20 comments on “Christie Rose Cequeña 1.0(B)

  1. Facially and physically malaki ang potential ng girl na itey. If she has the eloquence level like Shamcey, Megan, and Janine T. she’ll be a crown contender for sure.

  2. 3.0 stars *

    > Pros:
    Tall at 5’9.
    Looks fresh and young.
    Good bone structure.

    > Cons :
    Ordinary looking facially.
    The ever-smiling adjective might work against her. You mean, ever smiling even when alone? Lol.

    World Peace.

    Rating of 1-5 stars based SOLEY on pics posted. Haven’t seen her walk and haven’t seen her talk,

    0.5 : Are you joking?
    1.0 : What sorcery is this?
    2.0 : Don’t quit the day job
    3.0 : Yes but I need to see other pictures.
    4.0 : Watch for this girl.
    5.0 : Frontrunner.

  3. Good luck to Miss Cequena, i hope you will conquer your goal /dreams in BbPilipinas 🙂
    I just want to share an interview @30:00 with Miss Haiti especially to all girls joining BbPilipinas 2017 🙂

      • I agree bong . She’s prob the smartest and the most articulate among the 6 and she was beautiful too that night

      • It doesn’t matter now what’s the right answer Santiago hihihi
        We’re happy that Maxine gave us a very good Top 6 finish 🙂
        The incoming candidates should learn a lesson from Maxine’s Journey to MU2016.
        Tapos may Kandidata na magpascreening na parang wala lang at come what may kung manalo or matalo and didn’t work hard to prepare for a very good fight in the BbPilipinas Competition hihihi charette lang 🙂

      • bong, it’s almost the same question kay Venus that even Diane Sawyer commented how difficult to answer. Malaga lang LUCK matters.

      • Kay Venus and Maxine, it just happened na may mas magaling sumagot hihihi
        Kung pareho lang sana silang lahat na waley sa mga answers nila ay daanin na lang sa ganda at kung sino ang favorite ng mga judges hihihi charette lang 🙂
        Kung c Venus sana ay candidate sa MU2016 ay super mabash talaga sya sa major-major answer nya at mas grabe pa ang bash na matanggap nya compared kay maxine dahil for the past 6 yrs ay ang galing ng performance sa Q&A portion except kay MJ na Top 10 lang inabot 🙂
        Kung c Maxine naman ay candidate noong MU2010 ay Ok lang yung MU event na answer nya at konti lang ang bash kasi Top 5 ay napakalaking placement na ng Pinas knowing na 11 yrs tayong wala sa Top 5 hihihi charette lang 🙂

      • I just watched it now… the translation I guess was erroneous. Change is not pangyayari. Based on the question’s translation Maxine’s answer actually made sense if she meant that the most significant event she witnessed in the past 10 years is an event such as Miss Universe.

      • Yes, the translation is partly incorrect(change to event) but the most important thing is you have to listen and understand the question carefully before you open your mouth.
        Kung gagamit ka ng tagalog translator dapat tagalog din ang sagot otherwise you are cheating the judges and the audience by using the translation time to think of your answer kasi nakakaintindi ka naman pala at nakakapagsalita ng english.
        Kung gagamitin mo ang english sa pagsagot , huwag mo ng pagsalitain yung translator dahil bihasa ka naman pala sa english.
        Kaya ka nga gumamit ng translator kasi mas comfortable kang sumagot sa tagalog at mahina ka sa english.
        Anyway, masaya na ako sa Top 6 ni Maxine at nalampasan nya ang expectations ng mga detractors nya 🙂

      • The translation is just a strategy. Out of the 4 Latina in 2005, they all use a translator but still answered in English.

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