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  1. I like Cat and Laura not because they are mestizas . In fact , they look very Asian without make up on . It’s their overall presentation .. their stature .. their quiet confidence ….and their ability to carry a conversation knowing they will represent the country and the organization very well. Their skills are comparable to those of Nia S Olivia J and Olivia C.
    I know Laura is not in her optimal physical state yet . But I believe in A&Q’s ability to transform . Remember how ‘ bright and glowing ‘ Pia was during the last final nights of the competition.
    Neither Elima nor Alaiza can bring the crown back . Elima is too coy . Alaiza’ beauty may be a question although I really liked her during the coronation night of BP 2015- the walk the body and the confidence .. plus the pleasant beauty.

    • So true @Fabian- even Pia- i mean you can’t get any whiter/mestisa with German blood- looked absolutely Asian. The mestiza versus morena argument is so 80s. Countries who think they have an advantage for fielding women of colour have to rethink that mindset; it’s unfair to crown someone based on racial-politics, or even the oft-repeated reason of ‘pageant market-share’.

      Asian girls are getting placements simply because they’ve stepped up their game. And looking at candidates like Catriona is seeing someone so complete that all that’s missing is the crown. Only at MW could you see someone so on-point and yet not get what they’re expected to deserve. So we hope and pray that the ‘universe’ gives her another, much fairer chance.

      I think that physically, Laura still needs to get to a level where she can be both a facial and a physical presence. The comments that she is a tad thin have a point.

      And yes, the word ‘coy’ describes Elima perfectly! Maybe it was understandable during her 1st pageant when it became clear to her that it was no longer the relatively easy provincial level where she easily dominated. But it’s been years since then and maturity and depth play a large part in building not only your own personal character, but your beauty queen persona as well. This time around, she should drop the coyness and own the fate she wants; it’s now or never.

      The same goes for Alaiza though in her case, her forays into modelling competitions may weigh heavily in her mind and in her performance. Are the ‘failures’ in not winning those competitions indicative of her weaknesses as a model, or do they mean that another go at a beauty pageant may be more successful? How she manages to sift through these questions will be crucial in another go at Binibini..

    • Cat and Laura are of the same prototype. I think Cat takes the cake. I hope to see her in the 2018 edition.

      On Laura, she is beautiful in her own right, but I just don’t see her standing out in a sea of beauties in MU. She is better off in MW where substance is priority.

      Pia did stood out during her time. Foreign press took notice of her natural beauty.


      • First time akong nag thumbs up ke Cocoy. I agree with the content, yung delivery parang yun na sya, di na mababago yan.

      • Yan ba si Laura na sinasabi nila oh my god
        Yan ba ang maganda? Nagmukha syang fan ni Andrea dyan sa pic na yan. Hayss mga pinoy talaga basta maputi maganda na

      • watch this video (bandang around 6 minutes bago matapos). She said that she’s not closing her doors daw to joining but definitely not this year daw kasi gusto niyang tapusin yung reign niya as MWP. And she’s asking people to let her rest muna coz she really gave her all during the whole Miss World experience. So yeah, there you go, from Cat herself. She MAY be joining but definitely not this year

    • I’m just so happy she is not closing her doors on joining another beauty pageant in the future. And I cannot help but just admire Cat for fulfilling her duties as MWP 2016 until her reign is over, That is what you call dedication and professionalism at its best ! Thank you Cat – we are so proud of and grateful to you ! Love ya, girl ! Hope to see you in BBP 2018 or 2019 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Diyos ko. Kung cartoonist mukha ni Cat, ano ka na lang at yung paborito mong MW?

      • Jeremi, akala ko ba you’re in the medical field.
        Yung Miss Indonesia na binoto ni Miss Minchin sa Miss world ang may down syndrome beauty di ba..lalo na kung wala syang make-up ay mukha rin syang katulong yung candidate mo to be honest
        Carttonist? c Miss Indonesia rin yun ang mukhang cartoon hihihi … Happy ka na ba hihihi charetee πŸ™‚

    • I hope Clint Bondad will tame his snake in the next 2-3yrs until Cat becomes our 4th Miss Universe in 2018 or 2019.

  2. Had a chance to see both kimberly and dindi in person but IMO kimberly has more personality than her sister.

  3. Haysss maulit nga ang post ko… wala pa talagang maganda kundi si Elima lang at Malinao. Mga baklang pangit basta mestisa maganda na raw at sure MU winner na raw pag hind nadaya o napolitika. Mga utak balut lol

  4. there is no specific formula. BBP should learn to take risks i dont mind crowning a short but very deserving girl who can talk her way into any question thrown at her. she has to have confidence and maturity to win it. looks will get u into top 6 then what? if we dont have a tall girl with a complete package why not crown a jamie herrel prototype ???

    • I dont know… reading your post suddenly brought me back to Joanne Santos vs Reham Snow Tago, Dindi Gallardo vs Ruffa Gutierrez… and the very recent Maxine Medina vs Kylie Versoza… we will never know as MU was not their destiny but we know the latter fared better in the global stage… classic examples of Bbp choosing a “physically” better over “Q&A” superior lady. Of course, Bbp got it right with Pia Wurtzbach, Charlene Gonzales and a bit of luck with Miriam (where is Janelle Bautista now?)…

  5. We will have another MU if Laura wins.
    Elima is too coy . She can make it into top 6 but that’s all.
    If wynwyn joins , we can have our first Miss Grand or first back to back at MI.

    • Jehza is cute.she may be good for both MI and MU but I do not know a lot abt her.
      Dindi is ready but something must be done to make her nose and mouth less prominent. I’m sure styling can achieve that.
      Alaiza is also very ready . She had a great presentation during BP. But she may just be a semi-finalist at MU.

  6. Dyosko walang maganda! Si Elima si far is the only one who can compete for MU. Laura Lehman facial proportions are weird. Dindi face is round and flat. Mariel maybe if she lost lots of weight. Wynwyn is loselose. This batch is too short. The tall girls don’t have the face and the pretty girls are short!

    • Bakit hindi mo nabangit si Michele Marquez Dee? Patricia Magtanong? Paano kung humabol bigla si Catriona Gray?

      • I’m still hoping for Catriona Gray to join, the hunger to win is there. And Catriona would face good competition from Michelle Dee, Katarina Rodriguez, Alaiza Malinao, Patricia Magtanong, Laura Lehman, Eva Patalinjud, Mariel de Leon, Charmaine Elima, Jehza Juelar, Gelica Alita, Dindi Pajares, Kenneth Santiago, Gabriela Ortiga. I hope to see Angelia Ong and Jinkee Herell – giving the Universe, International, Intercon, Grand, Globe the chance to see the best of the Philippines. We are ready the beauties of the Filipinas. Ready na Araneta!

      • Sa Totoo lang.. sa tingin ko.. Si Catriona lang ang kayang muling sumungkit ng Universe… hintay muna tayo ng isa or 2 taon para give chance to others… kumbaga sa mga papaya e palakihin muna.. tapos pag hinog na hinog na saka pasalihin muli… wala ng makakapigil sa kanya manalo ng Universe!

    • so many times in d past that short girls have made an being tall is no guarantee either. we are so afraid to take risks. facial beauty is always the first to consider then body and height then articulateness

  7. For now wala pa talaga akong nakita na tunay na maganda sa mga na post na possible contenders only Charmaine Elima

      • Oo nga, bakit kaya ayaw mo pang mag migrate sa Indonesia Jeremi for the rest of your life? mukhang nonsense naman sayo ang mga tao dito. Can’t afford? So embrace your roots. Try to be kind to your self – including the roots of yourself. Kuha po?

    • Sorry ha Pinas nga ayoko ng bumalik Indonesia pa kaya. Do not assume. You don’t me!

      • Huh? Kung ipaglaban mo ang indonesia wagas, gaun din kawagas panlalait mo sa Phil representatives. I don’ t assume, everything you post tells a lot about your thoughts. I see, talagang masama nga lang talaga ugali mo. And, must have poor understanding, in general.

      • Huh kailan ko pa pinaglalaban ang Indonesia? Alam mo Balut pinaglalaban ko lang ang kung sino man na sa tingin ko eh maganda kahit taga Timbuktu pa sya. Ako yung tao na walang biases kahit pinay sinasabi ko ang totoo hindi porket pinay wala ng kapintasan at perpekto gaya ng ginagawa nyo. Laging pinakamagaling, pinakamaganda, pinaka pinaka tapos pag natalo nadaya napolitika na akala mo eh pinoy na ang pinaka sa mundo eh pagdating naman sa ibang bansa puro sir sir sir ang tawag sa mga dayuhan. Ipokrita gaya ng asal kanto nyong presidente na binoto nyo dyan sa Pinas. Kaya magtigil ka!

      • Jeremi, just stop. Get a life. Wala talagang magandang lumalabas sa bunganga mo ano? At kung mag-comment ka, gamitan mo ng utak please. Lagyan mo ng sense.

  8. Bago siguro pag usapan kung sino ang mga makokoronahan, unahin muna kung sinu sino ang mga totoong magpapa-screening at kung papasok as official candidates.
    Di pa nga nacoconfirm na magiging official candidate kinokoronahan nyo na!

  9. Gusto ko to, I hope they’re good siblings. May the best sibling win. lol Next girl please!

      • 4m , I don’t know you can tell Dindi is more polished based on the pics above. Both of them are pretty in an East Asian kind of way.

        Dindi had a good presentation from beginning to end during BP2015. I f she styles her hair like that of MU 2016, I think she will be a contender for MUP2016. Her pusod hair in 2015 made her nose and mouth really prominent
        I have to see more pics of her sister’s

  10. Diosmio at may pahabol pa sa last full show hihihi
    Dindi Vs Elima Vs Laura Vs Jehza Vs Mariel at iba pa, hahabol pa c ate kimberly hihihi
    Cge na join na kung join para mas maganda ang labanan.
    Manalo na kung sino ang may swerte sa gabi ng patimpalak πŸ™‚
    Ganyan talaga ang buhay, minsan ay nasa huli ang desisyon na magjoin.
    Kung sa exam pa ay magstudy ka lang 1 day b4 sa Final exam para swertihan na lang kung papasa hihihi… charette lang ha πŸ™‚
    May ME at Miss Global pa naman kung di bubukol sa BbPilipinas hihihi

      • Oo na fabian pero marami pa ang may K na puedeng suertehin at baka malasin c Laura during coronation night which is possible hihihi.
        Jehza pa rin ako bwihihi…we never know fabian at baka independent pa ang manalo ..charot ng himala.
        Kung pasuotin ng bonggang EG at bagay na bagay kay linguist na kapampangan na 1st RU sa MWP2016 at bonggang make-up transformation na kagaya ng ginawa kay keke ay baka maghimala at sya ang MUP2017 bwihihihi ..
        Yung JDV ay wala pa at sino na naman kayang magandang panlaban nila na iisnabin na naman sa BbPilipinas ngayong taon hihihi.
        Kung sino ang malapit sa kusina yata ang laging mananalo ng Bongga ngayon bwihihihi… Charette lang mga ate πŸ™‚

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