51 comments on “Teresita Ssen Marquez 2.0

  1. Second year in a row na nangyayari SA MU na mas matangkad Ang first runner up KESA sa winner. Ganun din Ang nangyari Kay Dayanara Torres against Paola Betancourt. I like her confidence. She’s the type na kahit itabi mo SA 6footer blonde hair blue eyes eh will find a way to stand out.

  2. Ano kaya mas magandang piliin yung kinulang sa height gaya ni Wynwyn o yung kinulang sa utak gaya ng reigning MUP

    • @ Jeremi, papanalunin mo muna si Wynwyn bago mo ikumpara sa reigning Queen!

      Na sa palagay ko mahihirapan si Wynwyn!

    • Ang kasalaukuyang MUP ay kayang pumasok sa tough 6 ng Miss Universe dahil sa kalibre ng ganda nya. Talo talo na lang sa Q&A.

      Si WynWyn ay mahihirapan makapasok sa tough 12. At malamang sa introduction mo lang sya maririnig magsalita.


  3. I would see her being crowned as Bb. Supra or Bb. MGI. She have a very commanding presence on stage and excellent communication skills too.. She just lacks the height department tho’… 😦

  4. A couple of girls were disqualified from BbP last year for being less than 5’5″. Perhaps Wynwyn might suffer the same fate since BbP is now more strict with their height requirements?

  5. i dont think we are wasting a spot if this girl with so much determination wins a crown but to MU. shes a good gamble.

  6. si olivia culpo pinalad dahil kay donald trump. imagine if noon pa hawak ng IMG ang MU i think janine will announce as the winner since they base the winner on Q&A. so now with the re branded of Miss Universe. with the inclusion of Miss Canada in MU2016. it is possible that teresita sen will make a cut in MU if she wins Bbp universe. But dont know how many times they will include her. Depends sa performance and kalaban nya. But i trust aces and Queens for that. But still hoping for someone more than her to crown as bbp universe

  7. Eto talaga ang confident kahit maliit. Her posture plus that confidence make her look tall. I want to give her another chance. Matalino at di kabado sa question and answer. Go Wyn!!

  8. But then again…….kinulang sa sukat!

    kaya huwag ng ipagpilitan!

    Matatabunan at Nakakaawa lang yan pagdating sa international arena!

    Next prospect please!

  9. We wouldn’t even be discussing her if it wasn’t for her parents. She’s short and not beauty queen pretty. Set your sights lower and join Miss Earth Philippines instead.

  10. Wynwyn s very feminine articulate and driven . She has a pleasant face especially when she smiles.
    I’m ok with her winning any of the 4 titles especially MU MGI and MI.
    Despite her height , I believe the organizations and the judges will love her

    I’m amazed at how these kids have turned out –from Anabelle to Ruffa , from Alma to Wynwyn and from Vilma to Luis hihihi

  11. If Olivia Culpo who can’t even walk without tripping could win Miss Universe then why can’t she?..

    Her exotic features and excellent credentials cannot be left unnoticed in a sea of beauties.

    She could be MU, MI, MIntercon or MGI for me.

    • Olivia is extremely smart articulate and beautiful . That’s why she won .
      Big difference there

  12. Wyn Wyn Marquez is beautiful, talented and amazonian height 5’0″. She will be one of the best candidates in Bb. Pilipinas 2017. Communication skills, I don’t see any problem at all. #wynwynmarquezformissuniverse2017.

  13. Kulang lang talaga sa height si Wynwyn. Kung at least 5’8″ sya pwedeng pwede sya sa MU.
    Sa video ng BbP 2015 nagmukha syang midget nung katabi nya si Bianca Manalo. Mas maliit pa sya kay Toni Gonzaga sa evening gown.

    • Wynwyn is not very much shorter than Pia so I think Wynwyn has a chance of doing very well at MU

  14. Not the biggest fan, but admire her preparation. That being said, MUO doesn’t care about twists and turns on stage anymore. Neither does International. Supra prefers beauty of face and leggy. Globe or Intercontinental for me.

  15. Bb Supra or MGI for her. She could just snatch any of those crowns and surprise us all! If her answer during binibini wasnt rehearsed, then she’s giod to go. Vriwn her 😀

    • Haha she really is small tho. Needs to wear 4-5 inches heels all the time so she wont get lost in a sea of talk beauties 😀

  16. Among the Asian looking ones , she is my favorite -vs the Canadian girl, Verdaderos daughter Malinao Melanie’s daughter and Elima.
    She is good for MU or MGI

  17. Yes, yes and yes. I love her and I honestly think that she deserved a crown the first time she joined Binibini. I just wish she were taller. I remember her replying to my message to her Instagram saying she may compete again this year. So my 3 faves are now complete- Charmaine Elima, Alaiza Malinao and now Wynwyn Marquez. Please we need wide-eyed Pinay beauties this time.

      • Fabian, yung video ay 2015 pa after matalo sa BbPilipinas.
        Probably join sya now.
        Daming merlat na magaganda now, pero di naman pahuhuli c Wyn2 kung sakaling magjoin sya hihihi.

  18. Well, lahat naman magtatanong kung anong height nya ngayon after 2 years hihihi
    Nakita ko sa kanya yung determination to win a crown at pinaghandaan nya yun.
    NAGPAPAYAT(i-caps Lock talaga hihihi) talaga sya hihihi.
    Di nga lang pinalad pero hakot award naman kaya di naman totally luhaan.
    Puedeng-puede na sumali sya uli at baka suwertehin sya ngayon.
    Tungkol naman kay Ms. Dee, puede pa naman sya nx year at paghandaan muna nya ng todo for nx year’s battle hihihi

  19. Wasn’t the issue her height? What a shame. She was certainly worthy to win one of the BbP titles.

    Based on photos -alone- I would prefer Teresita over her cousin Michelle. Michelle’s headshot, in a previous thread, to make her look like a dragon lady was very unappealing.

    Teresita has the pedigree PLUS BbP experience.

    Sorry. However, good luck to both.

  20. One of my favorite! Pwedeng pang kudaan sa MGI o rampahan sa Supra. Wag lang sa Miss International kasi ayoko siya maging clapper kasi no back to back for sure. Parang too petite naman for Miss Universe. Pero gusto ko talaga Aura niya!

    • Ikaw kaya sumali. Opening palang nga ng sentence mo mali na grammar mo. Tapos pag magsalita ka kala mo maganda ka. *one of my favourites teh with an ‘s’.

    • If she is Binibini 34 that would make her around 5’5 or 5’6. She is short but she is a good performer. Plus lots of beautiful women competing this year!! She would have a hard time winning a crown.

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