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  1. She’s just that ME type of beauty. If ever she does join bb it would be a risk which is more on loss than win. But who knows. If she joins at least she will not have a future what-if moment. Tho I agree she looks masculine but so does mariam habach. Oh wait that girl didnt make the first cut. (Just an opinion)

  2. Let her compete, guys. BbP 2017 will be a bloodbath amongst repeaters, crossovers and newbies. Labanan ng ganda, talino at kurba! Select the best of the best and secure our pageant powerhouse status! Yun lang mga pre! K thanks, bye! 😅😂🤣

  3. On one hand, ladies who have had pageant experience to aspire to compete in BbP is a plus these days. On the otherhand, there’s that fine line when one joins too many pageants and not win a crown.

    In all due respect, does anyone remember Brenna Cassandra Gamboa? Her attempts at MWP, MPE, BbP and Mutya ng Pilipinas (and perhaps multiple other pageants) defines that old saying, “If you first you dont succeed try and try again.” However, there comes a point when “enough is enough!”

    In my opinion, Stephany should go for it. Brenna is an example of maybe being a little desperate. Just saying ladies…

    • Another WTF? From Saluda!
      i like Gamboa . She’s tall confident and articulate. With some weight loss and guidance from a camp, I think l she could have been a great rep to international pageants

      • Lol…
        I’m still sore after MW and MU Fabians…
        Im in for some new meds soon…
        Ones im taking now is making me feel bitchy 😀😆

        Brenna still has a future, once she gets married.. you know, Mrs. WP, Mrs UP etc…
        Girl’s gonna win a crown somehow…😄

      • Hihihi
        That explains those infrequent moments from the ever so pleasant saluda
        What u say bong 700?

  4. Advantage:
    1. Her pageant experience & accomplishment. Being Miss Earth 1st Runner Up is a title worth gloating to the rookie pageant girls.
    2. Her confidence.
    3. Her credentials as a beauty queen, being Miss Earth Philippines. She could stick to her previous advocacy – protecting & nurturing the environment.

    1. Her beauty is an acquired taste. I find her too masculine, no offense to the lady.
    2. Miss Earth & Miss World has a different standard & criteria – beauty + brains + advocacy.
    Even if a girl isn’t universally beautiful, her principles & advocacy makes up for it, hence the success of Gwen Ruais & Stephany on those 2 pageants I mentioned. But Miss Universe? She has to be gorgeous, Miss Universe is always gorgeous 90% of the time, from Lara Dutta, Oxana Federova, Amelia Vega down to Iris. Why? Because she’s Miss Universe, darling.
    3. Once she squares off face to face with the great beauties – Catriona, Gazini, Angelica Alita, even Mariel, there’s a possibility she will fade into the background. After all, a beauty queen’s most powerful arsenal is her pretty face. Hers lack the firepower to make the girls say ” uwian na”.

    Final analysis: At utmost best, she could win Miss Globe, Intercontinental or Grand International.
    Universe? A long shot, the cards are stacked against her.

    • Agree with you, Venus Rah!! Potential crown contender, ONLY IF she got herself tanned and went for that exotic look. She’s already a shoo in for Q & A

  5. These major title holders should be allowed to cross over if they want to . What are they going to lose if they do not get a crown ? Honestly , who knows them outside the beauty pageant circle?

  6. Regardless of what you might think of her, Stephany actually has real guts if she’s gonna do this. So go ahead and cross over darlin’!

    Perhaps Catriona might do the same — if not this year, hopefully next year.

  7. If she will join because she’s preparing for it after ME then why not but if she will join just because she got the hype after watching MU live then it’s a no. Why only this time? Her contract ends at ME since circa 2013.

  8. She may be beautiful by most Pinoy standard but not really universally gorgeous. She will just get lost in a sea of exotic and alluring women

  9. She looks like Gwendolyn Ruais….she may be pretty for most Filipino standard, but universally, she will not stand out in a sea of beautiful women. Perhaps if she gets tanned and push for that exotic look…

  10. Kung may queen na pwedeng pasalihin si y. Santiago. At K. Janson na lang pasalihin for a higher crown. International and universe. Kasi alam naman natin na snatch kay janson ang crown!

    • I agree that it’s really sad that Yvethe and Kris only competed in lesser pageants. Pero kung papipiliin ako I would rather have Kris Janson and Ann Colis. Kris speaks with so much class. Very touching yung sagot Nya during BbP about her dad pero Hindi corny. Direct to the point but heartfelt. If you thought Cat Gray was robbed at MW2016, I think Kris Janson was robbed even more!!! I can’t believe the atrocious-looking Thai delegate won over her! Si Ann Colis naman ay napakaganda! Sayang at nawaste lang sya sa Globe.

      Yvethe may be pretty, but her interview answers weren’t all that great. And her nose job is obvious.

      • But colis is an internation title holder already. Kris should be allowed to compete for internationla if pwede pa o Universe kasi she has the potential to ein that 4th crown! Wit, beauty and experience pasok na…

      • But Colis won the Globe crown, it’s just 3rd tier…if not 4th or 5th.

        This is why I oppose BbP having so many title holders. No other national pageant does this! They have 3 at the most.

      • But an international title is a title… Pag sumali siya baka sabihang pangalawa lang siya ni thailand magkahawig eh… JANSON for the Universe

      • Kris Janson is pretty and has that sincere vibe everytime she speaks. BbP should just crown 3 girls na lang kase. Sayang those ones who are sent to minor tier pageants only. Look at Ann Colis and Christi Mcgarry.

      • I’m sorry, but I beg to disagree. International crowns are a dime a dozen. Miss Globe, Miss Global, Miss Tourism, Miss Tourism International, Miss Tourism Queen International. The is only ONE Miss Universe. It is still considered as the most prestigious international pageant.

        Ann Colis may have won an international crown, but so did Lara Dutta – Miss Intercontinental 1997 before she went on and won Miss Universe 2000. And Miss Intercontinental is relatively more prestigious than Miss Globe.

    • If Yvethe loses the big hair and the big mouth , maybe.
      I like Kris Janson because she’s got everything .. plus the drive to win . I’m just not sure abt the personality… something is missing there

  11. Beke nemen meme, maging strong to sya pagdating sa kudahan. Remember her ME stint, with conviction talaga si ateng. As of now, akala ko huminto na sya sa mga pageant after vlinching ME-Air nung 2012 at pa host2x na sya. Mejo na umay na rin naman ako, lage ko syang nakikita every MEP pageant eh. Hehehe



  13. No.

    Pretty but No.

    Rating: 2 Stars*


    Rating of 1-5 stars based SOLELY on pics posted. I don’t know this girl. Haven’t seen her walk nor talk – – which could be a deal-maker or breaker.

    0.5 : You got to be kidding!
    1.0 : What sorcery is this?
    2.0 : Don’t quit the day job girl!
    3.0 : Yes, but I need to see other pictures.
    4.0 : Watch out for this girl.
    5.0 : Frontrunner. Easily top five.

  14. Go lang ng go! The more the merrier.. . Who knows bka mag uwi ka pa ng crown. Follow your dream.

  15. a big NOOOO! she’s gorge but she’s not MU or MI contender so if she will be crowned other than the two it will be a downgrade to what her title was before. I have mixed feelings about her she’s a MPE and ME-runner up buti kung MPE runner-up lang. As early as now I can say she will downgrade her title. I heard of a strong line-up already from each camp w/c are MU and MI contender.

      • It is more of she should learn self contentment and she’s blessed enough to put that blessing into gold. She already won a national title then she must used that experience to better her dreams. Minsan ang masyadong mataas na ambition pag bumagsak sobrang sakit ang lagapak 🙂 just saying!

      • It’s better to try to reach the stars and fail than not try to reach the stars and not fail…

  16. No guts no glory! Kung gustong maging Miss Universe dapat sumali sa Binibini 🙂

    But I have to agree with some readers here na kailangan ng konting oomph to snatch that crown. Siguro kung magpaitim siya ng bonggang-bongga para maging exotic ang dating?

  17. Join Bb Pilipinas. Miss earth is just a small title, its being pr’d lang as a big pageant but if you win it, as a title holder, the biggest prize that you can get is a year’s supply of Manila Bulletin and an accommodation in Loraine Schuck’s house. Look at Angelia Ong and Jinkee Herell, ni parada nga wala. Sorry miss E, wala naman talaga.

    • Wag kang ganyan. I think Angelia was able to travel quite extensively naman and be part of regional shoots in Asia. Also it’s an advocacy driven pageant and not glamour.

      • Okay. Advocacy chuchu. Hihihi. That’s why they’re given diario para they can recycle it and make it as a bag. Di na hotel accommodation, sa bahay na lang ni Loraine and help in their house chores, re-use iyon. Ecology ek ek. But thanks and regards.

      • Sowee. Olga Herell? Paloma Herell? Wala akong tome i-google. That pretty girl from Cebu, she shld join kasi Binibini. Wasted siya dun sa Miss Earth.

  18. Go go go. Join the war hihihi charette 🙂
    Malay natin, ikaw ang mag-uwi sa isang international title for the Philippines.
    There’s no harm in trying hihihi 🙂

    • Share ko lang ang old Video na to..Yari dated Prince Albert.
      Sa tabloid in USA napabalitang umalis sya sa isang place sa California kc whore daw c Dayanara.
      Yari is receiving US$13K/month from Marc Anthony and she is asking na naman daw ng $100K/month.
      Pakiliwanag lang po sa nakakaalam hihihi charette lng.

      • Known playboy yang prinsipe ng Monaco na Yan. Kahit si Claudia Schiffer pinatos niya pero di Niya pinakasalan. Sustento ng mga Anak nila ni Mark Anthony Ang habol niya which is legal SA amerik e2 video nila Kung paano Sila nagkakilala.

  19. pang minor lang siya. maganda na sa kung maganda pero hindi beauty pageant winner ang appeal.. unless… dumaan ito ng magaling na transformation.. may pagka zha zha padilla siya. tisay na kulang sa appeal

  20. For me, I would go for someone else. She has already won a major national title and placed in a relatively prestigious international pageant. There are SO many girls who never got that opportunity. Many girls who never got to wear that PHILIPPINES sash. Hannah Sison and Kim Suiza come to mind. Let’s give other girls a chance to represent us.

  21. Looks like this year’s BBP edition is turning out to be a batch of so many strong contenders.
    It’s going to be tough for the screening committee to select the best of the bunch 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Is this true ? she is a contender but she must lose a lot of weight ; legs and waist were not good during the Miss Earth 2012

  23. Ms International caliber. Reminds me Melanie Marquez in that pic in a bb hat. Next girl please!

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