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  1. Being an FA is a great job while you are still “young” but each year there will always be someone much younger who will be on board. I hope it’s not the only destination of our previous queens.

    • This is a combination of Norwegian-British-Filipino, I’d like to think of Swedish-German-Filipino?

  2. Body yes. Medyo musculine pamrin features nya for me and naalala ko Chika chika natin noon sa MWP. May nag post na pag nakikita nya since Raçhel naiisip nya party party! Kaya Yun din tumatak sa isip ko.

  3. Her solo picture above doesn’t give her justice. Hers is the kind of beauty that’s similar with Nicole Cordovez. She may not be a popular choice pero kung may ibubuga sa QandA, why not? Di sapat ang ganda lang.

  4. hmm i remember her as having a banging body and an interesting face which may not be to everyones taste just like nicole cordovez. i think she can handle the QnA party with a breeze. im supporting her on this quest at binibini.

  5. Few points im concerned about BBP2017
    1. Please for the love of God, update the crowns! They are so dated and look tacky! I always cringe looking at them especially the ones worn by Hammond and Maxine. Compared to other countries’ crowns, ours look the cheapest.

    2. Prioritize only 3 ALPHA titles– UNIVERSE, INTL and SUPRA. This will give more chances for quality girls to compete again and not get wasted on minor tier and contoversial pageants like Ms Globe, Intercontinental and Grand.

    3. After Pia’s remarkable reign, Maxine’s universally appealing gorgeous face, we NEED to send a girl who at least excells on both the looks and communications department. She may not be as pretty as Max, as eloquent as Pia, as sexy as Venus/MJ BUT she has all their attributes rolled into one. We need to maintain our top5/6 feat and not let Thailand and Indonesia rain on our parade.

    4. I hope Pinoys lessen the BASHING as it truly affects our candidates and our reputation gets tarnished. Sure we can criticize all we want but to bash and wish someone ill is totally different.

    5. Yun lang and spread love mga tol! Luis signing off! 😉

  6. JawsKuh ang dami kong nasabi about Politics kanina na dapat ipost ko na sana pero nabura.
    Buti na lang nabura dahil maraming matatamaan at magagalit sa dumi at nakawan sa politika hihihi
    Ito na lang ang sasabihin ko, Maganda c Rachel at may K sa isang crown.
    Good luck sa political life mo Rachel dahil kung magkatuluyan kayo ni Gov. ay tatakbo ka rin sa politika sa ayaw at sa gusto mo at marami kang madiscover na dapat mo bang piliin c Satanas o c Jesus hihihi Charette lang 🙂
    JawsKuh at dinelete ko na naman yung ibang makatotohanan na ipost ko sana about politics dahil magagalit na naman ang mga nagkukunwaring anghel na mga demonyo hihihi
    Iuwi mo na ang isang crown Rachel hihihi yun lang.

    • Suerte naman ni Migz , bong700
      I like Rachel .
      I want her as MUP . I just don’t know if she has the drive to win . She looks very complacent .
      We want someone like Pia Kylie Janine Venus and Bea who really had that burning desire to do well

      • I don’t know them kevin.
        Nakikita ko lang ang future nya kpag naging wife sya ni Gov.
        Syempre first lady, pangdisplay muna sa umpisa to gather votes.
        Kapag may bakanting position na walng candidate ang angkan ni Gov ay puedeng tatakbo si Rachel kahit wala pa masyadong alam sa politika hihihi.
        Lani, Alma, Lucy at iba pa remember hihihi
        Tapos c Bitchisa G. Tangi ay kokuwestyonin nya ang qualification ni Mocha Uson bilang member ng MTRCB … Helloooo, Ano naman ang pinagmamalaki ni G bilang host at anong qualification nya noong nag-uumpisa pa lang sya sa showbiz at noong nag-uumpisa pa lang syang host ng LA kababayan ba yun.
        Magaling ba syang host ….hellooowwww 🙂 hihihi
        Anong pinaggagawa nya sa states para mapansin sa hollywood, may nangyari ba hihihi Charette lang.

  7. I don’t think MWP will ask her to host the ore-pageant and press presentation if she isn’t quick enough on her feet. I think she’ll be fine in that department. I remember she had a banging body as well so no need to work on that so much. Facially, I think there are better girls, Rachel seems promising so far.

  8. Kung papayag si Governor bakit hindi, malay natin baka isa siya sa masuwerteng mananalo sa Bb. Pilipinas.

  9. I like her but do not think she has much in the brains dept. If A&Q can’t overcome the fundamental lack in these skills, I don’t think KF will.

    Supra or Intercontinental for me.

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