63 comments on “Dindi Pajares 2.0

  1. I’ve a strong feeling Dindi’s going to win one of the national titles this year. Good luck Dindi!

  2. Siya talaga bet ko last year maliban kay maxine and kylie. I really really want her to join again. She’s beautiful and super sexy. May appeal talaga. Kaya go na Dindi sali na ulit please para sa amin.hehehe

  3. I was impressed with her last year with her hard body and unorthodox beauty.

    However, I don’t like the photo with her straight hair parted in the middle. Her face looks elongated. That style dimension of her beautiful face too vertical.

  4. Dindi looks vibrant. I’d like her to be Filipinized in the look department para ‘di s’ya mapagkamalang Miss Vietnam.

  5. She has a pa-cute aura. Very pretty, but lacking substance. I like her for as high as MGO but not MU or MI.

  6. dindi
    was one of my favorites from last year’s BBP
    was disappointed she did not make the cut
    but i am hoping that thi is her year

  7. Miss Grand International.. not for Supranational. Supra is looking for someone beautiful and will leave a mark. Someone who can standout in a crowd full of beautiful women. Dindi is beaitiful, can leave a mark but if stand with a latina or a russian beauty – I guess she’ll be eaten alive. Put a beautiful black or morena Pinay there, the girl who joined last year with a kabogera attitude an scene stealer – color wise she’ll standout.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, Kehoe. Both Mutya (2013) and Stephania Stegman (2015) were both facially beautiful, but their other winners especially Asha Bhat (2014) and Srinidhi Shetty (2016) were not even in the top half of the most beautiful candidates in their respective year. SO I don’t think Supra is necessarily looking for “beauty”…more so attitude. And Dindi has it. She’s my bet for BbP Supranational.

  8. Kailangan madalian ang paghahanap hindi na kailangan pang magsanay sa English dahil may interpreter naman. Balita ko sa November 2017 gaganapin ang Miss Universe 2017 sa Mall of Asia ulit.

  9. There indeed really was an issue about Maxine’s supposed shifting to Cherry Veric’s gown in the finals. Accordingly, the decision was due to the problem in the hem of the gown prepared by Rhett. This caused Rhett to get hurt and left the country for Hong Kong. He did not watch the MU live! In the end, Maxine still wore Rhett’s gown in the finals. Buti na lang natabunan ang issue sa ‘di kagandahang gown na gawa ni Rhett, ‘yung gown na sinasabing pasabog sa MOA. Sa totoo lang, ‘yung ganda ng mukha ni Maxine habang suot ang nasabing gown ang nagpapasok sa kanya sa Top 6. If you watch ‘Miss Universe 2016 recap’ by Shandi and Susie sa Youtube, both former Miss USA queens are awed by Maxine’s stunning beauty.

  10. I remember last year akala ko sya ang MUP, c Maxine pala bwihihihi
    After few months pa lang ako naconvince na ang gamda pala talaga ni Maxine hihihii
    Cge lang girl, abutin mo ang iyong mga pangarap hihihi
    May chika na babalik c Super sexy Canada sa Pinas dahil may nag-invite yata sa kanya.
    Ano kayang kagandahang pangyayari o baka pagbabago ang magaganap sa pagbabalik ng pamangkin ni Usec. Kat de Castro hihihi 🙂

  11. Catriona Gray….sana mag ala Michelle McLean

    Hopefully sumali sa Binibini at masungkit ang Universe then Miss Universe 2017!

    or kahit next year puede pa BBP 2018!

    • wala pang nangaling ng Miss World ang nanalo sa Miss Universe (crowned) mga runner ups may be.. look at Miss Spain 2013 and Miss Jamaica 2010.

      • Kehoe, as alexwangke implied, Michelle McClean of Namibia was a runner-up in MW but then won MU 1992.

  12. Sana sumali ulit yung Angela. Independent yata yun. Not sure kung number 23 sya.
    Sa kanya ako sobrang nagandahan, pag curly ang buhok

    • country of the year din ang philippines sa gb, kahit na bitter ang gb dahil mas type nila ang bago nilang alaga na indo ang manalo, la silang magawa haha

      • Hi! I think most of the admins of GB are Indonedians. It was probably difficult for them to drclare Phils as Performer/Country of the year 😜😜😜

  13. And

    Ava Diaz
    Melanie Marquez’s Michelle Dee
    Supermodel Tweety de Leon-Gonzales’ daughter
    Julia Montes who in some angle has a resemblance to Mj Lastimosa

    Ang saya pag ganito! Am sure the world and the entire universe will watch Bb Pilipinas 2017!

  14. Parang ang happy if Dindi Pajares will be joined in the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 by the following:

    Laura Lehmann
    Eva Patalinjug
    Catriona Gray
    Charmaine Elima
    Athena Imperial – small but kudaera
    Emma Tiglao
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Mariel de Leon
    Patricia Magtanong
    Martha Baruray Simon- a beauty queen from Mindanao + Boracay, summa cum laude, host
    Anjie Balatbat
    Imelda Sweighart – prove them wrong Imee, redeem yourself in Binibini
    Maria Gigante – she deserves a spot as a candidate
    That pbb girl contestant/gf of Jeron Teng

    Ang saya ng Araneta siguro and I would really save money to buy tickets with vantage view.

    • Lets include na rin

      Aya Abesamis, daughter of Desiree Verdadero
      Dominique Barreto-Cojuangco, who has embraced beauty pageants too/sosyal
      Chloe Concepcion or Gabi Ibuna-Concepcion

      Parang ang saya-saya! Ang dagundong ng Araneta Coliseum!

  15. Bet ko to pero sa Miss Supranational..kasi sobrang kabogera to eh…gustong gusto ko yung attitude nya, kaso lang last year parang she was not groomed to win…obvious na obvious kasi na si Kylie ang focus ng A&Q last year

  16. My bet so far! Even Maxine thought siya Ang mananalo. Since last year ready na siya. Medyo political Kasi yung sagot Niya kaya sumablay. I hope she knew by this time that in any conversation, race, politics, sex and religion are considered taboo. Go girl!

  17. Hi Dindi Pajares one blessed day I will flight on ur airline, am happy for ur works/jobs.And i Cheer’s & greets #QueenPia fmr #missunivese2015/2016 for good reign she done!

  18. Well, good for her na hindi siya nanalo last year she can try her luck this year. level up na lahat dapat

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