21 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach last January 12, 2014

  1. BBP2017 will be a bloodbath, please change the crowns first! Zero in on ladies with beauty, substance and eloquence! Now were talking!!!!

      • hindi ko rin sure kung super reliable nung nagpso nito sa misso forum, pero im really really hoping na totoo talaga

  2. I miss Pia already!

    The BbP classses of 2015 and 2016 were nothing less than impressive. 12 BbP were sent to represent and went 12 for 12 in placements. Included are a MU, MI and a MGlobe.

    The BbP class of 2017 will probably face more scrutiny since much has transpired in what to expect in Philippine pageantry.

    An important task is receuiting all the “qualified” BbP runners-up and former contestants who wish to still compete. Experience is now a big plus. Transformation is less complicated with expwrience… i think! Lol

  3. One of the best, if not the best Miss Universe, ever ! Thank you Queen P for such a great reign 🙂

  4. BBP, please change the crowns first! Ladies with beauty, substance and eloquence! Now were talking!

  5. Wow how time flies. Talagang in his perfect timing. I’m already missing Pia but I know time will ease that and there will be more in store from her.

    Thank goodness for repeaters. I am 1000% behind them. Thank goodness BPCI allows them.

    Here in the US repeaters at the state level are common. The majority of USA titleholders are repeaters (Deshauna, Ojo, and Nia included). Experience matters.

    We’re asking ladies to represent the country on the international stage. How unrealistic to expect many of them to go from Miss Barangay Fiesta/ Miss Probinsya to that level cold???

  6. My thoughts? Looking at the photos above, I think if Laura Lehmann decides to compete this year, this 23yo, 5’9″ beauty would be hailed as the front-runner of the batch, and the candidate to beat. She can walk, talk with two microphones, and chew gum at the same time.

      • Ha ha ha.. 2 mic with chewing gum, mas expert pa yan kay Alaiza kung ganun hihihi
        Sa pagkakaalam ko ay pokp*k lang makakagawa nyan hihihi.. charette lang 🙂

      • Fabian my dear — “Walk, talk and chew gum at the same time” — that’s just a figure of speech for a multi-tasker, okay? ❤

      • Melanie I got your point . It was just a weird way of making it . Maybe saying it like it is works better sometimes?

    • Lol…
      By all means, I hope she decides to compete.
      She would definitely be a strong contender for MUP…for sure

    • Loves na loves q talaga tong si Laura Lehman. I’m really looking forward to seeing her among the next BBP girls. Palagay q hinog na sya at handang handang sumabak. Pag tinanong sya kung anong city ang katulad ng personality nya hindi na siguro amsterdam and isasagot nya. Baka makati na or BGC, haha. Love you LL! 😘😘😘

    • Laura Lehmn, shes a living barbie kaya lang may times na hinde ko gusto ang make up nya and parang hinde ako na coconvince sa lips nya habang sya’y naka ngiti. something not good sa smile nya. Pero credentials shes IN. But if she joins this year i will support her. Only 2 pa lang ang confirmed ko na sasali. Katarina and Mariel. saw katarina’s video. shes beautiful but her body is out of shape. we will see if what she have right now will make her stand out come bbp 2017.

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