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  1. I like her. Exotic beauty. Ung tipong pwede mo ihelera sa asian, negra, at puti pero alam mong magsastand out pa rin. And her comms skill is OK. Matangkad din sya. And IMG being a partner of MUO I think malaki ang chance nya. Afterall, IMG is a modeling agency. Not sure with her attitude tho. During her AsNTM stint she came across to me as “a bit” bitchy. I could be wrong tho. Peace.

  2. i saw her in her first stint in bbp shes gorgeous. she has so much potential. good communiication skills, very modelesque and good catwalk. what is there not to like? we are looking for an almost complete package. we are not looking for the next pia or next janine tugonon. we are looking for a potential winner in MU. SHE HAS IT.

  3. Loving Alaiza to join again, but in most photos she often comes across as lacking spark. Miss Universe has to be a ray of sunshine all the time. Can’t really pinpoint now which title suits her, but for now, definitely not Universe or Supra.

  4. I’d like to see her snatch a title this time ! Depending on who would be proclaimed as official candidates ( I still have yet to see who she will be competing against), MUP will be something I’d like to see her win 🙂

  5. Few points im concerned about BBP2017
    1. Please for the love of God, update the crowns! They are so dated and look tacky! I always cringe looking at them especially the ones worn by Hammond and Maxine. Compared to other countries’ crowns, ours look the cheapest.

    2. Prioritize only 3 ALPHA titles– UNIVERSE, INTL and SUPRA. This will give more chances for quality girls to compete again and not get wasted on minor tier and contoversial pageants like Ms Globe, Intercontinental and Grand.

    3. After Pia’s remarkable reign, Maxine’s universally appealing gorgeous face, we NEED to send a girl who at least excells on both the looks and communications department. She may not be as pretty as Max, as eloquent as Pia, as sexy as Venus/MJ BUT she has all their attributes rolled into one. We need to maintain our top5/6 feat and not let Thailand and Indonesia rain on our parade.

    4. I hope Pinoys lessen the BASHING as it truly affects our candidates and our reputation gets tarnished. Sure we can criticize all we want but to bash and wish someone ill is totally different.

    5. Yun lang and spread love mga tol! Luis signing off! 😉

  6. A second time repeater usually should have a treasure troll of experience she can use to her advantage.

    Alaiza’s external beauty has what it takes to snatch a title. I’d say two 👍👍’s up!

      • Hahaha. Patola ka Fab. But i also lol after reading SC’s comments. I dun think it was sarcasm. Typo lang talaga siguro.

      • LOL LOL

        Oh Fabian…meeant to type in treaure TROVE but automatically chagnged to troll.
        On boy…Alaiza, please forgive me!
        How embarrassing!

        Thanks Fabian…hahaha

  7. Magtira naman kayo ng mga babae sa MPE at MWP, parang lahat gusto mag Binibini. Basta ako gusto ko maging Mutya ng Pilipinas doon ako magpapascreen kahit overqualified ako Charot! #AllTeaAllShade

    • i remember last dec. A&Q posted pics of their bet queens(nakatalikod) this year with HT #bbpuniverse2017 and #missworldphilippines2017 and NO miss earth Phillippines HT. nakalimutan siguro or hinde talaga nilagay at hinde sila magpapa screen sa MEP.

  8. Love her. Uniquely Filipina look that’s Universe and International-level.

    Plus her modeling experience has opened her up to be more cultured and sophisticated.

    Would immediately shoot to the top of my list if she joined.

  9. Alaiza should go all in. Even though the MU crown may be elusive, I will go out on a limb and declare that Alaiza is a sure top 3 or top 6 MU candidate.

    Polished and prep’pd, experienced and exposed to celebrity status limelight.

    • @jaret — I would agree with you. Her ANTM experience, although unsuccessful, certainly expanded her life experience and her world view — things you don’t learn from just reading a book or newspapers — and that experience, as negative as it may have seemed at the time, and seen from that context, made Alaiza into a better version of herself from what I could tell.

  10. She was one of my bets, along with Pia, in 2015.

    I think Alaiza Malinao has a strikingly beautiful face, a fantastic body — and her height (5’9″) is a definite asset. Two years ago, at age 21, Alaiza made it as a top 15 semifinalist in the 2015 edition of Bb Pilipinas — the year Pia Wurtzbach won — a very competitive batch indeed! Her accomplishment says a lot about Alaiza’s potential to win a national title.

    Now, 2 years later, I really want to see Alaiza compete in this year’s edition. If Alaiza’s determined to battle it out and sets her mind to win, I believe she CAN win one of the national titles if she can bring personality and substance as part of her pageant arsenal.

    Good luck Alaiza!

    ALAIZA during Bb Pilipinas 2015:

    • Huwag bigyan ng mic c alaiza now kasi kumakain na yan ng microphone hihihi
      JawsKuh, 2 yrs of holding a mic helps a lot to be more confident in winning a crown 🙂 Charette hihihi

      • Bong I haven’t seen her since BP
        I hope u r right abt her public speaking ability . I was not impressed with her at BP . But she is an Atenean. She prob just needed practice hihihi

      • Fabian kung ikaw ba naman ay may hawak na mic for 2 years, kahit tumambling ka at kahit na anong posisyon man yan ay expert ka na sa kudahan basta hawak ang mic hihihi

      • Naughty bong700, can u blame her? If u had John S too, I bet No one would beat i on the microphone hihihi

  11. Without make up on , she’s not impressive…. and she’s not very feminine. Watch the primer of BP 2015 again.
    With make up on , she looks good and she has a good body.
    I’m on the fence with her
    I will decide when I see her in the competition

  12. I’ve watched asia’s next top model with alaiza in that season. My impression on her was that shes a very beautiful Filipina. Fighter rin.

  13. That’s OMG… I really really like her so much. Charmaine Elima and her for me. Next Wynwyn Marquez

  14. Dito ako natatakot para kay alaiza. Her antm stint, specifically during their make over episode, in her model card she showed her bare breast covered with a tuxedo, will the BBPOrg question this? Kung kay KRDS nga na nag suot ng whole black dress na disqualify nga. Sana di na msyadonh strict ang Org para naman may chance sila.

  15. Not really feeling her. If she joins and gets something though, I’d rather not it be for Miss Universe. Maybe Suprational or Miss Globe.

  16. (Off topic) Have you guys seen Ateneo Women’s Volleyball line-up for this season? The tournament started today and gosh! Pwedeng magpageant yung team! Jho Maraguinot, Bea de Leon, Kat Tolentino and Maddie Madayag all have potential…they’re tall, trimmed and pretty…

    • Hi superman! solid admu fan here! yes magaganda line up ng Admu now at.matatangkad. Madayag is 6 foot tall , Tolentino 6’2″, De Leon s 6 foot also as to Maraguinot I think she is 5’8 o 5’9 , Gaston is also very pretty she is 5’8 o 5’9

  17. Hala bira day laiza, pasagdi ang way mga angay nga maot man sad ang mga dagway.
    Uswag Sulop, Uswag Davao hihihi
    Kayo pa ba ni Johnny Boy EspanyaOrasan kasi madami talaga galit sa yo bakit ikaw pa ang nakatikim bwihihihi Charot lang gang ha 🙂

  18. Miss Supranational is actually a modelling competition (based on its format) packaged as a beauty pageant so she’s a yes for me.

    • Mostly here wants Catriona to join BbP including me. But I don’t think she will join. As a MWP winner, ang pwede lang sa kanya ay MUP. Papano kung di sya manalo as MUP? Would you agree if ang mapanalunan nya ay MGIP or MGlobePhils?

    • I would like for Catriona to represent us someday in Miss Universe but 2017 is still too early for her. Maybe 2-3 years later would be the best time for her to join. I mean, if she and her team ever considers this.

      Dapat by the time na sumali sya halos burado na yung association nya with Miss World.

    • Enough of the overrated Catriona. She may be beautiful for Filipinos but universally NO. Mga pinoy nakakita lang ng mestisa, gandang ganda na hayyzzz

      • You have point my dear. My friends over here in (Britich) UK doesnt find Cat that beautiful although i find her beautiful. Nasa isip na kase ng pinot pag maputi, maganda.

    • catriona ulit? di ba talo nga? maganda sya, OO. matalino sya, OO. may charitable org. OO pero baka lang para sa miss World stint nya. pero yung charisma at personality na approachable and relatable to common tao, parang wala. base sa video nya sa miss World sobrang pilit and rehearsed. video fade out play Paraiso (background music).

    • Modeling is different from pageant. Malay mo this is her time to shine in pageant. Pana-panahon lang yan. Kung si Pia nga ni hindi ng runner up sa 2nd try nya pero look at her now! Kaya wag ka mema! Hmp

    • On the contrary she is more of a beauty queen than a model. Those lips and that forehead screams beauty queen.

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