30 comments on “Ruffa Nava 1.0(B)

  1. FShe looked great on those first two pics. Third pic tho made her look matured. So im kinda confused— just like with my sexuality. Confused ako mga pre…Yun lang. K thanks, bye

  2. I remember her from MWP 2014. She was one of the candidates that were added last-minute. Her modelling pictures looked amazing and I was very impressed! However, her performance was lacking and her styling was very minimal. She’s a little timid and was quickly overshadowed by many girls. She was also very very very thin (good for a model, but not so much for a pageant girl). I hope she gets more pageant training soon because she has such raw potential! Her features are beautifully delicate and she’s also tall enough (5’8.5)

  3. Queen hinahanap hindi model. Sana may background sa kawang gawa ilaban kasi yung nag basehan ngayon international knowledge on issues. Buena mano si maxine as host kasi maganda rin but pansin yung shift utak at kawang gawa hinahanap. Kasi pag ganda given na yan na mga sumasali maganda… X factor sa community hinahanap. France is knowlegable about refugee thing… International diplomacy and socio economic issue back ground dapat meron pag MUP…

  4. For me she a 4.00. Based on the pics she has a lot of potential!! How did she not make out to the top 5 in Miss World Philippines!! She has face and the height!!!


  6. She has a beautiful, Filipina face in Picture #2. Long neck. Nice skin. Aqualine nose.


    In the last two pictures….. she looks OLD. Especially the third close up picture. A contravida mother in law ala Cherie Gil. I need to see other pictures.

    Rating : 3.2 stars *

    World Peace.


    Rating of 1-5 stars based SOLELY on pics posted. I don’t know this girl. Haven’t seen her walk nor talk – – which could be a deal-maker or breaker.

    0.5 : You got to be kidding!
    1.0 : What sorcery is this?
    2.0 : Don’t quit the day job girl!
    3.0 : Yes, but I need to see other pictures.
    4.0 : Watch out for this girl.
    5.0 : Frontrunner. Easily top five.

  7. I like this girl a lot. I hope Aces & Queens will adopt her. She seems to be the Isabel Preysler of this generation. Look at her face, and the neck!

    If her communication skills is not that good, then Supra would suit her. Good luck, Ruffa!

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