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  1. Ako lang b nakakapansin na medyo biased ang blog na to sa Aces and Queens? May post din mangilan ngilan sa ibang camps pero iba talaga ang effort pag Aces and Queens.

    • Coffee Lover, the two other camps prefer to be more low-key with their candidates. However, Tito Rodgil of KF promised to give me a list of their entire lineup for Bb. Pilipinas 2017 before February 27. JDV’s group, on the other hand, is far more hush-hush about their ladies. I respect both of their strategies.

      • Well to be honest with you, it’s not just about the articles about Bb Pilipinas 2017 where your favoritism to Aces and Queens is very evident. Dati pa naman, I frequent your blog coz I want to know he updates about our representatives but then nagiging avenue na para mg away away ang mga camps and candidates. I’ve read some other comments here na nkakapuna na din ng ibang treatment sa camps and candidates.

      • Not to mention that some of your posts are provocative that open doors for bashing other people. And yes commenters go below the belt in bashing hopeful beauty queens and you allow that in your blog. More than the quantity of your audience/readers, quality matters too. There is a thing called responsible blogging. Your sponsors will not leave you if will not allow trasgy and non sense comments.

  2. 1 actress/opera singer? 2 profession in only one girl. so its Mariel De Leon and not wynwyn. but if 1 actress and 1 opera singer then wyn wyn is one of them. Pero feel ko hinde kasali si wynwyn.

    • Wynwyn is a too short for any title. Even Renee Salud said so. Unless you have the face of Olivia Culpo, a vertically challenged candidate, has a lot of things going against her.

  3. Oh my Dindi what happened to your fez? Nagtransform din sya… lololol. Guys is Apriel Smith joining this year. I feel like she isn’t but the girl in the middle of 3rd row looks like her..

  4. I’d take Laura over Dindi. Just like some people here I don’t really get her hype.

  5. Dindi is not for MU, TBH. I DON’T get the hype with this girl. Just by looking at her, she is more suitable in MGI.

    • Laura is more Miss World material. I like her athleticism. Problem, Julia Morley daya effect.

  6. I was just waiting for some other people to point out the obvious (thanks @jajang, @venusrah lol) before I posted my bit that I don’t get the hype over Dindi as well. While there is nothing wrong with being retokada (though I think Filipina beauty queens wouldn’t go-all out ala Venezuela), her tweaked looks make her look like an afternoon-soap kontravida; albeit a very polished one. Her performance during her stint at Binibini was confident, her styling on point and her poses and pasarela, clean and precise.

    But the Q&A leaves much to be desired. We all know at this point, that we’ve given Maxine a hall pass and that the next girl to wear the MUP crown would have to be someone absolutely fluent and witty and opinionated and clever. This is non-negotiable.

  7. I don’t get the hype over Dindi, Charmaine, and Mariel. Dindi’s face is basic Asian bombshell, that’s it. Charmaine’s facial features are bordering masculine, and Mariel is big-boned, hindi ang weight nya ang problema. But between the 3, I’d go for Dindi.

    Alita is really pretty, however, her face resembles Iris’ so much, it wouldn’t be for the best to crown her as MUP + she’s quite short. Sino pa ba? Ahh that Katarina girl.. place her beside the Western girls and boom it’s game over, + she’s also quite short. And if Anjie Balatbat joins and wins MUP, it’s BbP-U 1990’s-2000’s all over again.

    If I had to pick one from all these A&Q girls, again, I’d go for Dindi. Still, there is a reason why she didn’t get as much hype as the 3 strongest girls last year namely; Maxine, Kylie, and NicholeM.

    I REALLY want a newcomer who ticks all the boxes for me. I’m keeping my hopes up but not too high. Sigh.

    • New comers: Nelda Ibe – the pilot/beauty queen and Camelle Mercado of Pampanga.

  8. Dindi Looks Like a miss china clapper contestant. The only worthy face so far is CHARMAINE. I hope she can match it with communication skills

  9. Pasalihin na lahat yan at bahala na ang BbPilipinas ang magscreen kung sino ang pasok.
    Kawawa naman yung girls na di papayagan sa BbPilipinas screening.
    Malay natin, baka during BbPilipinas ay biglang magningning ang kanyang bituin hihihi 🙂

  10. Sir Norman, sana i-feature mo rin yung mga girls ng KF, kahit lower half body lang ang ipakita muna o kaya mga veneers! Hihihi joke lang po.
    Ibang camps naman sir Norman. 😊

  11. Sana sa 24 ladies ng Aces and Queens, walang below 5’6″ 😊. Maayos ang mga papeles, citizenship, walang nude photos. Para walang madisqualify!!!

  12. Love Dindi for the MUP crown! Siya Ang bet ko last year PA. If not for the “sovereign dignity” answer tapos may ambassador PA SA judging panel last year, she will get the MUP crown. Akala din ni Maxine si Dindi Ang mananalo when she was asked by Boy on her guesting at TWBA.

  13. I dont mean to rain on anyone’s parade. parang di gano matatangkad yun sasali. sana 5’7 above na yun height requirement. wag ho irason si Olivia Culpo (miss usa ho yun and thats trump era)
    Dindi will surely get a crown. hoping for Supra or MGI. I agree w Fabi that her communication skills is good enough to win

  14. Dindi is undeniably sexy and has that universal appeal….her downfall tho is her comm skills comparable to Maxine’s…i hope she improved over the course of a year. Yun lang. k thanks, bye!

    • There u go again .
      Just let her win the crown quietly . Too much buzz will cause too much pressure on the candidate . So let her be.

    • How old is she again? I think she can, but it’s just a tad too soon probably….skip this year and do it next year

      • Hmm.. good point… I guess she should finish her duties to the sponsors of MW Ph to show her integrity then join BBP at 2018… If Patch Magtanong doesn’t win the Universe in 2017 then Catriona will in 2018! 🙂

    • I like that Cory Q gave Catriona the blessing to compete in Binibining Pilipinas. I like it too that Catriona will compete with the best Filipinas, this time kita niya ang competition sa national-level pa lang. Di tulad nung MWP na she experienced the best of favoritism and non-competition. She should take it as a challenge. Sige, Catriona face your competition – Katarina Rodriguez, Mariel de Leon, Dindi Pajares, Gelica Alita, Michelle Dee, Patricia Magtanong, Eva Patalinjud, Stephanie Stefanowitz, Jehza Juelar and yes the surprise Aj Balatbat, and the tall dusky beauty and brain independent Martha Baruray. Sana nga sumali din si Angelia Ong at Jinkee Herell, lets see if these Earthly winners are at par. Salpukan ng Binibini sa Araneta, this is it!

      • Hmmm.. another good point… Winning this year would give our title holder the credential of being our country’s best of the best of the best! Only a good political cooking show could kill her chances at Miss Universe! 🙂

      • Uu nga ano mga past international and local winners ng iba bang beauty pageant na hindi hawak ng BPCI pasaliin na…yan. Ang saya siguro ng labanan.

    • Hay nehkoh, sanah ngah megkatehteh oh yhan Cey2ef.
      Mehnahnahloh yan pheroh sanah nex year nah syah sahsahleh hehhehhehh 🙂

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