26 comments on “Angelika dela Cruz 1.0

  1. Just like the previous girl, this one too is gorgeous and potential crown contender! But give her 1-2 more years too to gain experience! That is why i keep on saying that BbP should just focus on 3 titles! Universe-International-Supra! Then appoint runners up to compete for second tier intl pageants to gain experience. Wag sayangin ang ganda. Look at Kris Tiffani Janson and Anne Colis! Nyemas,nasayang! Ayun lang! K thanks, bye!

  2. I’ll bet on the fresh ones para may thrill. The repeaters have already gained popularity, aslo we can’t doubt if ever they have won a certain crown. I like the way people will doubt the winner (if a fresh one) but will eventually let them swallow what they spit out just as how Maxine gave everyone a good surprise

    • Maxine was a first timer and she couldve given us a back to back BUT oh well papel, no point arguing. Give these beautiful young newbies time to practice first, para di sayang. Call me crazy but i want another international crown. Yun lang. K thanks, bye! 😄😄😄

  3. I hope if she wins, she will have that grit to win. Baka na Joanna Eden 2.0 lang tayo. Joanna really has all the goods. Kinulang lang sya sa gigil. For a girl to be crowned Supra, dapat nanlalamon sa rampahan at projection. K thanks, bye.

  4. Go. Dapat young and fresh beauties. And please wag na matatanda or matured candidates. Wag naman pa lolaan sa tanda.

    • Hi Gloria M! I think 22-25 is a good age to win a national title and eventually an international crown. Age and experience are really good mentors for a contestant to potentially win the crowd and the crown. There are those young ones who won because of sash factor, universally gorgeous face and politics. Perhaps Angelika can join for experience muna unless she wins everybodys approval and get crowned. Yunnlang. K thanks, bye.

  5. I like prefer the raw beauty of last year’s angel – Angela Gene Valdez, candidate #23. Hope she joins again.

    • Siya rin ang gusto Kong makita
      . Akala ko ay ako lang ang nakapansin sa kagandahan nya.
      Sobrang attractive ako sa ganda nya pag curly hair siya

      • And she is tall.

        Styling and projection can be polished, but height is non-negotiable.

  6. I say go for it! If she wins, she’ll have lots of time to train. If she loses, she can try her luck again!

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