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  1. Super late, but I saw this girl in person and her face is really beautiful. I also like her complexion…kinda dusky and tanned?

    I am 5’7 and she is at least as tall as me, so I don’t think height is a problem. She just needs better styling to make her look young.

  2. Abby’s eyes are captivating, paired with perfectly proportioned chiseled chin undeniably ooze that alluring charm and poise, definitely Aphrodite’s equal measure – By Marlon Segovia

  3. her hair is still short? if OO so sya yung pang 15 sa photo collage na pinost ni norman. yung photo collage ng mga isasabak ng A&Q sa bbp wearing their SS. She’s beautiful and i like her smile. she will stand out if they will polish her correctly.

  4. Checked her IG…I hope A&Q found a way to make her look more youthful…She also uploaded a group pic of what I assume are the 2017 A&Q girls!

  5. She is a mixed of 3 BBP- Universe namely Jen Barrientos, Dindi Gallardo and Giona Cabrera.

  6. Parang c Jehza Huelar ang maging Binibining Pilipinas-Universe hihihi
    Magbash na ang magbash sa kanya dahil sya talaga ang itinakda ng panahon 🙂

    • Jehza has that calm confidence and passable Filipino beauty . I think she can be MU if she s a good communicator .
      Her q and a last yr didn’t say much abt it as she gave a 3-word answer to the q. So I am on a wait and see mode with her

    • until now wala pa tayo 100 % sure bet for MU. Pero as of now kung kayo jehza at elima. ako naman sa tingin ko lang it will be katarina R for MU. Pero we will see. i still dont have any bet for MU sa ibang title Yes. medyo magulo pa isip for MUP. hayssss. sana lang kahit once in a lifetime ay maisip ng bbp na magkaroon sila ng Bbp All Star. kahit next year lang. battle of the past queens bbp semifinalist or pure past titlist na hinde nanalo sa international pageant like Kris, yvette, nicole C, jen and so on….

  7. gabriela ortega is very pretty and intelligent….was once a beauty queen in Barcelona, Spain….

  8. Not necessarily referring to the featured candidate, let us just be kind to say that she is beautiful and charming in her own way. With “dimples and have some Catalan accent” at that. Lol.


    I am sorry. I share the sentiments of some commenters in this blog : Are we already scraping the bottom of the barrel? Must we really have 40 candidate-fillers? While we admire these girls for putting themselves out there to be judged and even bashed, may we ask some common sense and decency from their handlers to honestly evaluate the chances of the girls they are fielding? Naman.

    Since this is just the first cut, I am sure some of these girls are fielded just to experience the whole thing – hoping to improve and join again in the succeeding years.- – And mind you these are not just the undeserving obscure ones but even the over-hyped undeserving ones (just because they are related to some famous relatives – you know who you are ).

    On one hand, who are we to say that this or that girl will not transform into a beautiful swan after the training. But I think it should be realistically balanced with some reality…

    And lastly….Where is MONIKA STA. MARIA?

    World Peace.

    • With all due respect- are you implying she is below par??????. I beg your pardon!! having watched pageants and having seen candidates way, way below par (and winners who have had to resort to all sorts of… to change what God gave them and how God created them), you actually have the brazeness and presumption to judge that she is a mere filler??? God forgive.

    • Ganyan talaga ang kalakaran ng mga camp bes. The more entries, the more chances of winning sa camp, the more datung na mauuwi ng camp. Magbibigay balato pa yan sa lahat ng handlers, make up artist, stylist and trainors.

      • I agree, we should start getting organized parang Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and USA… Dapat may at least minor title, regional title or university title muna bago makasali sa Binibini as part of the requirement… Bawal 1st timers sa pageants que se hoda na artista ka o anak ng celebrity… Dadaan din dapat sa butas ng karayom.

      • Well, I think OK naman kahit first timer as long as deserving or at the very least with potential. Shamcey , Catriona , Megan, Lubina were first timers, right? A good mix of fresh faced girls with the veterans will be good in any competition.

        What gets me is the over-hyping or exaggeration of the qualifications : padding the height, overly made-up photos (makes you wonder what they are hiding behind those clownish make up), back stories that are obviously being played up for drama and interest – – but most of all those that are facially not really beauty queen material (take note, I didn’t say ugly. lol).

        But what do we know right?

        World Peace.

      • I am reffering to the requirements of Binibining Pilipinas as our highest ranking National Pageant.

        Lubina was Miss teen Palawan, Miss Scuba Philippines, Miss Bikini Philippines, and Miss World Philippines 1st RUp…

        Megan was a Starstruck finalist and was chosen by the past Aquino administration as a celebrity ambassador of peace.

        Catriona joinned a teen modeling competition in Australia and being a Bench fashion show is already like working your way up the pageant ladder and auditioning for it is like passing through an eye of a needle.

        Only the academic titles of Shamcey Supsup does not require beauty hence she did not win Miss Universe.

        We’re looking for the total package thus I recommend those who do not have pageant related titles to join a lower tier beauty pageant 1st before joinning our nationals to create more credibility and experience.

    • The more the merrier Thomas. If there’s enough candidates to fill the 40 spots then why not. After all, they need to make sure that BbP still attracts a lot of candidates to generate enough buzz for the sponsors. Remember that BbP is a “charity” so they rely a lot on sponsorship. This is not nationally funded pageant where money is budgeted. Also, the girls joining decided to join so it’s their own risks to take if they don’t win.

      • In addition, remember that BbP current format is 15 semifinalists where they picked the winners from. That is a lot so if they only have 25-30 candidates, the competition just looks a tad easy since each candidate’s chances increases dramatically. Also, A&Q has 24(?) potential Binibinis which could potentially create a monopoly as we’ve seen already last year.

      • For me, mas ok sana kung magkaroon ng pre-pageant format parang sa MU. Para marami ang pwede nilang gawing official candidates. Kahit 50 pa.

    • I feel convicted Thomas.
      You are right. It’s as if were rushing things a bit.

    • YES!!!! About time we get BEAUTY and BRAINS girls. Girls not only tall and pretty but with accomplishments (educational attainment or prof. achievements. Good for the pageants, so people will stop saying it is for dumb blondes. We need girls with SUBSTANCE, PERSONALITY and INTELLIGENCE so they can give decent answers at least

  9. Goodbye BbPilipinas na pala sya 🙂
    Baka magulat na lang tayo nasa Miss Global na sya at humirit uli hihihi Charette lng 🙂

  10. Sheesh. Do we have to have 30 girls or 40? I feel like most of these girls are just fillers to get the numbers high. Most blogged about (especially lately) are not of international caliber. Ano ba yan! I’d rather have ten gorgeous binibinis competing instead of 30 or 40 weak ones. Ugh.

    • Sowee, but I like to watch Bb Pilipinas with 40 candidates. I was surprised and elated before to see favorites relegated to non-win and new ones as dark horses. We see them featured here limitedly, its not the same when you know and see them personally. Again, Id like to see Catriona Gray compete with the best of Bb Pilipinas. If they are still eligible – Angelia Ong and Jinkee Herrell – with Chairmaine Elima, Georgia Ortega, Mariel de Leon, Katerina Rodriguez, Laura Lehmann, Jehza Heular, Gelica Alita, Alaiza Malinao, Michelle Dee, Emma Tiglao and on Monday, she will file Martha Baruray Simon, Imee Sweighart who is upfor redemption and all the others featured here as well as the independent ones – call it the best of Philippine edition of Binibining Pilipinas. Iyan ang tunay na labanan, I can see Philippines doing an India -ala Susmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai plus the first- ever Intercontinental crown.

      • And Eva Patalinjud and this is herxtime, Patricia Tumulac and Pat Magtanong and Kenneth Santiago.

  11. I’ve met her on Christmas day. She’s about 5’7 3/4 and tanned. She wasn’t wearing make up but she still looked very pretty up close. She’s also very amiable. Hope she makes it as a candidate. I’m rooting for her.

  12. Tito norman. kahit hinde sasali si Ja flores. pwede mo ba syang gawan ng article? ive watched her in Eat bulaga. shes beatiful. i like her confidence. mas payat nga lang now compare the last time when she competed in bbp 2014. sana sumali sya. last nya na yata this year mag 26 na this year.

  13. May Jennifer Barrientos vibe. Hope she’s tall, super happy if at least 5’9 cya. =)

  14. Love her piercing eyes and I’m sure when she smiles, beautiful! And she’s smart to top it off!

  15. I like her. Suave and sophisticated. Bond girl look. Universe material. Whats her height, tito Norman?

    • Oo nga GM, sana complete ang age/birthday, profession/education/school, height w/o heels, vital statistics, beauty camp, org./asso./program affiliations, hobbies or free time activities, etc.

      • YES, About time we get BEAUTY and BRAINS girls. Girls not only tall and pretty but with accomplishments (educationak attainment or prof achievements. Good for the pageants, so people will stop saying it is for dumb blondes. We need girls with SUBSTANCE, PERSONALITY and INTELLIGENCE so they can give decent answers at least.

  16. I may be partial but Abby is not just beauty and brains, she’s kind and a wonderful person!

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