28 comments on “Nelda Ibe 1.0(B)

  1. shes a serious contender for me better than some overhyped girls that pageant fanatics love to peddle every year.

  2. Looking at the photo of the winners in MWP ’14, I think taht Nelda has the least beautiful face. There must be something special about her since the judges gave her third place. Maybe she’s simply not photogenic and Nelda is better appreciated in person or on stage?

  3. She is pretty. Good for the Universe crown too. I thought she was eclipsed in the MWP by the overrated Valerie Weighnmann who was then an Eat Bulaga anchor. Good candidate.

  4. She have good and bad angles. Puteri Felicia ang shape ng face. Im positive she will bring home a minor crown

  5. I only imagine that when Miriam Quimbao and Janine Tugonon were at this stage in pre-pageant selections, the popular consensus would NOT have thought they would be MUP’s and just one heartbeat away from winning the MU crown.

    Perhaps BPCI will crown another such candidate. I sure do hope so.
    No pressure of a repeat MU title and no pressure to end a 40+ year MU title drought.

    MUP 2017 will have nothing but the international competition (and constructive criticism from her fans) to contend with. What a nice break.

    Good luck Ms. Ibe.

    • Even Pia was not… how pageant fans despised her for joining the 3rd time around… kaya kung sinong gusto sumali Go lang ng go… malay ba natin 🙂

  6. Will the real IDE please stand up?
    Are u really gorgeous?
    Or do u look like Ai ai?
    The pic in pilot uniform shows a very bulbous nose.

  7. I dont know my FACIAL issue ako sa kanya ha. KF how can you make her unique and standout. Please NO VENEER

  8. She has that regal and queenly vibe. Tall, accomplished and elegant looking. Na distract lang ako sa chin niya. Yun lang. K thanks, bye!

  9. Wow, Lorraine Is the girl to beat for MUP if she joins this yr. she’s got everything .

  10. Kung ang Indonesia ay nagkakaroon na maging semifinalist and finalist sa international pageant, kaya rin ni Nelda maging Finalist sa MGI,MI,MU,MW,MS,MG,Mintercon,etc.
    Kaya Go lang and join the fun Nelda 🙂
    Napanood ko lang kaya share ko rin hihihi

  11. Miss Univers credentials… We have a pilot on stage… A miss universe is a pilot from the Philippines!

  12. Nelda is one of the girls I can see clinching a BbP crown. When she joined MWP, I thought she was regal, stunning, and standout.

    Go, Nelda, go!

  13. Potential BBP- international, intercontinental, and grand. She really needs to work on her HMUA. I already know that she has good comskills so if she masters the Q&A then there is a great chance that she would win one of the top prizes

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