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  1. Ang issue naman ng nakararami eh yung presentation ng ME, sana mas iangat na lang ng Carousel ang production. No question with the advocacy, at least may katuturan. Let’s stop comparing it to MU, eh alam naman natin na magkaiba talaga, the least we can do is stop supporting ME by not watching it, if it really does not suit our standards than putting down a pageant that is our very own. Just sayin’

  2. Sana mag start na ng petition ang A&Q para payagan ipasok si Cat Gray to win BBP- Universe

  3. Pagdi pumasa sa screening ng Binibini, Go agad sa Carousel Mansion! Isang MRT ride lang mga Sisters, Cubao to Shaw Blvd.

    Huwag Sayangin ang makeup at hair na plus heels & dress. #NoTeaNoShade

  4. Don’t get me wrong; I am always supportive of anything Filipino (within reason) but I just can’t make myself get excited over Miss Earth. There is something about it that just smacks of something DIY- nothing wrong with that except that the world of pageantry is unforgiving. Fans can’t forgive a lack of class and can smell ‘kabaduyan’ (is this word still being used?) from a mile away. And ME’s propensity to parade around its contestants ala the sari-sari store way- the nonsensical mini competitions, the tacky sponsor awards- Ms Placenta soap anyone???- the inability to have it hosted in other countries other than the Philippines (and horrendous venues like Versailles) continue to be the stumbling blocks that prevent it from truly attaining big pageant status.

    Call it shallow- and honestly, its purported environmental advocacies is nothing but tokenism- but it lacks the shine and excitement that less credible pageants like MGI and MI have.

    So ME; wake up! Carousel needs to work 10 times harder! And for gods sakes, huwag kayong sumabay sa Binbining Pilipinas search because there’s no way in hell na maagaw niyo attention from fans who are waiting for their next queen to compete in MU…

    • Ok we are all entitled to opine at anything, but whether you like it or not, Ms. Earth remains and will remain as one of the beloved pageants in the world that is the very reason why it has one of the most numbers of participants year in year out. In fact, it is even more reverred than Miss International in some parts of the earth specially in Europe. Only Filipinos are saying what you are saying dahlinnn… so get back here and rewrite your comment when there are only around 2o contestants left parading for mother earth.

      • Agree I think is ME is better respected abroad than in the Philippines.
        The the different minor awards leading up to the finals makes the daily activity more interesting for both the contestants and the spectators. It also brings uniqueness to the pageant.
        MW and MI are the other top tier beauty pageants and yet their coronation night presentations are more boring than ME. Even MU is boring if not for the Philippine rep making it into the final round. Let’s see how many of us will finish the MU show once our rep is eliminated in the semi – final round.
        Andrew E, I think your asessment is a bit unfair.. but it is your opinion and should be respected

      • I would say @Jeremi that one should aim for quality rather than quantity but I get what you’re saying. ME must be doing something right to get that many participants (and franchises willing to pay the fees) but personally, I think it needs some more polishing, a bit more finesse.

    • May katotohanan naman Yung statement mo. Hindi lang kasi maka-connect SA madla yung production dahil palaging may expectation to be compared to MU. Pero di rin tatagal ng more than 10years Ang pageant na Ito Kung walang saysay. Yung Miss Charm Int’l or Miss Maja or Miss Wonderland, mga defunct pageant na ngayon. Yung advocacy naman ng MGI almost impossible to achieve na di hamak na mas classified as delusional. Mas na-appreciate Kasi ng madla pag Ang effect ng pageant eh mistulang “mental steroid”.

    • Agree Mr Espino. ME is just so trying hard. I like the idea that its Filipino in origin but the entirety of it indicates a low-class vibe. Worse, its organization keeps on hyping it as part of four most prestigious crowns in the universe; when, in fact, the tadness speaks for itself. ME is justcso cheap.

      • LOL. Why so much hate with ME? Clearly, your opinions are not constructive. Mema lang.

  5. Can they upgrade the ME production during the coronation night!? Other countries still ignore ME as an alpha pageant. Not that we need validation from them but to prove them that ME is a totally different pageant bent on saving mother earth. Ms Supra has a far better production value. Mas trip ko pa din ang ME kasi Pinoy ako! Yun lang! K thanks, bye!

    • Correct. This is the pageant that is pr’d to be one of the biggest. The truth is, its just an ek-ek. Sowee, Miss E is so unprestigious, kaya nga happy sila na umeksena si Imelda Hitler at napag-usapan sila a bit.

      • Haha! I agree with you, Gloria M. Altho ME in some ways have improved over the past years. But they still lack the oomph factor kaya medyo cheapipay. Lol! Yun lang! K thanks, bye! 🙂

  6. Include on the contract of the winner that she has to pay double of the total price she receive if she resign after the international competition has finished. She also has to refrain from using social media to vent her frustration and of similar kind. Lastly, she is not immuned for litigation if the content of the reason of her resignation didn’t correspond to actual execution. This way they will behave like a woman and not some squatter in slum area.

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