49 comments on “Emma Tiglao 2.0(B)

  1. I want her to get the MI title at Binibini. Given na yung fact na Hindi nagba-b2b Ang MI. Di na nila pinapapasok SA Top 15 yung country ng current winner. Kaya maligwak man siya,di masakit! Kesa naman nagpadala Tayo ng Uber ganda na masasayang lang. Kung Manalo man siya, bonus na lang yon!

    • Good Point.. but if that is the case then we might as well give MI to Stefannie Steffanowitz or Serene Sutton who could give a better placement based on personality and performance.

    • Emma Tiglao is pretty. And uberkind. The sophistication too is amazing. Go Emma! Follow not the chakabashers.

  2. It feels weird to see beauty queens who joined years ago and will come back with a different looks. I know cosmetic surgery/enhancements should not be an issue but sana ang mga girls na di contented sa facelak na binigay ni God sa kanila ipagawa na muna bago sumalang sa “National Pageant”. If Emma will joined this year and if I or my circle of friends will be a judge we won’t give her a title maybe a semi finalist or a runner-up finish. With the recent happenings I have high hopes and qualifications sa next winners na ipapadala sa international pageant.

  3. She is one of the fave of “FurnitureS”. 🙂

    Emma is beautiful on her white lace thou . Reminds me of Abigail Arenas .

  4. Emma Tiglao Waterloo is interview, I think she speak better than Maxine what is missing is substance and depth!!!! Two elements na sobrang Hirap matur0. Either you have it or not. I think Kung may isang beauty queen may interview challenges pero may depth it is Mutya Datul kahit matigas nag dila Nya may sense!!!

    • Gumanda naman sya! Not a big issue anymore especially this time na madami ang mga dumadaan sa siyensya ng pagpapaganda.
      Tandaan mo, ang hitsura pwedeng gawan ng paraan, ang katawan pwede pa rin magawan ng paraan. Pero ang pandak hindi na magagawan ng paraan para tumangkad.

    • It feels weird to see beauty queens who joined years ago and will come back with a different looks. I know cosmetic surgery/enhancements should not be an issue but sana ang mga girls na di contented sa facelak na binigay ni God sa kanila ipagawa na muna bago sumalang sa “National Pageant”.

      • Sorry Gloria Moran I am super contented with my facelak no cosmetic surgery needed. I am not against with those who went under the knife but what I am saying is this girls who wants to join the Philippine pageantry or wants to represent the country in international pageants needs to finish their salamat doc business and prepare themselves physically before coming in front of the camera flashes on a prestigious national pageant. Sorry to say there is no official list of BB’s yet but no matter how gorgeous she is now SHE IS OUT OF MY list :p

      • Que ber! De es ipocrita jovel muchas es la chakra, muy pais selicio mento pladticada.

      • Gloria Moran muchacha whatevs… I just saw her interviews and previous vids hahaha gutsy but not crown worthy…. “THE” standards now is too high and with her previous appearances she may need to eat a whole city library, a thousand Boy Abunda and Mirriam Santiago then burry her old photos. If she can do that I will be rooting for her then. Now I can conclude that mostly the delegates from one camp is product of of science the horrendous veneers and shocking before afters of salamat docs :p

      • Naku, Ateng! Ginawan ko ng “before and after” pics Ito a year ago at Isang katutak na bashers Ang umatake Saken! Kesho bitter DAW ako. Malakas ang fan base ng girl na ito. Hindi ko lang talaga makita Kung ano nakita nilang ganda SA kanya na di ko Makita.

      • Gemma ganernnnnn malakas ang fan base? wow huh ano mayroon? di naman ganun ka gorge 🙂

        I believe in a saying na there are people who will never be a bride and will always be a bridesmaid and I can see it is applicable to her in pageantry world. Puwede na rin siya ibigay sa MI kasi for sure our chances are slim in that pageant para di masayang yung ibang crown worthy delegates natin. But Gemma kahit anong pindot at kurot gawin ko sa sarili ko I could not force my self of dreaming na mabigyan siya ng crown. 🙂

      • Well, you are entitles to your own opinion. Di naman siya nagpaganda para i-please ka. Ang katwiran namn ng iba, kung ano ang binigay ng Diyos sa yo ay lalo mo pang pinaganda!!!
        Pasalamat ka hindi ka pinanganak na bingot! Ewan ko lang kung di mo papaayos?
        Pero ang hindi maganda ay ang paghuhusga ng kapwa. Hindi mo hawak ang kapalaran ng ninoman. Kaya wag kang magmagaling!

      • Miss Tissa you are making me laugh out loud bwahahaha. Paki basa nga ng comment mo ulit?!?!

  5. Hasain nya ang kanyang communication skills. Malakas ang laban nya nung 2015 until the Q&A portion. Her answer during that time was forgettable. Almost perfect na ang ibang detalye sa kanya. Q&A lang talaga.

  6. Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina’s first public appearance after the Miss Universe pageant for the opening of the Miss Universe Pop-up shop here at Gateway Mall.

  7. International at best. Why? Because she gives me a Maxine Medina vibe not that it’s bad but I love a dark-skinned girl for MUP this year.

  8. Hi Kuya Norms, ahm alam ko po hindi sila mgsasabay ni Liezel Ramos sa pag join po. Mauuna ata si Liezel then the following year si Emma.hehehe!!!

  9. Polished. Looks fierce yet sweet. Honed by experience. Beautiful face. How tall is she? and did someone say that she can not communicate well?

    Rating : 4.0 *

    World Peace.


    Rating of 1-5 stars based SOLELY on pics posted. I don’t know this girl. Haven’t seen her walk nor talk – – which could be a deal-maker or breaker.

    0.5 : You got to be kidding!
    1.0 : What sorcery is this?
    2.0 : Don’t quit the day job girl!
    3.0 : Yes, but I need to see other pictures.
    4.0 : Watch out for this girl.
    5.0 : Frontrunner. Easily top five.

  10. I just wish that Bb Pilipinas 2017 pageant show this year will be entirely in Filipino (i.e. Taglish ok)

    Emphasize more on how to clearly express one’s mind and heart instead of being proficient in English… It is Duterte season, be proud of the Fiilipino language.

    • Gusto ko yan… kaya dapat dito pa lang ay gamitin na natin ang sarili nating wika. Kapag sariling wika ang ginagamit ay mas malakas ang loob ng mga kandidata sa pagsagot sa mga tanong at naipapliwanag ng mabuti.

    • Jusmiyo. Si duterte mismo hindi makapaghayag nang maayos ng kanyang mga saloobin sa wikang Filipino man o sa Ingles.

  11. I love this Kafamfangan girl! She just needs to focus on improving her communication skills. She can be the next MUP! Good luck girl!!!

  12. Supranational for me. Let’s not force the Q&A on Emma. I’m sure we can send an MU candidate who needs very little polishing.

  13. I can really see E Tiglao as top 3 in MU. She must use an interpreter ! ! ! there is no shame in speaking one’s native tongue.

    How about Princess Joy Camu ? Maria Lina Prongoso ? Joy Marie Gangan ?

    They all should not be embarassed of using interpreters. They all have the ‘IT’ , ‘x’ factor.

  14. I hope her com skills improved as well. She is almost perfect in every aspect except for that department…

  15. Why is it that I like her face before the improvement? The little imperfection before is what make her face more interesting and beautiful. That just me..

    Since Emma is featured, hope Ja Flores can be featured too? Haven’t heard from the girl since she joinced asia’s next top model.

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