135 comments on “Charmaine Elima 2.0

  1. If Charmaine joins Bb Pilipinas, she has my full support! She has the FACE that will differentiate her from other East Asian candidates in any of the major international pageants. I’m also betting her communication skills and confidence have significantly improved since her last foray in Bb Pilipinas.

    Good luck Charmaine!

  2. For me she’s good for Supra baka ma Maxine 2.0 Nanaman tayo. Corona na naging bato pa. So she’s good for Supra.

  3. She needs to differentiate herself from a La Sallian being fielded by KF. They look almost the same. And the other girl is taller and way more better in speaking. She’s as spontaneous as Angelia Ong. Good luck, Charmaine!

  4. Aurahan sa looks, waley sa barain tapos magagalit kung i bash? Hanap na lang ng beauty and brain…

  5. For as long as she improved her comm. skills and work on her timidity ala VP Leni Robredo and Mayor Lani Mercado, I’ll continue to support this girl. Otherwise, pwede naman for other titles at stake except BPU. IMHO.

  6. I also love her beauty, i was rooting for her last time. I like her with less make-up. i dunno. she’s like ara if you put a lot, her face is becoming too stiff. so I hope her handlers will make her shine again.

    off topic, but i cant help but imagine max on that white dress at the bottom right of that pic collage. last time when mary jean competed i wanted just like the rest for her to wear red. and for max, she really looks good on white. it was only pia who was able to wear her color, she is really stunning in royal blue. i hope designers will take note of that. I know that they know and that there are various reasons e.g approvals from top, personal preference etc. but i just hope they do consider next time.

    for maine elima, will purple or black suit her.. hmmm. what do you think is the color that will complement her?

  7. I supported the gorgeous Charmaine in 2013, and I will definitely rally behind her if she will be part of BbP 2017. Her dusky beauty makes Charmaine a worthy and a smart follow-up to either Maxine or Kylie. 😁👑

  8. il hope hinde magpaulan ang A&Q ng more than 3 uber MU prototype sa bbp 2017 screening. Baka lahat yan matanggap sa screening at pag dating ng coronation eh miss globe or intercon lang makuha. wag naman. or baka MI pa mapunta. since mukang malabo ang b2b. Dapat the rest girls are enough prototype for the other titles. Let MI goes to other camp.

  9. saw pictures of the daughter of desiree verdadero stands 5 ‘8 daw sabi ni mudir…also michelle dee? (daughter of ms melanie marquez)

  10. With Miss U trying to change its brand, I feel like you can’t use as a reference the previous winners anymore. The likes of Miss Venezuela would have been the top pick. IMG is really going into a different direction. They need not just someone beautiful but also a spokesperson.

    • Sa totoo lang ang namamatahan ko ngayon is si Juliana Gomez…mag alay na tayo ng mga buhay na manok sa mga anito at sana ay sumagi sa isip nya sumali ng beauty pageant.

      Naalala ko kasi nung una kong nakita sa Meagan Young sa Starstruck, sobrang hindi ako makapaniwala na may ganun kagandang bata…. tapos lately nafeel ko ulit yung awe and amazement nung nakita ko yung latest pic ni Juliana… omg parang yung gandang zumuZOOM in..ganung level sya I think….

      • wait when charlene gonzales daughter and ruffa gutierrez will grow up lalo na ang anak ni ruffa super bulah sana wish ko lang tumangkad sila katulad ng kanila mothers. katawan pa lang ni loren at her young age may shape na what more kung magdalaga na yan.

  11. Yaaas!! I love her since bbp2013! she was actually my bet.. pero yun nga lang, sablay. pero ang ganda niya. I believe years in serving as FA – na nakakasalamuha ng iba’t ibang tao/nationality.. siguro naman nag improve ang comm skills niya and personality.

    I believe sabay sila nag training ni Cat and Maxx di ba? so mataas ang hopes ko for her.

    With Lehaman, pwede siya maconsider.. pero according from a source, Laura is eyeing for the MWP title.. but hindi lang natin alam ngayon kung ganon pa rin. after what happened sa MWO.

    Tito Norms, pati ba si Eve Patalinjug sasali? Sana A&Q can go to different universities, check who is the reigning example Ms. DLSU, MS. UST and etc.

    Now, we all know what is the MUO is looking na. sana sa screening pa lang mataas na agad ang standards nila. I don’t care if 20 lang sila. Quality over Quantity!


  13. Goodmorning everyone here..I thank everyone is here,our #65thmissuniverse held in our dear #QueenPia Alonzo Wurtzbach home country #Manila Asia Mall Arena is well plan & I thank Gov Chavit & #PresidentDuterte of #Philippines & fmr #USPOTUS President Barack Obama & #HillaryRodhamClinton U.S #popularvote winner & #MUO chief (miss universe organisation) for their good works.no casualty,& no terrorist attack..And also I thank our #SteveHavery & #Boyz2Men & my dear #QueenPia Alonzo Wurtzbach for her patients to hold miss universe till year 2017 & hands over to crowning new #missuniverse2016 Iris Mitternaere of #France for her success to be successor of #MissUniverse2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach..& I greets all the participated #Queens in 65th Miss Universe 2017 & i cheers to miss universe philippines Maxine Medina & miss universe #USA Barbara Deshuna to bear as a #winner & #champion….#OliPia #PiaDesh #PiaMarc #InGodWeTrust!

  14. I think Colombia and Philippines will not be winning MU for awhile but that’s ok. Let us just make sure that our Binibining Universe is always going to be at least in the top 6 or top 3. I do not see Elima being top 6 or top 3.

    Now that Europe is in the game again and looking at the past years’ trends in the finals game, I want to predict that Miss Universe 2017 will be a blonde and will come from Ukraine.

    For our representative for MU 2017, I have an eye on last year’s candidate, Maria Lina.
    I also like the back story of Lucelle Felipe from a few years back and may be ready this year.
    Of course, let us wait for Lisa Soberano when she turns 23 or 24 and towers at 5’10

  15. History can repeat itself.

    @Catriona Gray

    In 1992, Miss Namibia, Michelle McLean, was crowned MISS UNIVERSE.
    In 1991, she represented Namibia at MISS WORLD and was 4th runner-up.

    It has happened before, it most certainly can happen again. That is for sure.
    I’m just saying 😉

    • remember the fearlessforecast pageant prediction. one of the top 10? says, one girl won’t win but will win somewhere sometime in other pageant… this could be catriona.. Miss Universe is substance now.. no more fierce.. and that is Catriona

      • I think Catriona will not join BbP unless she will be asured of the MUP crown. This is a contest, she can win the top placement or the second tier pageants. Papano kung di sya mapili for MUP?
        Papayag ba sya na koronahan bilang Miss Grand or Miss Globe Phils?

      • @miss tissa. If ever she will join. may solusyon dyan para sureball ang MU title sa kanya. sa camp ng aces sya lang dapat ang MU prototype na i pa screen ni jonas and other girls is pang ibang title na. im sure baka mag back out na ang kf. remember mwp last year?? but if ever mag join sung sila (KF) im pretty sure they will send girls na hinde MU prototype. lam mo na baka ma waste din at sa minor lang mapunta. so they will send girls only na pang minor lang.

      • I think she needs time to heal that MW wounds. IF she can use Miss U to further her charitable work then I think she’d be interested. I think Miss U is also looking for girls with personal advocacies to add substance to their winners. 🙂 If not, I still wish her the best. I really just want her to join and win para supalpalin yang uber corrupt na si Julia Morley.

    • Totoo yan SA crossover between MU and MW at nagiisang record ni Michelle McLean yan and almost double title ni Helen Morgan. Pero Meron ding sumablay tulad nila Tatum Keshawar at Sonia Racitti.

      • Agbani Darego is also a cross over queen from MU to MW.
        Semi-finalist in MU01 I think and MW a year after

    • I would love Catriona to join BBP, i.e. if the organization would bend and ratify their policy in accepting candidates who previously won beauty titles outside BPCI. If they do, Cat would be perfect to join and win in 2018 or later (since she’s only 22). What transpired in MW2016 is still fresh in her and our minds and joining another beauty pageant at this point is probably not the perfect time to do so.
      But giving BBP a try (granting BPCI changes its rules and accepts her), would pave the way for her to make history as a future Miss Universe in the making 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • If I remember right she was only 2nd runner up circa 80’s Kasi nung naging kontrA bida siya SA Blusang itim ang tanda ko kakapanalo PA lang Niya nun.

    • I didn’t know that Mrs. Bong Revilla was a former Binibini constestant. What year ?
      It must be pre-1985

      • Lani was born in 1968. Theres no way she could’ve been a contestant in the 80’s especially in 1977 ! She would’ve been 9 years old.

  16. Unahin muna natin com. Skills na matangkad. Wala namang taong ubod ng pangit paramapag iwananan sa beauty department. I mean kahit plain looking basta comm skills pasok, kaya naman pagandahin ng glam team.

    Feeling ko kase with Max, bless her sobrang na stress sya satin. At the same time sobrang na stress din tayo sa kanya.

    Gusto ko si Charmaine Elima. Morena mahaba leeg. Maganda. Medyo maliit lang for me and yung comm skills either you have it or you don’t. Sana since nakapag travel na sya mas na enhance nya na skills nya in conversing.

    • o e bakit si Zoraida andam at Licaros ke taas taas ng communication skills e ligwak? bakit Winona Ryder si Rio Mori?

      • Riyo Mori’s win was politicaly motivated. Donald Trump had investments at Japan which had the biggest economy that time right after th US flinancial crisis. Kurara Chibana of Japan was 1st runner-up the year prior which gave Rio the sashfactor she needed to win. Not to mention, the major sponsor’s next target was the Asian market which explains the consecutive yearly placements of big Asian countries like China, Indonesia and the Philippines in the top 15 right after.

    • I like her also. How tall is she? Di ba si Chaling stands 5’7″ only if I am not mistaken, pero she looks so tall sa kanyang mga wardrobes ha.

  17. A lot has changed since 2013 when she made an indelible impression at Bb Pilipinas. Her limitation then was that in still shots, she looked spectacular but when presenting herself or speaking, she was eclipsed by girls who had far larger personalities. And this is what we’ve always known even if we instinctively go for that girl with the amazing face- that personality, wit and intelligence will inevitably tilt the crown the other way. And ever more so under the new management of the MUO.

    We’ll get to see if four years has given Charmaine more substance and depth. Does being an FA help? Hell, even working at Jollibee can help lol. Its really about you choose to let anything- a job, heartbreak, a brush with chlamydia (!) – change you for the better.

    I am hoping though that fresh new faces will emerge to startle us and inject the upcoming search with more excitement. Though on one hand, I can’t help but mourn for the girls who could have gone the route for a shot at the MUP crown like:

    1. Kylie Verzosa- what if she had swapped places with Maxine? In hindsight, Kylie’s allure, topped off with her fluency (yes, talagang kailangan kang maging fluent!!!) would have made her a match with any of the girls who made Top 3.

    2. Catriona Gray- if she wasn’t specifically groomed for MW (what a damn waste wasn’t it?), she would be perfect- ticks all the boxes from backstory to charitable causes and to being that rare girl who can both be modelesque and pageanty at the same time. I think her management should field her again. IMG wouldn’t mind the story of a spurned MW contender going to the other side.

    3. Janicel Lubina; the ideal story would have been the ex-kasambahay taking a break after a MWP runner-up finish to study law (!!), polishing her accent, becoming a feminist-rights advocate and taking the MUP crown to further her cause- but instead, she was forced to join prematurely when clearly, years of preparation would have been a better idea.

    • @andrew — I agree with you regarding Catriona Gray, especially since she’s just turned 23 . I hope she seriously considers competing in Bb Pilipinas, provided Mrs Araneta let go of the prudish standards she sometimes imposes on would-be candidates (remember Kim Ross?).

      In terms of Catriona having represented the Philippines in Miss World, there had been other cross-over candidates from Miss World to Miss Universe, and vice versa, by other countries in the past so I don’t think it’s an issue.

      • Exactly @Melanie- the issue would most likely be internal/domestic…but then nga, there’s really the legitimate issue of her being the reigning winner…and secondly, is she up to it mentally to go through another pageant? I think she’s not the Ms Colombia type of candidate (the bitch was really raring to win at all costs and you could see the off-putting effort of it on her face, on her entire demeanour)..but rather someone who joined MW with this genuine desire that it would help her advocacies (because everyone knows no one joins MW so they could go traipsing at NYFW).

        To join Binibini just for a crack at the MU crown would probably be something so superficial for her…

  18. The good news is MUP 2017 no longer has the burden of achieving a b2b win nor the task of being the host candidate. Talking about extra pressure.

    Well, my heart goes out to BbP International 2017 rep. She has the awesome challenge at Miss International to win b2b crowns. Among the Big 3 – MU, MW and MI – the latter has NEVER had b2b winners. Ouch!

  19. I love Charmaine, but I’m also hoping Filipino- Canadian Anjie Balatbat gets fielded this year. Her height (5’11”), her striking exotic looks, her multicultural upbringing in Canada and her tutelage under Aces & Queens are definite pluses. I think Anjie could be the one to continue the Philippines’ Miss Universe placement streak.

  20. We need it girls . Elima and April are not it girls . Mariel is too masculine , I wish she had her dad’s looks.
    We need someone ike Lara or bea if we cannot get someone like pia or megan.

  21. I like her… but then… we need a total package… beauty and a good speaker. I think Elima would be perfect for MGI or Supra

  22. Aces & Queens is my favorite team so ayokong from aces ang manalo sa bbp International title. give it other camp.
    ang Na gugustuhan ko lang kay elima is yung hugis ng mukha nya and also her height. she is beautiful pero NO pa rin for MU. I cant find in her eyes of being a miss universe. kung sakali qualified si maine mendoza at sumali sya at si elima at silang dalawa ang last 2 standing. I will choose Maine Mendoza over Elima. hinde mahihirapan ang aces kay maine. Pero hinde talaga pasado ang height nya. So i want Someone who has the beauty of Maxine and Maine Mendoza. Maxines sweetness and Maines brain, comm skills and being a humble ( yung kapansin pansin sa hitsura) at kalmado. But much better with Miss France Height. Kung hinde mahanap ang babaeng yan.
    So itong mga gals na to ang bet ko sa bbp universe so far.
    laura lehman
    Apriel Smith
    Emma Tiglao ( Only if she really improved in Q&A)

    • Lehman has a polish that would register well at Universe. Substance. It seems she still stays close to the scene yet is also done competing. Maybe not.

      Tiglao is pretty but as basic as they come. She will get lost at Universe and International no doubt.

    • before i really dont like lehman. pero ngayon medyo gusto ko but we will see pa rin. kaya lang. kung sasali si lehman. wag muna sumali si apriel. kung sasali si apriel wag muna sumali si lehman. baka ma kylie verzosa or nicole c ang sino namn sa kanila kapag sabay sumali. but only if their age is still young para pwede pa sa next year.
      on emma yeah tama ka pero either sumali kahit sino kila apriel at laura pwede din sumabay si emma.

    • April Smith is far better than charmaine elima, kailangan lang ni april mag pa slim ng bongga, comm skill she is fine, its time for us to send black barbie woman from the philippines in miss universe stage.

      • Super agree!!! Especially with this diversity choo choo with IMG. I can already see Apriel’s halfie story being played and how proud she is to be the first Filipino-black rep ever.

  23. I read that some of you are rooting for Apriel Smith. While she may be beautiful in your eyes, by international standard I think she is just fair. Her facial structure and features are asymmetrical. She can be successful in modelling though.

      • Indeed April is pasok na pasok sa Supra.. with those white beauty her looks will standout. And she needs to study now how to be graceful as Catriona and how to walk like a Victoria secret angel (current angels) – and please STOP that Leila Lopes look it will never work they already saw it… if someone tries to do it most will just compare and say “you’re the knock-off” version.


    • The only facial criticism about Apriel is her forehead is wide due to her hairline so proper styling is a must. But seeing her last year she’s oozing with confidence already and her smile is uber sweet.

    • @justgrc – I think Vicky Belo will fail big time in remedying Apriel’s panga. Bone kase ang kelangang idagdag. Kung babawasan maaaring kaya lagarein o tapyasan ang buto. Her nose is also not okay. Basta, alam niyo na ‘yun by mere looking at the picture. It’s self-explanatory.

      • Agree. Some people find her beauty unique. That’s it. She can join over and over again, it is her right, but winning a title, it’s far from happening. Sorry.

  24. She should use her experience as an FA to bring a new story to Miss Universe. Use it to create a unique story with substance.

    Enough with tired poor Asian breadwinner routine. The Indos and Thais are copying that now. Besides this stereotypic generic story only take a girl so far.

    MUO wants sophisticated, educated, articulate, and classy ladies for the ultimate honor.

    • As FA very limited Yung story to tell. It could only range from a victim of a racist passenger or been to a country stricken with disaster which is not long lasting Yung effect. It should also answer the question “what is your long range goals?” By this time dapat aiming for “Purser” na siyA. And Kung totoo Yung background info about Dindi (who is also an FA) na she’s pursuing to become a pilot then mas gugustuhin ko siyA.

      • This is where substance comes in. She should talk about how she experienced defending herself in the face of the racist passenger and finding a connection to the disaster-stricken country given the Philippines’ own calamities.

        Westerners applaud eye opening coming of age experiences like this. They don’t believe life is about being poor and downtrodden victims all the time.

        Sure they’ll feel sorry for the Asian chick who had to work starting at age 9… but they sure as hell will not respect her enough to be Miss Universe on at that alone.


  25. Given that MUO is now looking for spokesmodels, Elima isn’t exactly a great speaker at least with her performance in 2013. Other pageants perhaps, but not MU.

    • That was 4 years ago. Baka naman this time magaling na sya sa communication lalo pa naging international flight attendant sya.
      Sana she’s at least 5’9″ in height. Athough a 5’7″ like Pia is still acceptable.

  26. She’s 5’5″ in 2013. She belonged to the shorter spectrum of the candidates being #13. Bea Santiago is 5’7″ barefoot, and was #20.

  27. I really hoped that Philippines wont have the mentality of the Venezuelans, the mentality of “THE CROWN OR NOTHING, not even runners up”. Ayaw ko ng ganun. Syempre gusto talaga natin yung crown pero hindi pwedeng satin lagi ang corona. Sana maging masaya pa rin tayo kahit runner up, or semi-finalist ang candidate natin. Tulad dati nung nagkakahog tayong kahit placement lang after the dark ages of philippine pageantry.

  28. Would be nice to see a Filipina who is confidently beautiful and is spontaneous and witty; someone who doesn’t need an interpreter to understand basic questions in English. Someone who won’t buckle and choke. Doesn’t necessarily someone who is fluent in English but someone who can carry a conversation and get her message across.

  29. I want Apriel Smith to be the Miss U Philippines. Let’s be the one to bring black beauty in the face of the Universe!!!! And I think she’s smart too.

    • Yung ganda ni apriel smith either makikipagbakbakan o lalamunin sa beauty ng France 2017 at Venezuela 2017.

    • If they will go to black gals. Apriels is a good choice. kaya ng aces yan if si apriel ang manalo sa bbp universe. i find apriel will wins over France and Keysi of venenzuela. Apriel is good enough in terms of Comm skills. i find her beauty so sweet and soultry and being a humble. But hopefully, nahanap na ng aces ang mas bongga na styles and make up for her. kaya lang i babash pa din sya ng karamihang pinoy dahil hinde mukang Filipina. But i dont have a problem if she wins. kung sya lang talaga ang angat why not. kaysa naman piliin mo ang mukhang pinay nga pero waley sa qualities of being a miss universe. its not Miss Filipina competition. its Miss Universe.

    • Kailangan open Yung personality . Medio naartehan ago Kay Apriel-something abthe the way she talks
      Turns me off
      D’Amato Ala Laura and Pia when they talk – clear and confident

  30. I would like to see someone who is confidently beautiful and spontaneous and witty. Definitely with good command of English who won’t buckle and choke.

  31. This is the girl that I like together with the black girl from Cebu, Wynwyn Marquez and Alaiza Mainao

  32. And here we go! Lol…

    When Pia brought home the Philippines’ long awaited 3rd MU crown in 2015. It brought a degree of satisfaction long overdue.

    Maxine’s top 6 placement reminded us that a quest for a 4th MU crown won’t be easy but at least her experience can be looked at as a great learning tool in selecting the MUP 2017.

    That said, Charlene Elima has the external goods to be a MUP but we all know now that communicating, articulating and expressing one’s thoughts with clarity are attributes the new MUP needs have.

    • Let us remember that Charlene Gonzales, who has excellent communication skills, was also a Top 6 finisher.

      • Studious lang but not dynamic. I still remember how Ms Kenya choked. Parang nakalulon ng itlog after the Trump question.

    • Elima is not forMU. She’s pretty and all but she is timid. Nothing wrong with that. We just want someone who will be competetive at MU.
      The only one I can see is Laura Lehman.
      Maybe Wynwyn or Alita.
      Katarina Nicole and the former BP Intercontinental too but they are not qualified anymore basedo on current rules
      Really I hope they let Nicole C rep our country to MU . She was actually my choice for MUP next to the current MI.

      • You haven’t heard her speak since the last time she answered a question in BbP, have you? So, it’s to soon to judge. In three years that she worked as flight attendant, could you determine her non-evolution as a speaking lass? Unless you were a Casper and stalked Charmaine then since, I’d therefore concede to you. Tseeeeeeh! Hihihi!

      • Ana, trust me. It’s not gonna change.
        I hate to say it but public speaking is in great part a gift . It’s innate in u .
        It can be improved but it takes a lifetime.
        A few yr stint at PAL is not gonna change it.
        I will bet my life on that
        Tse hihihi!

      • Two years ago, I was a mute. My job was not affected because I was tagabalot lang ng yema. I wanted to improve my life and learned to talk. Ngayon kudaera na ako. The message is nothing is impossible. Tseeeeh! Hihihi!

      • @Fabian I beg to disagree. It is not innate. And this girl is good. Her stint during Miss Mandaluyong was commendable. It just so happen that when you are trained under a camp there’s a pattern on how you’ll answer the question being thrown at you. (Plus) The question asked to her in 2013 was the hardest (for me). A&Q will help her with this with taht “leave a memorable statement” KF is about look back at your experience and connect the dots.

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