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  1. Oh how did I miss this article?
    Laura Lehmann was impressive when she won a runner-up placement a couple of years back.
    She’s got what it takes to rep the Philiplines in MU 2017-18.

    Lets do this Laura..

  2. i don’t mind her for miss. universe but of course im still rooting for my girl Cynthia Thomalla for miss. universe. both are fit for universe.

  3. I’ve seen her in person. People say payat siya, I agree. But, lahat sila payat. Remember, nadadagdagan ng 15 pounds sa TV. And to people saying, di siya ganun kaganda, WIT! Maganda siya okay? Patingin nga ng mga mukha niyo para may basis tayo. One thing I’m worried about her is her posture. May scolio si Ate Girl. But, so far she’s my bet or MUP! GO LAU! Mwah Mwah!

  4. i guess she just needs to be more fierce and sexy? shes prettier than habach, ms indonesia and may even upstage chalita if she was our rep d last time…..

  5. Class and polish. Auto yes for me.

    Plus I like that she put her education first. This girl has her priorities and discipline straight.

    Those are winner qualities to me.


  6. If ever Laura really joins Binibini. The highest she could get would be International. I think her cute face can be styled in a doll-like manner which the Japanese adores alot. She will be a good representation if ever she is sent to that pageant.

    Back in my mind, she might go for Ms World because its a different battle for Ms. U. There are alot of factors to consider like a banging body and many other more. Let’s face it, she has a petite structure. She’ll look really tiny compared to very toned latinas. Her face is a hit n miss as well depending on angles. But i do believe her strength is in the communications department πŸ™‚

    • Sasayangin lang ni Tandang Hulya Yan sa pageant Niya. Di PA ba kayo nadala? Hanggat Hindi tinuturuan ng liksyon Ang punyemas na Hulya na Yan iisipan Niya palagi na mapagpatawad naman ang mga pinoy borderline uto-uto!

      • It is really Laura’s choice though. Only she knows where she can excel because she knows herself way more we do. πŸ™‚
        She surely has considered some factors on that pageant shes aiming for because its quite clear thats shes aiming for a crown.

  7. Outstanding credentials (top of her class, member of sports team, class president, etc.). But I had seen her in person and she is not strikingly beautiful. She will be swamped by stunning ladies in MU, I think.

    Maybe you guys are rooting for this lady because she is everything Maxine is not. But, beauty wise, Maxine is way ahead.

    • Please dont put max in the picture. Thats very rude. If u were Max scrolling and reading messages and sees this, how will u feel? Please leave max alone. She has done her part. She has placed and she was a good host rep πŸ™‚

      • I used Maxine as reference because she is the current titleholder and she did well in the pageant. My point is, we need to send a stunning delegate who can ace the swimsuit and EG segment. It is during the final 6/final 5 where we can start to hear them speak (aside from the opening introduction).

  8. Let’s send someone ‘heeavyweight’ to MU 2017. So far, Laura is the only one I see.

    • May nabasa akong comment na hindi raw stunning ang beauty nya in person at sa picture naman ay hindi ako napapaWOW Fabian hihihi.
      Baka hanggang Prelim show lang sya at di aabot sa SemiFinals at balik na naman tayo sa square one hihihi.
      Minor titles is ok with me or ibigay na rin sa kanya ang MI dahil sa tingin ko ay puede doon ang malnourished beauty hihihi charette na kung charette naka 2ndRU nga c half-moon Indonesia kaya kayangkaya rin nyang magTop 5 in my opinion πŸ™‚

  9. Kung communication skills lang, super pasok to…yun nga lang, saw her in person, face to face at that…sobrang payat nga. As in she looks underweight, loss of muscle mass pa even. Last year payun during the UAAP season 78. Haven’t seen her lately though. Sana ng-build na cya mass, toned muscles, gained weight.

    • She looks underweight? Really?
      Her face specially her cheeks look full to me!

  10. I honestly think she’s not beauty queen material. She should stick with being an ad and print model and a host.

  11. Hindi ko maintindihan overhyped masyado itong si Laura.

    Physically, wala akong makitang “beauty queen” aura.

    Maputi, matangkad, balingkinitan…..pero sabi nga ni “Leila Lopez, “she’s lacking something”! Maybe the “IT” factor of a regal queen.

    Sige, aral sa abroad at ok ang communication skills.

    Pero still “beauty pageant” pa rin ang sasalihan nito.

    For me, next prospect please………

  12. I’d definitely take her rather than Elima and Mariel, that’s for sure. Pero beauty-wise, I still need some convincing parang may kulang na ewan.

  13. pero alam ko sa miss world sya sasali or ME. since on her post lately. may nakalagay na 🌎 so its either world or earth.

  14. not for Universe but let us send her to Intercontinental… we will finally bag that crown !

    • wag lang sa asia ganapin ang intercon. remember last year sri lanka? jen was too strong rather than her but everything was lead to cooking show.

  15. I think hinog na hinog na si Laura to be crowned one of the titles this year. She can be MUP, MI, Supra or MGI.
    Good luck Laura Victoria Lehmann!

  16. Im not digging her beauty tho…… her frame is too thin and there’s something in her face na na ddistract ako…chin ba or teeth? Pero she has great comm skills. I hope di lang maganda angle nun pics. She’s one of the early favorites tho.Mariel de Leon facewise is really gorgeous. I hope she transforms her body pretty much like what Pia did. Ayun lang. K thanks, bye!


  18. Ewan ko pero di ako mapapaOMG sa ganda nya.
    Parang Valerie W. na maputi/maputla lang period or malnourished beauty charette πŸ˜‰
    Even sa hosting skills nya ay ok lang.
    Pero kung wala na talagang mapagpiliian na iba ay kerena hihihi charette lng πŸ™‚
    MGI/Globe/Intercon ay ok lang at susuportahan ko pa xia hihihi.

  19. Her winning would really depend on whether or not Stella Araneta liked her when she was the 1st runner-up.

    But I like her!

      • This Fatima Alswoyed seems very competitive! I’m getting excited who will make the cut on 25th.

      • Si Elima talaga ang ganda. The only problem with her is she was the typical beauty we sent in the past that turned into a clapper. Maybe she’ll have a different fate given how strong Philipippines sash factor is.

      • So many pretty Filipinas! I really like Angela Yagaya, the half Black/half Filipina Mutya ng Pilipinas candidate. And she’s 5’10!!! She’s a Dean’s Lister and done some songwriting and rapping before.

        The first girl, Fatima, looks competitive as well! Send her to Supranational! Kabogera.

  20. MUP , no less
    If she gets MUP , it’s because she deserves it . Luck has got nothing to do with it

  21. Wow, nagsama-sama lahat ng top contenders in one batch… Which reminds me of BBP-2011…

    I don’t think Laura would go home without a crown this year… Ms Grand, Intercontinental, International for her… And if she gets really lucky… Miss Universe!

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