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  1. No to Catriona. No need to prove herself. Give chance to others. Sana yung sasali sa BbP nat half blood Filipino sana yung lumaki sa Pinas.

  2. Oh my God move na mga baklang pangit kung si Catriona nga nag move on na at wholeheartedly tinanggap na hind pala sya kagandahan at kagalingan at di talaga pang MW. Alam nya kasi na yung panggagaya nya kay Megan Young ay di umepekto. Megan Young is Megan Young lol

    • Why don’t you move on yourself?
      You keep flooding the comment section
      Para kang babaeng laging hinihiwalayan ng lalake dahil sa sobrang kadakdakan at kananag 😄

  3. She’s had it with pageants — at least for now. But she’s just turned 23. Who knows? Catriona might still change her mind — maybe next year.

  4. Sana sumali si Catriona..Filipino people around the world are willing to support you cat..no matter what will happens..kayang kaya yan..tiwala lang sa sarili at lalo na kay God.Don’t give up cat..nasa iyo na ang lahat..confidently beautiful inside and out.God bless you and we love you Catriona Gray the Pride of Bicol..Bicolanang Magayon..😘❤️️🇵🇭💪🏻👸

  5. Let her finish her reign. In 2018 perhaps, she’s still young. In the meantime, she needs to have curves or to tone her body to seal the deal.

  6. Yes indeed! No guts no glory! Kung gusto nyang maging Miss Universe dapat sumali sya sa Binibini. There’s no shame in fighting the good fight and losing (which I think is unlikely) 🙂

    Having said that, Miss International is also a good crown to have, just ask Queen Megan 🙂

  7. The bright side is the Philjppines still has an abundant of potential beauty queens waiting in the wings for their spots.

    Im still good with the idea that BbP should only crown 3 titles – Universe, International and Supranational and appointing the two runners-up to Intercontinental and Grand International.

    We’ll see how MWP develops this year without Cory Quirino and of Julia Morley’s handling of her resignation towards MWP 2017.

    • I prefer 2 crowns only. MU and MI.
      Runners up can be assigned to Supra, MGI, Globe and Intercontinental. Runners up can join the pageant again kahit na nakoronahan pa internationally. Example is Ann Colis

      • King tutuusin pwede PA din naman sumali si Ann Colis. Di bat ganyan Ang nangyari Kay Maricar Balagtas? Pinayagan PA rin siya sumali kahit nanalo na siya ng Miss Globe.

  8. The girl herself will need to decide if she’s ready to do battle again.As to caution, Pia gambled with her dignity when she gave BBP a third try, and we all know that paid off. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • I agree. It should be a decision from Cat’s own heart and mind. I soooo adore her and would love to see her win an international crown which she deserves, but I’ll be happy whatever her own decision will be.

  9. When Catriona will be ready to fight again for the BBP-Universe crown, i will pledge to support her all over again to clinch the Miss Universe crown. As long as ready na sya ulit, that time, she’ll be stonger,braver, fiercer cat.

    Since under na kay AV ang MWP franchise, baka pwede din sigurong isabak ulit sina Christy McGarry, Kris Janson, Janicel L., Bianca G. atbp. (Di ko alam if legible pa ang age nila this time) ipasok na rin si ateng imang at dun sya kumuda sa harap ng mga indo fans. Charot!

    • Ateng, sumulat ako mizmo sa kinauukulan ukol diyan SA iyong mungkahi. Ang suhestiyon ko ay ipadala na lang Ang NASA ikalawang pwesto ni Megan Young. Una, para maibigay SA kabilang Kampo Ang paghuhubog ng kandidatang yon. Ikalawa, magiging ikalawang pagkakataon na ng kandidatang yon ang pagtapak SA bansa ng kapitbahay Kung saan gaganapin Ang patimpalak. Ikatlo, Hindi man pumasok SA sampu Ang kandidatang yon ay Wala rin naman mawawala Sa Kanya dahil may napatunayan na ito SA dalawang patimpalak na sinalihan niya.

  10. I would take Charmaine Elima at anytime of the day over this over rated half bred beauty. Sorry but I live in a place where that kind of beauty is just ordinary in face an everyday face on the streets

    • Maganda sila pero ikaw pangit inside and out. Ano trabaho mo? Tagalinis ng banyo nila?

    • Oh my god mga baklang pangit super react. It is non of your business! That’s all. Bye

      • wala daw word na furnitures dapat walang “s” parang equipment lang daw, your thoughts dear

      • @ Closer – It was from a post on Feb 8, 2017 – “The Interior Designer from Mindoro” where Jeremi commented. 🙂

        @ Carl, wala namn talagang word na ” FurnitureS” . Its always FURNITURE.


      • Sheik Ayesa, please don’t spread your ignorance here. Furniture with an s was used before the end of the 19th century, it was only after that that NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS drop the s. Not only this case that has changed but still acceptable in todays world like dreamt to dreamed etc etc. Come back to me when you know something about the evolution of the English language. I wasn’t supposed to reply to u but you keep on repeating your ignorance. That’s all bye

      • Lols. Justifying ur STUPID ERROR Jeremi ?

        No word as “FurnitureS ” – marunong ka pa, eh i am living the trade! 🙂

      • Dunong dunungan itong si Jeremi eh!!!!

        Sige nga i copy & paste mo ang weblink ng sinasabi mong evolution of English language of Furniture?

        Pa intellectual ang bakla!!!!

    • Wow. The bitterness is more apparent than real now. Why so much hate for Catriona? .

    • Jeremi .if she is ordinary to you, then everyone will be.
      I live in a mostly white community . Catriona will surely turn heads everywhere she goes .

  11. Ang dami namang mga surot dito, mag join na ngayon, now na, hinog na hinog pa, at kung anu ano pang kulugo nyo!
    Mag turmeric tea nga kayo!
    1. Even if there’s blessings from CA, it doesn’t mean CG will drop everything and join BbP. Making judgments hastily can be pricey!
    2. CG has her own mind, let her be. Not because the surots want her to join, Hindi surots ang masusunod. Dapat sa inyo sprayan ng Baygon eh.
    3. Resigning from and/or relinquishing her MWP title doesn’t guarantee that she’ll win BbP MissUP crown.
    It also leave bad taste to the mouth. It’s shows lack of integrity, being greedy, ungrateful, with conduct unbecoming professional.
    Let her finish her reign, continue with her advocacies,
    and this will add wondrous stars to her feather.
    4. CG reign ends soon, why not just wait? Hindi komo gusto ng mga surots eh, susunód na sya. Wag swapang. Give her time to think, relax, put her thoughts and priorities together so she could face the new game fair and square.
    5. Refrain from comparing CG and OJ, CG is her own person, they’re of different caliber.
    6. CG is young, awaiting is a whole new world out there for her young beautiful life!

  12. Honestly after witnessing how Miss Universe has changed, I want her to try Binibini and represent us again. Not this year or next year, though. Para kasing atat naman baka mag backfire pa. She’s already great, but she hasn’t reached her full potential yet. Marami na syang nagawa yes, pero mas marami pa syang pwedeng gawin.

    Maybe she can try when she’s around 25-26 years old. Just not now.

    • I also think this is the safest age range for her to join. Mahirap na, baka kasi mailagay pa siya sa MI kapag 23-24 y/o sya sumali.

  13. Yes for 2018.
    Tapusin niya muna reign niya para di masumbatan na walang delicadeza.
    Pero kung ayaw, wag pilitin.
    Hundred million ang populasyon ng Pilipinas, marami pang maganda, matangkad, at matalinong mga babae to be discovered.

  14. Yes, she can join and a lot of Pageant fans in fact they were expecting that she will join bbp. But i think 2018 or 2019 is the best year for her. i feel that she’s hunger in crown and she really want to get the crown. pero lalabas lang na sobra syang desperado (kahit in reality hinde naman) if she join this year. Hinde din kase maganda ung nagmamadali kahit pa frontrunner and syempre hinde pa magaling ang sugat sa kanyang puso na iniwan ng MW sa kanya. malaki ding advantage sa kanya na wag muna syang sumali ds year in terms of preparation physically and intelectually. more preparation, more chances of winning the top prize which is Miss Universe.

  15. Yes but not too soon. Queen Cat is too young to hurry things up. Let her heal fully from the Mess World fiasco like a phoenix rising from the ashes before pushing the girl for a crossover. If she so wishes, I will support her all the way. Honestly, i have no doubt she will win MUP effortlessly judging from her MWP/MW performance. As to MU competition, it will all depend on IMG if they still prefer an overly confident woman or a sweet femme fatale this time. It’s too early to tell, anyway, having Pia and Iris as parameters.

  16. Whatever desisyon ni ate Cat I’ll support. We love you Cat so proud of you. Ang gusto ko Lang if ever you try again it’s because you want it no any pressure from people around you. We were all heartbroken need to heal the pain that This Mess World gave us if only fair Lang si madam Julia tanggap naman natin, sports naman tayo. Basta Cat if you decide to give pageantry another try full support Kami for you.

    • Your are entitled to your opinion!

      But unfortunately, you are trying to justify Mess World without considering the impactful evidences of fraud:

      “THE NATIONAL DIRECTORS OF EVENTUAL WINNERS SEATED AS JUDGES” – unfair, unethical, unprofessional, etc.

      And with that you can’t get away with the truth!!!!!

      Miss Philippines was really robbed bigtime in Mess World 2016!!!!!!!

      No more opinionated intellectuals!!!! THE FACTS IS SCREAMING BIGTIME!!!!!

      • I don’t like influence-peddling but it is practiced everywhere. And if you read my article more closely, you should realize I didn’t really justify Indonesia’s high plaement. I didn’t like it as much as you do. Instead I pointed out what made the powers-that-be respond to Catriona with less enthusiasm than we all expected and allowed Liliana to justify her influence.

    • I agree that Filipinos should avoid being too spiteful of the contestants themselves, but I disagree with how you seemingly justified Miss World’s decision to make a couple of “compromises” for the sake of maintaining the profile of the pageant.

      Indonesia’s placement was too glaring it was actually offensive. Other countries dropping or discontinuing the franchise shows this very much. Imagine Spain dropping the MW franchise so they could focus solely on Miss Universe when they won just over a year ago. That speaks of how low this pageant has become.

      I understand that it’s not new for pageant organizations, no matter how big or small they are, to make compromises. When Julia Morley was egging the Philippines to host MW Cory justified each and every placement we’ve had by sending quality candidates. Megan was a high-caliber candidate and she gave a highly convincing win. Puerto Rico was okay, but not so when someone like Catriona ended up in the final 5 with her. Indonesia, as I’ve said, was just a joke plain and simple. Same with the candidate they had last year to be honest but hardly anyone has even remembered her because Natasha’s placement was just…unnerving. Bali-baliktarin man natin wala talaga. Ang hirap tuloy maging objective kasi talagang WALA. NONE. NADA.

      I won’t hate on Indonesia’s ways to clinch their first major crown, if they have the resources, why not? I just want these “pera-pera” organizers to find a girl that can justify their planned victory. Eh biruin mo nandun na nga tayo sa nag-judge na yung ND nila tapos ganun pa KAHINANG candidate ang isasali nila? Walang redeeming factor eh. Mabait ba sya – if yes, good for her, pero sya lang ba ang ganun dun? Diba hindi?

  17. I will consider it wishful thinking until she finally speaks her mind. Para kasing when she said no in one of the interviews ay she was still hurting from the result of MW. I hope and I pray that doesn’t stop her dreams in becoming a winner in the international stage. She can continue her advocacy even not as Miss World, because she can be the next Miss Universe, she’s got what it takes based on the development in MU lately. Gone are the days of the bitchy-fierce-glamazon winners. MU has been changing its landscape gracefully, and we’ve seen with the recent winners like Pia and Iris. And I see it in her. But in the mean time, we should allow Cat to rest and make up her mind first. For whatever she chooses to accomplish in the future, I’ll always be a fan. #GRAY2018

  18. i like her but she’s so dull. pok pokan ang labanan sa universe at kailangan all out and personality mo as in pati kaluluwa mo dapat largabell. lol

  19. let us spread around the strong contenders; this 2017 may not be the best year for Gray. it would be better for her to rest and relax first before facing another competition. 2018 would be a better year.

    i am already very excited who the other faces will turn up this year; Mariel de Leon, if she really loses a lot of weight and tone those thighs and legs, then she can really zoom up to the top; Monique Dee, daughter of Mimilanie, she has big chance; Dindi is more for the smaller crowns like Supranational or Grand International. One thing I really want for 2017 is for Pinas to win Intercontinental. If Hammond wore the same gown style (with sleeves) that she wore in Bb pageant, she could have run away with the crown. Elima cannot be for the big crowns. Maybe she can be our Intercontinental rep, but she is not tall enough maybe …

  20. Wag this year. Ayusin muna ang kailangang ayusin sa policy sa BBPCi. Her background is the one MU is looking. May utak , ganda malasakit sa kapwa at alam ang international diplomacy

  21. Most definitely a yes.
    The MU, MW and MI results were all memorable, for different reasons, this year.
    I’m still exhausted! 😫

    I dont recall the Philippines ever placing three “finalists” placements in the Big 3 pageants of MU (final 6), MW (final 5), and MI (winner) in one pageant year.
    The Philippine’s 2016 pageant season was undeniably potent this year.

    Maxine would have…
    Catriona should have..
    Kylie did!

    I think 2018 may be a better fit for Cat to heal.

  22. Regardless of the sentiments of the World or the Universe, Ms. Gray is beautiful in her own right and no longer needs to prove anything to anybody. If she wishes to give pageantry another go, then it will strictly be personal and only to prove something to herself. Whatever her next life trail will be, may it bring her serenity. And we will have her back. Unsullied as she is now is how she can best be immortalized.

    And I think Mr. Tinio (also) feels she has accomplished quite enough. Hope I read right. Thanks.

  23. Give her a break. She gave her all for the MW pageant. Let her rest and enjoy her time muna.

  24. Jusko ayan nanaman kayong mga bakla kayo, it’s a Liza Soberano scenario all over again! Huwag nyong pilitin kung ayaw! She’s already said NO. Period. Tapos. Let the girl pursue whatever she wants, however she wants.

    • liza soberano scenario??? catriona said b4 that she will not join any pageants /MWP. So sino ang kandidata natin sa MW last year? Catriona Gray! People Change jajang. hayaan mo ang mga fans niya, mga pageant fanatics kung gusto nilang sumali si catriona sa bbp. since you compared this scenario on liza. okay. im very very sure soon she will join bbp. if she said NO same as catriona then she will say Yes soon…….

  25. Definitely not 2017! Perhaps 2018/2019. Maturity and time will help polish her potential. Besides, if this crown is meant for her then it will happen without the complicated scenarios.

  26. Not this year, let her relax and have full time to recover and re invent herself. after all this is Miss Universe .

  27. Yes it’s a go for me for Cat but … it will be premature to see her sign up for the 2017 BBP edition. I’d say give her a couple of years and let her put all the MW 2016 hullabaloo behind. I’d like to see A&Q prepare, transform and polish her for a later edition. She deserves a break at this time and yes, I still believe Cat has what it takes to become MUP en route to becoming our 4th Miss Universe. She is the perfect candidate ♡♡♡ All the best to you, Catriona and I hope you seriously consider giving BBP a try later. We got your back 🙂

  28. A little break will do her good, take stock of things, and focus on her Paraiso charity. She is still young at 23. The next two years will be crucial to her choices whether to pursue her charity further and widen her sphere influence by winning a crown. I think Catriona is hungry and ready to achieve greater heights but let fate guide her. Good luck Cat! #theonethatgotaway

  29. I think she’ need to heal first before putting herself out tjrrr again. She has to give chance to all the girls who have worked the past year to be in 2017 pageant. After reading your blog now it shows how disappointed Cory was about the results. By giving her blessings she knows that Cat should have won Miss World 2016!!

  30. Let the girl move on, she already did a wonderful job. There are plenty of hungry, fresh faced women who will compete for their shot to relresent PH. It feels off to encourage her to relinquish her crown and throw herself back into the ring “all or nothing” for MU.

    A&Q class is very competitive this year. Charmaine, Laura, Dindi…just to name a few.

  31. She is MUP and MU crown worthy.

    But not this year please, for now she should enjoy the rest of her reign as MWP then focus on joining BBP after her reign.

  32. There was a time when Q&A was omitted in favor of the rep sent to Ecuador.
    Title obviously handed to MB.

  33. No doubt, Catriona Gray, five stars!

    This girl will make all the other girls (featured so far by Mr. Norman eat dust). Easily a Miss Universe frontrunner.

    Complete package: Height, beauty, pedigree, education, talent, articulateness and yes, experience.

    However some considerations:

    > Anything less than a Ms. Universe Philippines crown will be a downgrade,
    > Assuming she gets the title, anything less than Top Five in Ms. Universe will also be a downgrade.
    > The era of sweet, gentle beautiful Ms Universe winners has long been over. Instead it has been replaced by super confident (bordering on arrogance), fierce, very competitive amazonas

    Is Catriona cut for it? In my heart of hearts, I don’t think she is. And there is nothing wrong with that. Let us spare this beautiful girl another heartache. She already did us proud.

    World Peace.

    • @Thomas

      very well said, same sentiments here… the beautiful Cat should be spared another heartache!

      we are truly proud of her, THE ONE that got away..!!

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