16 comments on “Kenneth Santiago 2.0

  1. What a diffeeence 3 years would make.
    She’s got the height.
    She’s got the experience.
    Without make-up, she has a natural cover-girl look.
    Bring in Jonas with his golden touch…we may have a front runner in the makings.

    Plus… she has a catchy first name.

  2. If they can style her t o look less masculine ( which is possible because she talks and moves with feminine grace) , I think she can be a contender for MU and MI . I don’t see her in other pageants .

  3. I’m sensing some good vibes from this tall lady. She’s definitely a contender with some more refined styling. 😁👍🏽

  4. Maganda ang labanan yata sa patimpalak ngayon taon puro matatangkad ang sumasali. Puwede na siya sa Miss Globe.

  5. Nagpalit ka na ng gender, sana nagpalit ka na rin ng pangalan mo kenneth! Hihihi joke lang po.
    Sya yung isa sa mga matangkad during bbp 2014. I am just not happy with her q and a. Pero I like her. Ganda nya sa latest picture nya. Go Kenneth!!!

  6. She is the lady to beat if ever, the face represents thatcof a beautiful Filipina. She best expresses in Pilipino and heard her speak from the heart. Shes good in English too and in the Binibini 2014, her reply was most heartfelt and honest.

  7. Sya lang ata ang sumagot ng may wit, hindi pageant patty. She was my darkhorse for MUP kaso sadyang naka-reserve na talaga kay MJ ang korona. The body is to die for, napaka-sophistacated ng muka na pinay na pinay. Sana nag-improve na ang styling nya this time.

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