54 comments on “Michelle Marquez Dee 1.0

  1. Pros:
    1. She possesses an Oriental kind of beauty, same as Geraldine Asis , Miriam Quiambao & Maxine Medina. All three cracked the Top 10 semifinals.
    2. She’s got the pedigree. Her mom was Miss International 1979 and Supermodel of the World 1986
    1st Runner Up. Melanie’s guidance & training will serve her well.
    3. I’m sure Rene Salud will design for her a kick ass gown, like the one worn by Chat Silayan.

    1. Her pedigree. It can be a blessing or a curse. She will face tremendous pressure of trying to live up to the expectations of the Pinoy pageant fans of her to win an international beauty title. Is she ready for this?
    2. She can be inconsistent with the way she presents herself. She’s got photos where she looks gorgeous but there are also some photos where she looks menacing . She should be careful about this.
    3. Her willingness to be a beauty queen. Does she possess the drive like Pia?

    Verdict: Melanie is the one who has the last say if her daughter will join this year’s edition . I heard that she wants Michelle to finish her studies first. If that’s the case, let her grow on her own terms.
    When she has enough life experience & maturity and she wants to give it a shot, she can join when she’s good & ready. Madalas ang prutas na hinog sa pilit, kulang o walang tamis.

  2. Dear KF, kung manok ninyo si Michelle, utang na loob, por dios por santo santissima, wag nyo ipa VENEERS ang merlat ok?! Umay na umay na kami sa veneers ng mga alaga ninyo…

  3. Nice of u Michelle & I wish all ur best in any contest u want & participants let the dreams be come true, good luck & good wishes!!

  4. Because of her pageant pedigree she’ll make the screening round. However, drop the dragon-lady look she is sporting in ths bottom photo. She looks evil.

    Sorry, just saying.

  5. Michelle’s best pic on the grid is the one with the least make-up. Pretty but her mom is waaay ahead in terms of beauty. But who knows? She might prove me wrong. 😁✌🏽

  6. So far none of the girls Norm has posted has the it factor. Except maybe for Charmaine Elima but she’s very short by international standards. What ever happened to those really tall girls Sheena Dalo ? Who was that really tall young girl a few cycles back, the one with the tattoos? She had a very quirky last name

    • The girl with tattoos — Anna Buquid from the 2013 edition, 6 feet tall as I recall. She turns 26 this year, so still eligible.


  8. It’s hard to say based on pics above .. which are not good at all.
    I have to see her walk and talk to know if she has any potential . U cannot judge class sex appeal wisdom and even beauty based on pics alone . A lot of times pics are deceiving.

    • Ok sya sa talks Fabian, sa beauty at height lng kulang,
      Yung walk naman ay madaling maremedyuhan ni Mama J.
      Sa beauty ay makaya yan sa Keke style ni Albert K.

  9. She can join Miss China, Miss Hongkong, Miss Taiwan or Miss Singapore.
    IMO hindi sya bagay as Miss Philippines.
    Pero malay natin magawan yan ng paraan ni Belo. Hihihi

      • Actually maganda naman sya … yun nga lang gandang chinese. Kung lumamang lang ang features ni Melanie, bagay na bagay sya na Miss Philippines.

    • Her father, Dr Luis Ma. Calingo was the President of Woodbury University here in Los Angeles where I finished my MBA in Finance.

    • Cya yun sinasabi ko na 1st RU ni Cat na sana same brain ni Liza Soberano para perfect na hihihi
      Sana rin si Arienne ay same face naman sila ni Liza Soberano hihihi ano beh nman ang buhay ay sadyang mapagbiro hihihi charette.
      BUT, iba na ang hinahanap ng MUO.. Story(woman of substance) + Beauty+Brain.
      Kulang nga lang sa Beauty dept. at height c Calingo but who knows, let’s see her transformation baka makaya sa Pasarela + Body beautiful ay go na sya sa MGI/Globe/Intercon… walang charette yan hihihi

    • Yay! For bbp universe this girl is more qualified to compete this year rarher than those girls na pinost ni norman. sana mapaganda pa ni mama j si arriene. tumangkad pa sana kahit 1 inch. ayoko ng straight hair for her sa finals. wag sana magpapa screen A&Q, ng sobrang dami na mu prototype baka sa minor pageants lang ang iba mapunta.

    • True! Ayaw ko sa chinky-eyed as MU rep. Maxine is chinky-eyed din. Gusto ko yung malaking mata cause personally that is my image of a Filipina. Chalita would seriously pass for a Filipina.

  10. Maybe. Need to see more on her personality.

    While being a descendant of pageant royalty and being a model is a definite plus in my book, I’m also concerned she may not have the thirst to prove herself on the international stage.

  11. Pageantry is in her bloodline so she obviously knows how to communicate and she’s got the look.

    However, her look on the headshot photo is not my cup of tea. She comes across like a cold, ruthless dragon and with no compassion. Maxine Medina could pull it off but I’m afraid Michelle cannot. Sorry.

  12. She’ll obviously be pegged for MI and who knows, looks and pedigree (wouldn’t the MI group love a 2nd generation story?) might just give us the first ever MI back to back

    • I actually like them veneers.
      They make our candidates really competitive against latinas and Europeans.
      Remember Sarah Jane Paez competing with those horrible teeth?

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