi o over confident. pwede namang gandahan ang rampa at pag dating sa dulo. sabay pose na at wag na masyadong malikot wag na galawin ng galawin ang buhok o katawan. kailangan well mannered ang rampa.
    if she will join again. Go lang ng Go. since she moved camp to KF. well thats a good decision. mukhang mas maalagaan sya compare sa past camp nya. and hopefully wag na pakielaman ang ngipin nya. ok na yon. styling at catwalk ang need nya. mukhang ok naman sya sa comm skills and Q&A dept. so Good Luck to her.

  10. Since nag move na sya sa KF camp, i hope hindi sya mabigyan ng exaggerated veneers. Sana makinig sila, this is applicable to all KF ladies.

    • I really do not see anything wrong with those veneers . My question is , how can they afford them ? They cost $1000 per tooth !!

      • Kalakaran ng camps eh kumaibigan ng mga dentists para may discounts. The more clients, the bigger the discount is. Okay naman sakin ang veneers talaga, ara’s, pia’s and maxine’s veneers are some of those that are actually made perfectly according to their face shape at well-proportioned sa face nila. Imelda’s, lorraine’s and kris j’s veneers are examples of exaggeration. Imbes /s/ yung enununciate nila, /sh/ ang lumalabas sa bibig nila at naririnig natin, dun pa lang alam mo na at mapapaghalataan mo ng fake yung ngipin. #notsosorry

      • I see nothing wrong with veneers GENERALLY. I, for one, got them done, but they shouldn’t be so big that the girls can’t put their lips together anymore. And kung hindi naman kailangan, why not put that money to better use? Let’s say, Angelique opts out of the veneers, she’ll just spend the money she would’ve paid the dentist on a better wardrobe, maybe English development classes, etc.

  11. Two pictures below show a LIZA Soberano vibe…i think it soften her polarizing androgynous and manly feature. I think she has a good chance this time to clinch a crown

  12. sana kasing ganda din niya ang mga candid pics niya.. kasi .. na hype ko sya last year dahil gandang ganda ako sa pichurakat niya tapos iyong candid medyo kalayuan.. sana.. ma polished sya ng husto sa beauty styling department.

  13. i love her i sincerely hope SMA gives her one final bang!! she really deserves a crown if not the MUP slot! please Lord!!

  14. She has this polarizing kind of beauty. Although i was rooting for her last year kasi she is very articulate with a banging body. May mga angles siya na MJ Lastimosa, a kind of beauty that is an acquired one. She’s giod for Supra i must say. Ready to bring home that crown once again.Yun lang. K thanks, bye!

  15. I am not sure if she has the good height (taller than 5’8″) but she needs to lose lots of weight ; facial beauty is very attractive

  16. Go Angelique go!
    One of my “pick six” favorites last year.
    Third is a charm.

    Hope hope hope!!

  17. I just noticed in the past the repeaters who clinched BPU were runners-up or semi finalists at the very least namely Pia, MJ, Desiree Verdadero, Maricar balagtas, Janine Tugonon, and others. Kung masungkit nya, sya lang ata ang 3peater na from non-placement to BPU. Goodluck Miss De Leon in your 3rd bid.

  18. parang bampira ngiti nya last yr
    If something is done abt it, then maybe she has a chance to earn a semi-final slot.
    Really , what we need is a pleasant beauty.. yung face na hindi na kailangang ipaglaban pa . I’m not
    sure this applies to her hihihi

    • she appears sophisticated though… and she really looked good in her national costume last yr.

  19. I thought she would end up with at least MGI. I hope she competes for MU she’s got the universally appealing look imo.

    • No. She is far beautiful and articulate than ria at winner din ang height. Excuse me

  20. I like three of these 5 photos. She needs to control her upper lip. Those two photos remind me of Melania Trump. Good luck, girl! I hope you get a crown! 🙂

  21. She has the best body during bbp. Pangit lang kung ngumiti sya may guhit sana naipaayos nya yun. Bet na bet ko sya noon. Galing din rumampa

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