49 comments on “Chanel Olive Thomas 1.0(B)

  1. i saw apriel smith at a mall and shes gorgeous in person she has this shiny pleasant sweet aura….

  2. Kumusta na lovelife nya with Jake Cuenca hihihi.
    Kung matutuloy ang hosting ng Australia sa 2017 and 2018 ay magandang rep. c Olive this year and Catriona nx year hihihi Charette 🙂
    Di lang ako kuntento yung exposure sana ng mga tourist spot ng Pinas sa MU2016 Coronation night dahil kulang talaga.
    Mas maganda pa nga yung opening ng MU1994 sa Pinas at kita mo talaga ang Kultura ng Pinas and Philippines Tourism were really promoted na kulang sa MU2016 Coronation night hihihi
    Sayang yung 12M ni Lolo Chavit Pero Super bango ng Philippines sa MUO hihihi ,,, Charette lang.

  3. Naghahanap nanaman ng maganda, matangkad at makuda ang madla. The same characteristics last year ng mga candidates. SA MU mas matangkad at nakakpag Ingles si Haiti Kesa Kay France. Di hamak na mas maganda si Colombia Kesa Kay Haiti pero IBA ang naging resulta. After the preliminary pageant, ilan lang Ang nag Add Kay Haiti SA top 13 NILA dahil again Ang basehan eh physical beauty. Too nga sabi ni Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing and expect different result.”

    • Bakit Ang India nakaka-dalawa MS crown na pero di PA rin NILA masungkit Ang MI crown? sa magkaibang pageant PA ang selection nun. Which means they are doing something correctly for MS which is not applicable for MI. Ano PA kayang greater challenge Ang Meron SA Bbp na one size fits all Ang formula?

    • C Haiti ay mapapansin mo sya dahil kapag naglakad ay very professional and Confident at matangkad pa.
      After the Prelim, nacomment ko talaga na lumalaban c Haiti and she is one of my more than 13 semi-finalist kc dami talaga desrving sa Top 13 pero nagkakatalo na lang sa prelim interview.
      I don’t know kung nasulat ko na may laban ang mga itim kc dalawa na ang mga black judges therefore, ipapasok talaga nila ang black contestant na desrving hihihi charette lang 🙂
      I don’t like Colombia dahil nararamdaman ko talaga ang pagkabitchy nito although pumasa sya sa acting nya sa MU2016 hihihi mas charette lng 🙂

    • Sabi din ni Susie and Shandi na kaya nanalo c France at hindi si Haiti bcoz very consistent daw c France.
      Para sa akin ay c France lang talaga ang nakaanswer ng tama sa question dahil hindi naman mistake ni Haiti bakit may lindol sa Kanila pero kung credentials ang pag-uusapan ay lamang si Haiti sa tatlo pero di rin pahuhuli c France hihihi.

    • Personally, if I had to rank the top 3 based on the final Q&A, I would put Colombia on top because the way she answered the question was full of conviction. She was lovable when she became emotional during the final look with BoyzIIMen. Second is France then Haiti. Facially, Colombia is the prettiest but I guess France beat them in terms of over all performance before and during the finals.

      @Gemma, it is not about speaking best English but it is being intelligent, snart, witty and aware of the current events. Look at Thailand, she delivered her answer in Thai but her answer was one of the best that night.

      • That’s my point, exactly. Run through the comments, palaging may question about “com skills” about the potential candidate.

    • Itong mga reporters na ito, parang di dumaan ng training. Instead of asking: “how do you feel about Maxine not making it to the Top 3?”, pwede namang gawing positive ang tanong like: “how do you feel about Maxine making it to the Top 6?” Mga reporters ngayon, basta lang makapagtanong.

    • parang ganun din ang mga reporters…basta na ang magtatanong… required dapat sa kanila na mag isip muna…

  4. Pros:
    1. She has chameleon-like qualities, her looks changes or varies on certain angles or in a different make up.
    2. She is a strong runner up to Angelia Ong, she almost bagged the Miss Earth Philippines crown.
    3. Her communication skills are okay, after all , she grew up in Australia.
    4. I think she has respectable modelling skills, she knows how to pose in her photos.
    5. She’s got a killer body.

    1. She lacks the wow factor. You can say all you want about Maxine’s shortcomings, but her face takes my breath away. Chanel isn’t in the same league as her.
    2. I find her too sexy for Miss Universe / International. She’s more of a FHM girl type.

    Verdict: She’s perfect for Miss Supranational.

  5. Yeah, she will definitely pass as a candidate but to be in a roster of BBP Winners, I doubt it. She’s more of an Asian Top Model prototype. She’s got that villainous look, parang Maritoni Fernandez, not queenly. On the other hand, pwede naman siya mag join. She has the right to do so.

  6. So far none of the girls Norm has posted has the it factor. Except maybe for Charmaine Elima but she’s very short by international standards. What ever happened to those really tall girls Sheena Dalo ? Who was that really tall young girl a few cycles back, the one with the tattoos? She had a very quirky last name

    • @venus — yes, from the 2013 edition, Anna Buquid who is 6 feet tall. That batch had many tall candidates as I recall — Mercegrace Raquel (5’10”), etc. Both Anna and Mercegrace would still be eligible age-wise if they were to join this year.

    • The following exBbs are still eligible for 2017

      Jessica Gonzales 5’10”

      Crissa Marie Mendiola 5’11”

      Racquel Kabigting 6’0″
      Kenneth Santiago 5’11”

      Merry Joyce Respicio 5’11”
      Anna Buquid 6’0″
      Mercegrace Raquel 5’10”
      Paulene Quintas 5’10”
      Joy Marie Gangan 5’10”

      • I really likes Jessica Gonzales from last year. I thought she was really pretty kahit na medyo mahinhin. Crissa Marie Mendiola from 2015 is also promising.

  7. I remember her as a beautiful girl
    Her pics above don’t justify that. I wonder if Norman is just against her joining BP hihihi

    • Nang magkaalaman. And A&Q teach her to be humble and less in words. An excess of kuda-ism is more.

  8. I like her features

    She just needs that Filipina tan / morena tan to stand out and differentiate herself from the other Asians

    because right now, she is looking like a Miss Thailand

  9. She has a catchy name, she’s got the look, she has the communication skills (however, her video comes across as a little rehearsed and too much acting)… count her IN.

    Perhaps BPCI is going to be a little more stringent in their screening process and really weigb in on a potential candidate’s communication skills.

    Perhaps Maxine’s q&a skills were a blessing in disguise. Just saying.

    • I thought its only me who notice the “overly done clip- trying to convince me video” wherein she doesnt look natural anymore.

      Just saying

      • Yes Shk. I’m sure she is able to tone it down and come across with a little more substance and a lot less “syrup.” Imo, it’s a bit much.

        She would definitely pass the screening process and into the BbP pageant though.

      • Miss tissa , I have seen Leila in person —she was extremely nice but beauty she was not . She looked very Ordinary to me

    • teh! this girl is beautiful no doubt. but if sila ang top 2 apriel is the best choice. golds gym na ang bahala sa katawan nya and other factors si mama j na bahala. pero if gusto magjoin ng bet mo she is welcome para mas makilatis ng maayos.

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