12 comments on “Patrizia Lucia Bosco 1.0(B)

  1. If this is her on the pic posted by Dan, then she has some potentials. She just needs polishing on styling as she looks mature. This girl can probaly talk as she grew up abroad. More girls with pedigree and substance pls!
    I still hope BBP will only focus on 3 alpha titles (Universe-Intl-Supra) and allow other runners up to compete for minor pageants as training ground for a bigger intl pageant the next year. And the crowns, oh my Lord! Super tacky! Replace them na!

  2. Just an opinion, she looks too intimidating… Maybe because of her make-up? Proper styling and make up will probably help. I hope she is approachable and have a good personality.

  3. Now that’s an unquestionably beautiful, Miss Universe worthy face…but a tad worried that her stints with Mutya and Mundo Italia which didn’t didn’t pan out successfully may indicate less than MU-worthy credentials in the intelligence and personality area..but then there’s other crowns…

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