27 comments on “Hazel Ortiz 1.0(B)

  1. I want a Pinay rep to have at least experienced representing an internation minor pageant as a sort of launch pad to boost her confidence and experience. But to wear the Philippines sash twice and clap, makes me re think about the girls capacity to win. Yun lang. K thanks, bye!

  2. I don’t mean to be pushy, but how I wish our dear blogger Norman 💕would mention stats like age and height of these potential pageant candidates, making it easier for us dear readers to evaluate the girls. Pretty please 😊 dear Norman?

  3. This girl looks gorgeous in the pics above.
    Being a clapper at 2 intl pageants says something though

  4. I want vina openiano…. if we want a pure Filipino representing our country to the Miss Unicerse pageant . She may not win MU due to poor comm skills but she is likely to keep the Philippines in the top 3-6.

  5. We have to see this girl in motion and how she communicate. At sana tumangkad pa sya. At least 5’9″ would be great for her looks.

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