26 comments on “Sirene Sutton 1.0(B)

  1. Keri sana kaso nagpagawa ng ilong to.
    Pwede na sa ibang crown except MU. Gaya ng miss france dapat no retoke rule for MU!

  2. She had her nose done pero ito yung mga cases na keri lang. Naka dagdag sa pagka pleasant ng features nya. Go Sirene!

    • @Laila

      That’s her real nose.. she is half-caucasian… Even her exotic looking mom has a nice looking petite nose.

      • Oo closer familiar ako sankanya Kase last year ko pa stina-stalk to. Naifearure na rin sya sa Isa sa mga admin friend’s ko sa iG kaya napag usapan yung ilong Kase marami nang exchange ng photos. Anyway nothing wrong naman Kung na enhance lalo ganda nya. I like her. I’ve yet to hear her speak pero I like her.

      • Laila, I agree with C2F. Matagal ko ng kilala si Serene Sutton in person. Yan talaga ilong nya. Nag iiba lang sa pics kasi minsan kulang sa blending noseline nya.

  3. I’ll be rooting for her if she becomes official Bb. Pilipinas 2017 candidate. I like her beauty.

  4. Pros:
    1. With that serene beauty ( her name suits her well), a very strong contender for the MU Phil crown.
    The word Miss Universe is written all over her.
    2. Her modelling background will serve her well. Whether strutting her stuff in a swimsuit or a divine vision in an evening gown, she will be a force to be reckoned with.
    3. She has the ABC’s of a top caliber beauty queen – great beauty, catwalk skills, photogenic & the height.

    1. Skeletons in her closet. Any sexually suggestive photos that may possibly surface will put an end to her chances, Kim Ross style.
    2. I haven’t heard her talk. Even if she looks like a goddess, I hope something coherent & makes sense comes out when she opens her mouth.
    3. If she decides to join, she’s a shoo in for the top crown. Unless she drops the ball, like make foolish decisions with her choice of gown, styling & screw up her Q & A.

    Verdict: She can win Miss Universe Philippines if she play her cards right. Worst case scenario is when she bags the Miss International Philippines crown & could possibly clap like Bianca Guidotti, which is a waste. Back to back win in Miss International is next to impossible.

    • Pinasasabi ni Sirene, ikaw daw ang “mukhang bading!” at hindi siya! hahahahahahaha

      At maglabas ka daw ng picture mo para siguradong hindi siya nagsisinungaling! hahahhahahah

    • Mukha lang naman. Pero ikaw bading na bading. hihihihi. nasa make up lang naman yan. kung si gwendolyn ruais nga (if tama ang spelling ko) na mas mukhang bakla eh naging ist princess sa MW. oo MW yon at hinde MU. pero point is napansin pa rin sya. since hirap manalo sa MW. hinde naman siguro hahayaan ni mama j na magmukha syang baklang bakla lalo na sa final look nyaā˜ŗļø

  5. parang mas gusto ko to sa lahat ng pinost ni norman lately. i like this girl. i like her photo na may salamin. anung camp sya?

  6. Wala naman masama kung sasali siya sa Bb, Pilipinas 2017. Sana walang siyang larawan o anuman dahilan na hindi makapasa sa mahigpit na requirements sa screening.

  7. Pang Miss U calibre to.. wag ng pakawalan pls… kadenahan na itong babaeng ito para di maka alis sa araneta colliseum

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