15 comments on “Happy Hearts Day, dear readers! 

  1. Why is it that Miguel Guia did not seem to prepare for his competition? Kitang-kita. Parang hindi man lang nag-fight. He should appreciate the fact thathe was aided by the fans. Pero disappointing. Sowee forcthe expression.

  2. Top favorite Paul Iskandar of Lebanon wins 11th edition of Mister International!

    Mister International 2016 (11th edition): Paul Iskandar of Lebanon

    1st runner-up: Masaya Yamagishi of Japan

    2nd runner-up: Vinicio Modolo of Italy

    Top 6:

    Kittikun Tansuhat of Thailand, Paul Iskandar of Lebanon, Nguyễn Tiến Đạt of Vietnam, Vinicio Modolo of Italy, Chris Veltkamp of Netherlands and Masaya Yamagishi of Japan

    Top 9:

    Spain, Vietnam, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Latvia, India, Lebanon and Thailand

    Top 16:

    Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Netherlands, Thailand, Venezuela, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam and Philippines as (Fan Vote)

    Special Awards:

    Mister GETZ Emperor Model Look: Mister Japan, Masaya Yamagishi
    Missosology Peoples Choice winner: Mister Philippines, Miguel Guia
    Mister Telegenic Award: Mister Sri Lanka, Daniel De Silva Wijewardena
    Mister Congeniality: Mister Australia, James Carne
    Mister Photogenic: Mister Puerto Rico, Francisco Vergara
    Best In National Costume: Mister Nepal, Rokesh Tandukar

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you and your team, and to all commenters in this blog.
    Pwede ko ba maka-date si Joseph? Hihihi

  4. You guys are the best ♡♡♡ Thank you norman.norman.com ♢♢♢ Keep blogging, guys !
    Love love love ♡♡♡

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