29 comments on “The Interior Designer from Mindoro 1.0

  1. The photos posted says nothing at all about this girl. For now, I will give her 2 stars.

    > The chin picture looks like heavily filtered (bad thing)
    > The lips and teeth picture reminds me of Princess Punzalan’s. Not a good thing for beauty contests.

    World Peace.


    Rating of 1-5 stars based SOLELY on pics posted. Haven’t seen her walk and haven’t seen her talk,

    0.5 : Are you joking?
    1.0 : What sorcery is this?
    2.0 : Don’t quit the day job girl!
    3.0 : Yes but I need to see other pictures.
    4.0 : Watch out for this girl.
    5.0 : Frontrunner.

  2. A professional Interior Designer again? Hmmm I hope marami talaga syang alam na ibang aspeto at may laman ang utak hindi lang puro carpets, furnitures, wallpapers and appliances ang alam.

  3. Well, learning from all what happened last year I hope;
    1) the screening organizers measure the ladies without heels thoroughly!
    2) that all the ladies fess up for any photos that even has a chance can look or smell like porn (no pun intended) and
    3) BPCI really thinks about a preliminary competetion -opened to the public- determining the top 15 or 10 for finals night.

    • agree sa preliminary para bukod sa preliminary eh makikita natin sa finals yung other sides ng performances ng bawat semifinalist. pasabog kung pasabog.

    • I have not been liking Bianca lately.
      Yvette needs to lose the big mouth – big hair style . She can look cute too.
      If a previous winner could be a candidate again , I would Kris Janson Nicole C and Gwen Ruais.

    • I hope u know the meaning of “prototype ” before you critic an interior designer who uses the word more often :).

      Maxine may have had felt short from her interview /Q n A , but it doesnt mean that u are any smarter from her .Without looking at the net , you will look “stupid ” having the word Jugendstil or chinoiserie that an interior designer ( like 4M )would be so familiar with.

      Just saying 🙂

      • Tama ka. Bakit kc e compare pa ang isang tao sa iba. Basta lang may ma comment. 4M represents the country so well. Kaya naka top 6. Ano pa ba ang pinag aalboroto ng ibang hindi marunong masatisfy.

    • Perfect nmn ang gusto eh.. ntry nyo n ba sumali ng pageant? Or even perform on a big crowd?? Pede bng suportahan n lng ang girls pra positive vibes

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