25 comments on “Mia Hernandez Howell 2.0(B)

  1. She has the credentials of a winner… She just needs to work on her body… More squats and deadlifts would do the trick… Grow that butt!

  2. 2.5 stars:
    Looks like a tita already
    And look at her belly in that picture with Mr. Norman. Very sexy….for a man. Lol.

    World Peace.

  3. Ohhh, ito pala yung sinasabi ni Ms. Canada(Siera) na babalik sya sa Pinas kc mag-open ang Tim Horton’s sa Philippines at kasama sya 🙂
    Bagay din naman sa kanya ang Tim Horton’s hihihi 🙂 charette

  4. Cordoves, y. Santiago and k. Janson should be given a green light to join again for MUP title!

  5. Looks like KF’s flag bearer this year. And a good bet at that, Mia is SHARP, the girl went to an Ivy League university and used to work in California government. It would be refreshing to see her win. Need to ditch the typical “model turned chef/designer/writer” prototype for a while, MU just crowned Iris for a reason.

  6. I smell International or Intercontinental. Sorry, no way is A&Q not keeping the Universe title for the foreseeable future. Politics aside, their ladies are just that much hungrier and sophisticated — those are MUP qualities.

      • Maka-no naman, kaloka! Pero I can see why, 50/50 din ako ay Emma 100% because of her comm skills. Just, facially and physically, she ticks all the boxes for me. We’ll see, if she joins this year with improved comm skills then that would only mean that she was working hard on it.

    • Give Emma 2 to 3 years more. She needs to master a good communication skills. Emma for MUP 2020!

      • Emma is 22 yo now, i hope she will start preparing now if she wants to compete next yr.
        Your confidence is very high if you did right during training as compared to the newphytes or even the veterans who are doing nothing to prepare themselves for the battles in BbPilipinas/MWP.
        Emma can do-it-yourself training and ask some pointers from her previous trainors 🙂
        Kaloka lang yung iba na sasali kahit may mga right people na hingan ng tulong to prepare herself b4 joining BbPilipinas at makikita mo na kulang sa disiplina ang candidates na pupunta sa gyera and not fully prepared hihihi Charette lng 🙂

  7. She has BbP pageant experience AND a MWP 2nd princess win under her belt.
    There was a vast improvement from her BbP presentation to her MWP princess title.
    Imagine her level of confidence and physical prep now?
    She is a shoe in for the BbP 2017 and perhaps win a title.

    Good luck.

  8. She looks Grandma na! We know KF weakness is styling and packaging. I hope KF can think of something fresh for MIA that will make her notice

    • Garga, napaka … mo naman hihihi
      Give more Love sa KF girls this year Ok 🙂
      Ito pala yung kapatid mo c Lady Gaga sa SuperBowl few days ago 🙂

  9. I think she’ll be BbPilipinas Int’l kung susuwertehin or lesser crown 🙂
    Her experience will help her clinch a crown hihihi No charette this time 🙂
    Congrats KF, I love u hihihi charete lng

    • I agree- that’s the first thing that came to mind- she’s a perfect fit for MI

  10. I like Mia, but I have to admit that KF fielded her for BbP very unprepared. Her styling was all wrong and she wasn’t at the peak of fitness. She looked much better at MWP2015.

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