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  1. oh my god my girl, it’s her time to shine. malaki and chance niya maiuwi and bb universe crown and no doubt kaya niya ring maiuwi and universe crown. so excited for her. love her so much.

  2. Pasok sa banga tong si Cynthia kaso #MarcosApologist based on her facebook posts. She even posted a fake news on her page. You will question this young lady’s decisions in life. Sana magbago pa since she’s still young. Let her mature and have a solid stand before she join the Nationals as personal advocacy has a big weight in beauty pageants these days.😉

    • I agree! Dapat #AquinoApologist sya if she wants to become an official candidate! And dapat supporter sya nila Pnoy at Mar regardless of what they did during Yolanda, Saf44, Kidapawan Massacre, etc… Dapat ngayon palang pinopromote na nya si Bam Aquino for president nang makatikim manlang ng pagpag ang mga hampas-lupa!

      • Kapag Marcos apologist dapat irelate agad sa mga Aquino???? So you deny Marcos and his evil deeds? Sarado utak. What I’m saying is Cynthia should study about facts bago mag take sides sa mga Marcos (and that doesn’t mean if she did not take sides with them, she automatically transfer her loyalty to the Aquinos). She posted a fake news on her FB and claimed that as truth, so what do you think tells that about this girl? Would you want a queen of misinformation? That’s why I wanted her to get tons of maturity before joining a national pageant because with the trend right now with our recent queens, they are women of substance and I don’t think she is that yet. Gets mo Closer to Fame na sarado ang utak? Dalawa lang ba Pamilya sa Pilipinas na dapat mag take sides ka lang kung Marcos ka o Aquino?! Pula o Dilaw ganyan? Don’t lecture me about politics, because if you want to debate more about that then let’s meet personally and talk. Not in disguise of your online persona. 😇

  3. shes short but deadly so what if shes short if her face is stunning and can very well eliminate other taller girls with her personality charm and obvious beauty i say go for it!

    • If this were the Trump era, I’d say no right away. But IMG seems to be more open to different bodies so she’ll be ok! She’s so cute!

  4. She’s my bet for MUP 2017. I don’t care about her height, maraming MU titleholders ang hindi katangkaran tulad nina Mona Grudt, Olivia Culpo, Jimena Navarete, Gloria Diaz.

  5. Just join showbiz. I think she is too short and her face maybe beautiful to Filipinos but very plain and common internationally. No “it” factor. Also please can we stop hyping win win, that girl is plain and will not stand out international pageants.

  6. Fresh face. Youthful looking. With obvious baby fats still and kinda short.

    Rating : 3 stars *

    World Peace

    Rating of 1-5 stars based SOLELY on pics posted. I don’t know this girl. Haven’t seen her walk nor talk – – which could be a deal-maker or breaker.

    0.5 : You got to be kidding!
    1.0 : What sorcery is this?
    2.0 : Don’t quit the day job girl!
    3.0 : Yes, but I need to see other pictures.
    4.0 : Watch out for this girl.
    5.0 : Frontrunner. Easily top five.

  7. she needs to polish her interview skills. She was leading in the 2014 Miss Beauche Pageant having won already the Best in Swimsuit n Best in Gown awards. She finished in the Top Ten

  8. Who is responsible for editing this blog? Why do they erase a completely benign entry when they let extremely vulgar statements to come through? I know this is a private blog but if they want to maintain heir integrity , they should be fair in the editing dept.

  9. Refreshingly beautiful indeed! Judging by her vid she’s a diamond that just needs polishing! I like her.

  10. With that face that could launch a thousand ships, Cynthia could become an succesful lead actress… I wonder why nobody gave her the opportunity yet?…

    But between her and Wynwyn, I prefer the exotic features of the latter which has more impact in the international arena.

  11. Siya po ang pag-asa natin para masungkit yung korona muli. Sa tangkad niya 5’5″ nakikita ko puwede siya panlaban sa mga walang binabatbat na 6 footer. Huwag kayong mag-alala , mag-suot siya ng 8 inches na stilleto at mayroon naman interpreter diyan yan po ang bagong uso. Kung kinaya ni Olivia Culpo 5’5″ bakit siya hindi.

  12. I am the naturelle effect! KF don’t mess up with this beauty. Go Go Go! Can she move camp?

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