20 comments on “Patrik Asturias 1.0(B)

  1. No to anyone shorter than 5’7″. Unless you are have exceptional body figure (proportioned at hindi mukhang pandak), beautiful face, smart, and articulate.

  2. Haba baba na naman….uso ba???? Ayaw ni Felicia Hwang, Intan and Natasha Manuela niyan! Yun lang! K thanks, bye!

  3. I’m sharing this video (1) to show that there are pageants that become defunct after sometime which is not far from happening today (2) to show how conversant in English our candidates before (3) to show how to be engaging (non-robotic / non-mechanical) and relax in an interview. While the stage production and pasarela significantly improved today, our emotional connection diminished significantly too

  4. After ni Kenneth Santiago 2.0, then we have this Patrik Asturias 1.0(B), are we expecting a Bessie Besana 1.0 sooner? Or in the future? Charot lang. Ang dami ng unisex na name. Bongga!!!

  5. Any news abt the girls that Matter? Lorraine and Laura? These 2 will make BP 2017 very interesting

  6. Being able to travel around the world at a tender age doesn’t send a good signal to pageant organizer and has negative connotation to fans. Being a beauty queen is about executing a specific mission. Repackaging her portfolio will work better.

  7. Lucky girl, she must be rich being able to travel across the globe just like that .. unless she is based in Europe.
    However the backgrounds in the pics are more interesting than the center piece.

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