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  1. with the one who said she needs to have humility, wow! just wow! do you actually know her? do you actually see her everyday? nakakahiya naman sayo!

  2. She will do well in Miss Universe. With IMG now the new owners of Miss Universe. Miss Universe is not only about having a very beautiful face and body. It is now a woman who can represent the Miss Universe Organization very well. Think about Miss Kenya and Miss Canada. They made it into the Top 6 and Top 9 of Miss Universe. I think if she got the Miss Universe crown with her outstanding credentials of being Cum laude of Georgetown University and being Multilingual she can be a standout in Miss Universe. She is also very pinay that is something that we need to represent our country in Miss Universe.

  3. I’d like to see her on the BBP stage and get a crown. So many people here are being rude. They did the same thing to her at MWP and she proved them all wrong – 1st Princess siya!
    I think she will do amazing as a representative. Poised, pretty, witty, and smart. The whole package. It’s not enough to just be facial beauty. You need to know how to talk too

  4. I wonder why some of the comments don’t get approved here? Is there a ban on good comments for this rumored candidate?

  5. Imelda Schweighart for MWP 2017!

    Para makakuha ng katapat si tandang Julia!


  6. again and again……..here we go aanhin ang smart kundi naman pang international ang beauty?

    Dapat full package ! Smart and beautiful!

    Sorry, her facial beauty isa not that strong for a beauty pageant!

    Nakakaawa ito kapag inihalera mo sa mga diosa ng sansinikob!

  7. no not her. so many things going against her. she can be bb pilipinas candidate but a crown? perhaps not…

  8. I met her before MWP and have seen how she has grown and improved since then. She is very driven – and I think that is important, especially if you want to do well and get a crown at BBP. Very dedicated and well-spoken. She’s hard-working – like all the past succesful A&Q queens. She has a unique beauty and could do well on the international stage. Click to hear her Top 5 (1st Princess!) answer she had at MWP.

    • Franco, hindi ko alam kung napanood Miss Universe, but if you noticed, it’s not just facial beauty now. IMG wants more than facial beauty now. Pageant world ay nagbabago.
      For Instance, Miss Venezuela Mariam is very beautiful at matangkad siya. But she didn’t make Top 13. Gusto nila isang tao kung sino ang maaring magsalita at has brains and beauty.
      This girl has it. Look up her MWP QnA sa Youtube. Perfect answer.

  9. I have met her in person and she is very kind, poised, and beautiful. Her beauty is different and she really does look like Isabelle Daza or Mafae Yunon Belasco. I really think she will do well in BBP and can clinch a crown. Don’t disclude her!

  10. Not the prettiest pero I want her tombe my Miss Universe – Philippines. I-bash nang dry spell ang Pinas sa Miss Universe pero gusto kong si Arienne ang kumatawan sa bansa para sa Miss Universe dahil siya ay huwarang ehemplo ng isang Pilipina – matalino at malakas.

    • MakeMyDay – I agree! Matalino siya at malakas!! Siya ay pretty din, photos don’t do her justice. She has a lovely personality too. MU2017 please!

  11. I am impressed and think she is definitely capable of winning a title! Unique, beautiful, and smart too. I think yes.

  12. Yes! I’ll support her so much! A pure filipina beauty who is confident, kind, and with killer credentials. She did VERY WELL at MWP and I’m sure because she is a dedicated person and hard worker, she can grab a crown in BBP! Go Arienne!

  13. I have the pleasure of knowing Arienne and she is a beautiful and brainy (speaking four languages and graduating from an Ivy League!) young woman. With the direction that IMG is looking for in a Miss Universe (driven, modern, career oriented, and beautiful, and confident) – Arienne could easily fit that bill. She deserves a spot in BBP and really deserves a crown. She is hardworking and is someone who will do what it takes. #GoCalingo

  14. Thank you for posting, Norman. The Jesuits helped form my dear daughter Arienne Louise to be that all-around, self-assured “woman for others.” She told her mother and me that she will discuss with us several options for the future when we get home this weekend. Could your question be one of them?

  15. Lessons learned from 2016 queens: (1) don’t give the crown to a girl who is still emotionally immature such as the case of Joanna Eden. Comes the finals night, she was “disengaged” as what one commenter thought here. Parang gusto na lang niyang tapusin yung pageant at umuwi. As if she was having tantrums (2) Give the crown to a girl who is 101 percent committed. That includes giving up their boyfriend the way Kylie did. Out of the 6girls who clinch a title,3 has no lover and they all became a finalist. I was previously told that my theory is “irrelevant”but the result speaks out for itself (3) just wear the same gown they wore on coronation night. Lintik na gown yan! Tatlong taon Nang issue, di PA rin naso-solve!

  16. Pros:
    1. She’s got killer credentials, well educated & she seems like a smart person.
    2. She fits in the mold that IMG is looking for in a Miss Universe – educated, well-spoken, potential career woman type, a strong,modern woman.
    3. She finished as a respectable runner up to THE Catriona Gray. That counts for something.

    1. Her beauty is an acquired taste & her looks are polarizing. Don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful in her own right. However, the performances of the last 7 Philippine reps to Miss Universe, most especially Pia, raised the bar so high the Pinoy pageant fans are expecting a girl who is universally appealing who will bear our sash.
    2. Her look + her credentials is reminiscent of the likes of Theresa Licaros & Zorayda Andam, our reps from the dark era of the Philippines in Miss Universe and this will make the pageant fans nervous. It will remind us of the times when we sucked badly in Miss Universe.
    3. She looks like a girl straight out of Puteri Indonesia pageant. She’s in the same mold as last years Indonesian rep, Anindya Kusuma Putri. It could work against her + the bashing of the Indo fans, who will accuse us of being copycats.

    Verdict: She may be given the Miss Grand International, Miss Globe or Miss Intercontinental title.

    • Licaros and Andam is under Trump era. It’s IMG now. If we are going to rub the superiority of achievement then that becomes a problem but if it is utilized as a vehicle to serve others then that’s an advantage. The achievement itself becomes purely circumstantial.

  17. She is a pure filipina beauty! She’s a mix of Mafae Yunon Belasco, a soft Ariella Arida, a sweet nature of Joanna Eden, and a lookalike of Isabelle Daza! She is well spoken, not sounding rehearsed, and sincere. I think a lot of contestants and queens lack sincerity and it shows. She definitely deserves a crown for BBP.

  18. There are whose face can compensate for the height. Not saying she’s not pretty, her beauty is actually very pinay. Meron kc type ng beauty na maski kulang sa height pwede na.

    • Ikaw ba c Laila Lopez 4M hihihi
      Mag Top 6 c Arienne sa MU2017 kung ganun kc yan din ang sabi ni Leila kay Maxine hihihi …Charette lng

      • Ahahahah bong700 just being honest! hihihi… The only thing missing from Max is her confidence in speaking her mind, I think she really has stage fright when speaking… like me! chereeeet!

  19. kulang sa ganda at height si ateng baka pag nag miss universe to top 13/15 pa lang di na makapasok

  20. Meron akong naramdamang di magandang vibes from her while watching her interviews on TV (along with Catriona and the other princesses). I hope I was wrong.

      • Humility? Have you personally met her? She’s one of the most humble beauty queens I’ve met. Maybe you get that “not humble” vibe because of her credentials. It’s not her fault she has a lot of achievements under her belt.

      • Sophia, have you met her? She is very very humble. She reminds me of Shamcey Supsup kc a little more quiet, but still very kind at matalino at malakas. I noticed on her posts sa social media that she is still active in her advocacy, not just during pageant time like what I noticed with other queens.
        Pia even said now, daig ng matalino and masipag. Hindi na pwedeng maganda only. They want girls with substance, Arienne has substance AND beauty. I support her!

  21. Latest interview ni Catriona:

    She’s so articulate. Dire-diretso, no pauses, no ums and ahhs.

    • The girl who should have been Miss World 2016 !
      And yes – MU 2018 or beyond ? Why not ? ♡♡♡

    • Disregard the qulams, doubts, malice and bashings. Philippines don’t need her to be an ambassor of kindness, goodwill and beauty with a heart. Instead, the entire universe needs her even more. Her intentions are pure despite her loss at the Mess World 2016. The only Filipina at the moment who is tall, beautiful, articulate, sexy, brilliant and sincere who is deserving of the support by the majority of us, if not all.

  22. She’s beautiful. may joanna eden vibe siya.

    How about sandra lemonon? She’s also pretty.

    Guys, Imelda schweighart ayaw nio for bbp? CHAROT!!!!!!!

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